Zoom Rooms – Used in conference rooms and meeting spaces

Zoom Rooms Features
Getting Started with Zoom Rooms for Touch Display
I want to change the language change of invitations sent from Zoom Rooms
How to start and stop Zoom Rooms


Hardware Guides
What is Zoom Rooms recommended hardware?
Use Polycom Trio as a Zoom Rooms controller


Manager function
Admin Features

Enable environmental sensors in Zoom Rooms
Zoom Rooms admin
Where can I change my Zoom Rooms passcode?
Hierarchical structure of Zoom Rooms
[Administrator] Zoom Rooms check-in / check-out function
I want to set the time to automatically turn on / off the Zoom Rooms display
[Administrator] I want to customize the content displayed in Zoom Rooms (video, content being shared on the screen, etc.)
How to use Zoom Rooms camera control
Remote upgrade of Zoom Rooms
[Administrator] Count the participants of Zoom Rooms
[Owner] Zoom room location hierarchy
Zoom Room iPad Kiosk Settings
Zoom Rooms Kiosk Settings
Audio processing of Zoom Rooms software
Zoom room operation time
Zoom room screensaver and energy saving
Zoom Room schedule display
Recording in a multi-display environment
When starting recording in Zoom Rooms
Zoom Rooms PBX support


Error: Zoom Rooms shows “This room is not available”


Setup and configuration
Setup & Configuration

How to set up Zoom Rooms (including Apple ID setting)
Pairing and controlling Zoom Rooms with the Zoom mobile app
Book another room on the scheduling display
Use a web-based Zoom Rooms controller
Getting Started with ZDM for Windows
How to enable automatic sign-in
Frequently Asked Questions about Windows ZDM (FAQ)
How to use ZDM to manage Windows system updates
How do I automatically start a scheduled meeting in Zoom Rooms?
The Zoom Rooms controller username is not updated. What should i do?
[Administrator] Add Zoom Rooms to the web portal
[Administrator] Add Zoom Room to the controller
[Administrator] Sign in to Zoom Rooms
[Administrator] Set up Zoom Rooms in Office 365
[Administrator] Set up Zoom Rooms using Google Calendar
When using multiple screens in Zoom Rooms, I want to customize which display the content is displayed on.
[Administrator] Add Zoom Room to the controller
How to set up Zoom Rooms for Touch in 10 minutes
What are the uses of the port requirements (TCP / UDP 8801,8802,9090 UDP 3478,3479)?
Set up Zoom Rooms for Touch with dual monitors
Use a touchscreen monitor as a Zoom Rooms display
Automatically sign in to Zoom Rooms using MDM
Use MDM for Zoom Rooms on Mac OS 10.14 Mojave
The idea of ​​sound and audio
I want to display DTEN D7 in Japanese
Set up Zoom Rooms hardware
Testing Zoom Rooms settings
Set up a Zoom room on your Dell Optiplex with Windows IoT
[Administrator] Set up Zoom room in Microsoft Exchange 2010
[Administrator] Set up a Zoom room on Chrome OS

[Administrator] Set up Zoom Rooms on Exchange 2013/2016
Zoom Rooms Controller Features
Zoom Rooms firewall settings
I don’t want to be able to sign out from the Zoom rooms home screen.
App lock code character requirements
Do I need the number of Zoom Rooms email addresses to set when registering for Zoom Rooms?
How many monitors (displays) can be connected to Zoom Rooms?
Can I use a projector at Zoom Rooms?
What to do if the Zoom Rooms controller becomes unavailable (iPad update related)
Are there any functional differences in the Zoom Rooms controller? (IOS, Android, Windows)
After setting up Zoom Rooms, I got an error saying “Connect to the same network”.
About touch screen
How to change Zoom Rooms settings
[Administrator] How to delete Zoom Rooms
How to avoid the material sharing being displayed blurry in Zoom Rooms
What to do if the monitor display of Zoom Rooms is reversed left and right
How to switch Zoom Rooms linked to your PC


Participant function
Direct guest participation in Microsoft Teams meetings from Zoom Rooms
What frequency is used for direct sharing with ultrasonic proximity signals in Zoom Rooms?
On the Zoom Rooms instant meeting start screen, “Time required: 30 minutes” is displayed below. Will the meeting be forced to end after 30 minutes? Is it possible to change the default set time for the required time?
Share your screen directly with Zoom Rooms
Screen sharing using AirPlay mirroring
Screen sharing with Zoom Rooms
Announcement of the next meeting
Invite others to a Zoom Rooms meeting
Operation during a meeting at Zoom Rooms
Start or join a meeting from Zoom Room
Join a Zoom Room meeting using your iOS device
Join a Zoom Room meeting using your iOS device
Share your screen with Zoom Rooms for Touch
View chats during a meeting in Zoom Rooms
Can participants’ screens be operated remotely from Zoom Rooms / Zoom Rooms for touch?
Feedback from attendees at the end of the meeting
Use the whiteboard with Zoom Rooms for Touch
Video pinning or spotlight
Wired HDMI screen sharing via capture device
Start a phone-only meeting with Zoom Rooms
Zoom Rooms display options
Zoom Rooms host key control
Record with Zoom Rooms
Share multiple screens with Zoom Rooms
Use other web conferencing with Zoom Rooms
Subtitle display in Zoom Rooms
Voice commands in Zoom Rooms
Switch cameras during a meeting at Zoom Rooms (if you have more than one camera)
Start and attend meetings using Zoom Rooms Touch
Control during a meeting with Zoom Rooms for Touch

Making a call from Zoom Rooms
Make a call to an H.323 / SIP device from Zoom Rooms (callout)
Wireless screen sharing from any device
Schedule a meeting in Zoom Rooms (Outlook)
Schedule a meeting at Zoom Rooms (Google Calendar)



Digital signage
[Administrator] How to use Zoom Room Digital Signage
Zoom Rooms Digital signage function