Zoom Phone Appliance admin guide

In an easy, compact desk phone, Zoom Phone Appliance combines Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone functionality. Users are able to join, start, and control Zoom Meetings from the Zoom Phone Appliance, search contacts, make calls to, transfer, and conference calls, access multiple lines, access voicemail messages, and escalate calls to Zoom Meetings via voicemail. Additionally, Zoom Phone Appliance supports the Zoom Workspace reservation user workflow, which allows users to check in to Zoom device-enabled desks by scanning QR codes, interactive maps, and desk occupancy status.

This article covers:

  • Admin enrollment for Zoom Phone Appliances

Prerequisites for enrolling a Zoom Phone Appliance as an Admin

  • Zoom Phone Appliances supported
  • Zoom Phone licenses are required
  • Integration of calendars and contacts at the user level or at the account level is optional.

How to enroll a Zoom Phone Appliance as an Admin

Zoom Device Management (ZDM) allows administrators to enroll Zoom Phone Appliances in its application management platform for managing applications and upgrades to the platform OS, as well as promoting the device for rental in the reservation system.

  1. Access the Zoom web portal by logging in to your account.
  2. Click on Device Management in the navigation menu, and then click Device List in the Device Management section.
  3. In the top-right corner, click the ellipses from which an ellipsis will appear, and then click the Add Zoom Phone Appliance button.
  4. Here is the information you need to enter:
    • Display Name: You can identify the phone by its display name.
    • MAC Address: The device’s 12-digit MAC address must be entered.
    • Device Type: Using the drop-down menus, select the vendor and model number.
    • Assign to: You can assign the phone to a user by entering their username or email address.

Zoom Phone appliance and platform OS can be forcefully upgraded once you have been enrolled.