[Zoom] Explain how to use the screen sharing function to wipe the display

[Zoom] Explain how to use the screen sharing function to wipe the display
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From July 15, 2022, Zoom will have a 40-minute limit even for meetings with two participants if you have a free subscription. (Previously, it was only for meetings with 3 or more people.)
Companies and organizations using Zoom for business should consider switching to a paid license at this opportunity. 

If you want to share a slideshow on the Zoom screen, wipe your face, and then provide commentary by pointing, etc., we recommend using the screen sharing function.

In this article, I will explain how to wipe the screen using Zoom’s screen sharing function.

If the wipe display does not work well, the causes and countermeasures are also summarized, so if you are planning to give a presentation or recital on Zoom, please refer to it.

How to wipe with Zoom

How to wipe with Zoom

First, let’s take a closer look at the overview of the “screen sharing function” used to perform a wipe display on Zoom and the procedure for actually performing a wipe display.

What is Zoom’s screen sharing function?

The screen sharing function is a function to share the data displayed on your screen to the screen of the other party.

It is divided into three types: “Basic”, “Details”, and “File”, and you can select the following data for each.

basic Screen, whiteboard, iPhone/iPad, other running apps
detail PowerPoint (virtual background), part of the screen, computer audio, content from the second camera
File Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Skype. However, very interesting alternatives have emerged to the well-known Microsoft SharePoint
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Of the above, when you share a PowerPoint slideshow in the form of a virtual background, you can perform a “wipe display” that combines your own images.

step1. Share your slideshow as a virtual background

How to display a PowerPoint slideshow using the screen sharing function is as follows.

  1. Launch the Zoom app and start the meeting
  2. Click “Screen Share” in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click “Details”
  4. Click “PowerPoint as Virtual Background”
  5. Click “Share”
  6. Select the PowerPoint file you want to use for your presentation
  7. Click the “Open” button

Now you can see the slideshow in the background and your face in the foreground.

After sharing, you can switch slides by clicking “<” and “>” displayed at the bottom of the screen.

step2. Adjust the position and size of the wipe display

When sharing a slideshow as a virtual background, your face will be wiped in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The method of resizing and moving the image displayed in the wipe is as follows.

  1. Click the wiped face
  2. Drag the handles on the border squares to adjust the size
  3. Drag inside the border to adjust the position

step3.Wipe display/hide switch

If you don’t want the wipe display, you can hide your face by doing the following:

  1. Click “…” in the slide menu
  2. Click “Detach video from PowerPoint”

If you want to wipe again, do the same operation and click “Merge video and PowerPoint”.

What to do if Zoom screen sharing/wipe display is not possible

What to do if Zoom screen sharing wipe display is not possible

If you cannot use the screen sharing function of Zoom or you cannot use the wipe display, the following causes are possible.

Zoom is not updated

Since Zoom’s virtual background function has been installed since version 5.2, it cannot be used if the update has stopped in the previous version.

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If you are unable to share a PowerPoint as a virtual background, please follow the steps below to check for Zoom updates.

  1. Click the user icon on the top right of the app screen
  2. Click “Check for Updates”
  3. If “Updates are available” is displayed, click “Update”

When the update to the latest version is completed, “Keeping up to date” is displayed.

Also, if you want to check for updates on your smartphone or tablet, let’s operate from each app store.

Insufficient network environment

If the audio or video becomes unstable when sharing the screen, the communication environment may be the cause.

Check the points below to be able to use Zoom in a place with a good internet environment.

  • turn off airplane mode
  • turn on cellular
  • Move to a location with a Wi-Fi environment (free Wi-Fi is not recommended)
  • Purchase capacity if your smartphone is speed-limited

video is off

If you’re sharing a slideshow and you don’t see your face wipe, check toggling your video on and off.

If there is a slash through the “Start (or stop) video” part of the menu at the bottom of the screen, the video is off.

Click to toggle it on, and the camera will show your face in a wiped view.

If Zoom itself cannot be used, check outage information

If Zoom cannot be started or connected well before each function such as wipe display and screen sharing, it is one thing to suspect the possibility that the cause is on the Zoom side.

Zoom outage information can be checked from the Zoom Service Status (https://status.zoom.us/) page.

If the service provision status is “Operational”, there is no problem because it is functioning normally.

On the other hand, if it is “Under Maintenance”, it is under maintenance, and if it is “Degraded Performance”, it means that the performance is degraded (= bug), so you need to wait until it is improved.

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  • By using Zoom’s screen sharing function and virtual background function, it is possible to progress the slide in the wipe display state
  • You can freely operate the size and position of the wipe display, as well as switching between display and non-display.
  • If screen sharing/wipe display does not work well, check Zoom updates and video settings

Zoom’s screen sharing and wipe display functions are useful not only for regular meetings, but also for webinars (online seminars).