Why can’t I use automatic call forwarding? Introducing solutions for each service


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“I set automatic call forwarding, but I can’t forward the call”

“The forwarding phone is ringing”

For problems that cannot be transferred, such as, you can narrow down the cause and solution depending on the method of automatic call transfer you are using.

In this article, we will introduce the types and mechanisms of automatic call forwarding, and what to do when automatic call forwarding is not possible.

Types of automatic call forwarding

To solve the problem of not being able to forward calls, you need to understand how the automatic call forwarding system you are using works.

There are three main automated call forwarding methods commonly used by businesses:

First, let’s check which service you are using for automatic call forwarding.

Business phone call forwarding

This is how to set up automatic call forwarding to an outside number on your business phone that you use in your office.

It can be used with existing facilities and equipment, and initial settings can be performed by push operation from the base unit of the business phone.

The setting is easy, but when transferring to an outside line with a business phone, two lines are used for receiving and transferring, so it cannot be used unless there is enough free space on the line.

Also, when forwarding, the number displayed at the forwarding destination may be the number of the forwarding source because the call is made from your own company.

Carrier call forwarding service

The automatic call forwarding service provided by a fixed-line carrier can be used only after application and completion of procedures, so the hurdles to introduction are low, and the service provider is a major line operator, so there is a sense of security.

It is characterized by high call quality and stable communication. Forwarded calls also provide the caller’s number, so you can call them back if you can’t answer.

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While the monthly usage fee is cheap, call charges are incurred during forwarding .

The names of the automatic call forwarding services provided by each company are as follows.

  • NTT East/West “Voice Warp”
  • Softbank “Multi-Function Forwarding Service”
  • KDDI Hikari Direct “Call Forwarding Service”

In addition, since the carrier’s automatic call forwarding service is an option for fixed lines, it is not possible to select other companies’ services unless the line is changed.

Although there are minor differences, please be assured that the fees and basic services are at the same level as each company.

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is a technology that installs a virtual telephone exchange on the Internet.

You can assign an extension number to your smartphone and use it like a business phone, or automatically transfer your company’s landline phone to your smartphone.

With the image of taking the whole business phone and extension call system out of the office facility, it is possible to support landline calls, extension calls, and transfer between employees with telework.

However, call quality depends on the cloud PBX calling application and communication environment, so you may not be able to expect the same level of voice quality as a phone call .

The price is also a little tight, but when choosing a service, choose a reliable vendor or a highly rated one.

Reasons and solutions for automatic call forwarding

After understanding the types and characteristics of automatic call forwarding, let’s look at the causes and solutions when forwarding is not possible for each service.

[Common] Transfer has not started

Some services allow automatic call forwarding to start and stop automatically by setting a schedule, but in many cases, manual operation is required.

If you can’t transfer, let’s check if the transfer has started.

[Common] The forwarding destination is registered incorrectly.

If you have initiated automatic call forwarding but the recipient’s phone is not ringing, the forwarding number may be incorrect.

Forwarding destinations are registered manually, but even if the number is incorrect or not in use, it does not mean that the number cannot be registered, so it is easy to make input errors.

Check the registered information of the forwarding destination again, and if it is incorrect, register it again.

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[Business phone] Device is not turned on

Automatic call forwarding using the business phone system will not work while the equipment is down.

If the data is not transferred, check whether the power of the telephone, main unit, router, and ONU is turned on and whether the cable wiring is disconnected.

If there is a problem with the device, it may affect not only automatic call forwarding, but also normal outgoing and incoming calls and call quality.

It may be improved by restarting the main device, so please refer to the manual of the device you are using and try to restart it.

[Call forwarding service] Service application has not been completed

Phone forwarding services provided by fixed-line carriers are optional contracts and require advance application.

If you have not applied to a carrier or if the procedures have not been completed, you cannot transfer.

It may take a few days for the service to start after you apply, so make sure you apply well in advance.

[Call forwarding service] A number that cannot be set as a forwarding destination is specified

With the call forwarding service, you can set general landlines, mobile phones, etc. as forwarding destinations, but some special numbers may not be registered as forwarding destinations .

Phone numbers that cannot be specified differ from company to company, so please check the service guide for your forwarding service.

An example of numbers that cannot be set

0120 (toll-free), 0570 (navigation dial), 0170 (message dial), etc.

[Cloud PBX] The app has not been set

When using a smartphone as a phone with a cloud PBX, calls are sent to a dedicated app rather than to the phone number of the smartphone.

For this reason, even if your smartphone is within range, you cannot transfer data if the app is not installed or if the settings have not been completed.

Also, communication may not be possible due to the application freezing, so if there is a problem, please try restarting the application or updating it.

No more “I can’t answer”! AI call forwarding service “Canario”

There are surprisingly many reasons why automatic call forwarding cannot be performed, such as “forgot to start” and “wrong registration of forwarding destination”.

If you use a service that allows you to register a forwarding schedule in advance or automatically determines the forwarding destination by the name of the person in charge, you can avoid situations where you can’t forward due to missing settings or registration errors.

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“Canario” provided by NEC Networks & System Integration is an automatic call forwarding service that uses AI technology.

With “Canario”, AI listens to the name of the person in charge in the primary phone call, recognizes the name, and automatically forwards the call to the person’s mobile phone.

If you register your name and forwarding destination first, AI will sort out the forwarding destination , so you don’t have to manually select the forwarding destination.

Since settings can be made from a web browser, the settings can be checked visually.

It also supports scheduled transfer, so you can avoid forgetting to start or stop the transfer.

Article Summary

I explained what to do when the call cannot be forwarded by the automatic call forwarding service.

Even with automatic call forwarding, settings and start/stop operations must be performed manually each time, so problems such as the inability to forward calls due to operational errors or omissions in settings are likely to occur.

With “Canario,” an automatic call forwarding service that uses AI, you can set up the initial settings and leave the rest to AI.

Since human operations can be minimized, problems that cannot be transferred due to setting errors are less likely to occur.