Who pays for call charges when using call forwarding? Compare costs per service


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VoiceWarp® is a trademark of the automatic call forwarding service for NTT East/NTT West landlines and Hikari Denwa.

Many companies use a service that allows you to forward incoming calls to another number when you receive an incoming call on your company’s fixed-line phone. In particular, demand is increasing when people start working from home due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

However, some people may be wondering who will pay for the call charges if the incoming calls are forwarded.

People who receive business phone calls on their own smartphones will be worried that they will bear the cost themselves.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain the fee structure when using the call forwarding function. Let’s check who will bear the cost and how we can keep the cost as low as possible .

Call charges for call forwarding are borne by the forwarding party

When a call is forwarded to another number using a call forwarding service, the forwarding party is responsible for the call charges of the forwarding destination.

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Therefore, even if a call is forwarded from the company to an employee’s personal smartphone, the employee does not have to pay for the call.

Most of the services do not charge if the number to which the outside line is forwarded does not answer.

There are differences depending on the call forwarding service and plan you use, so be sure to check the details of the service and the terms and conditions in advance.

which service is cheaper? Compare call charges and features

Call forwarding services are often provided by carriers such as NTT and Softbank.

Here, we will introduce a table that summarizes the features and charges of each carrier’s call forwarding service.

carrier name NTT East/West Softbank KDDI Hikari Direct (au)
Service name Automatic call forwarding service “Voice Warp” Multifunctional forwarding service call forwarding service
Fee burden (monthly fee, tax included) 880 yen/number 880 yen/number free
Service features ・Unconditional forwarding and no-response forwarding can be set ・Transfer can be started, stopped, and changed from outside (remote control) ・In addition to unconditional forwarding and forwarding when there is no answer, forwarding after answering and forwarding when busy are also possible ・Starting, formulating, and changing forwarding from outside (remote control) ・Calls can be forwarded to mobile phones of other companies and overseas calls ・You can set forwarding conditions

How to solve the phone cost problem | Apply for NEC Networks & System Integration Canario

Canario is a service that AI recognizes the name of a business phone call and forwards the call to the appropriate person in charge. In addition to the intermediation, the transfer is also done automatically, so employees do not have to use the company’s landline phone at all.

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In particular, you will feel a great advantage if you introduce it in a company where employees often go out or when remote work is in progress.

Even if it is difficult to answer the call at the forwarding destination, you will be notified that there was a call. Since you can check the recorded data and the transcribed data with email and business chat tools, it is easy to catch up.

The basic charge is 11,000 yen (tax included) per month per contract . The following three types of plans are available, and you can consider the plan that suits your company based on the functions you want to use when receiving calls.

plan name Monthly fee (tax included)
Basic plan 748 yen/person
Standard plan 980 yen/person
Premium plan 1,480 yen/person


Call charges when using the call forwarding service are borne by the forwarding party.

Since employees do not have to pay for personal smartphones and other devices, let’s make it known in the company in advance.

If you want to reduce the cost of forwarding calls as much as possible, we recommend using NEC Networks & System Integration’s Canario.