What to do if calls are not forwarded to your mobile? How to never miss a call


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VoiceWarp® is a trademark of the automatic call forwarding service for NTT East/NTT West landlines and Hikari Denwa.

Call forwarding is a feature that forwards a call to a phone other than the one that received the call.

Every day in the office, you forward calls to other people by extension. Recently, it is not uncommon for telework to be transferred to an external number.

A call forwarding function that is indispensable for business. What should I do in the unlikely event that a “not forwarded” situation occurs?

In this article, we will explain what to check and what to do when trouble occurs that calls are not forwarded.

We will also introduce a convenient service for not missing important calls, so please read to the end and use it as a reference.

If your business phone does not forward calls

When answering calls in the office, you use the forwarding function of your business phone.

If you are trying to transfer to another employee and it is not being forwarded, please check the following points.

Is the transfer operation correct?

If it is not transferred, check if the operation method is correct.

The main transfer operations of business phones have the following patterns.

The operation method differs depending on the model, so please check the instruction manual for your business phone.

Press the hold button to hold and release with the same number hold button

If the hold button on your phone has a number such as “Hold 1” or “Hold 2”, check which number was put on hold when you were on hold, and tell the person in charge of the transfer destination the number.

If the attendant presses the same numbered Hold button on their desk phone, the call will be taken off hold.

Press the Hold button to put the call on hold, and press the trunk line (number) button to release it.

You may also use the outside line button to release the hold.

If “Tsuji line 1” is lit when a call comes in, the “Tsuji line 1” lamp will be put on hold when the call is put on hold.

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Press the “Tsuji 1” button to cancel the hold.

Dial the extension while on hold and press the “Transfer” button when the other party answers

Dial the extension number of the person in charge while the call is on hold, tell the person what to do when the person answers, and press “Transfer” to complete the transfer of the call.

Press the transfer button, dial the extension, and hang up when the person answers

There is also a pattern to press the transfer button instead of the hold button.

When you press “Transfer”, you will be on standby for an extension call, so dial the extension number of the person in charge, tell the person what you want to do when they answer, hang up the handset and hang up to complete the transfer.

Is the forwarding destination busy?

When dialing an extension and transferring it, if the other party’s phone is busy, the call will not be transferred.

If it’s not always forwarding, check to see if the phone is on the hook or if the cord is unplugged .

When Calls Are Not Forwarded on Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is a cloud-based extension system for business phones.

Build a PBX (telephone exchange) on the cloud and make calls via the Internet.

With Cloud PBX, you can use Internet-connected terminals such as smartphones instead of telephones to handle internal calls and transfers.

The flow of extension transfer is the same as for business phones, it is possible by putting the call on hold and dialing the extension number of the person in charge.

If it is not forwarded, please check the following points.

Have you completed the initial setup?

When using a smartphone as a phone with a cloud PBX, use the app to make calls.

Even if an extension number is issued, it cannot be used unless it is set in the app on your smartphone.

After downloading the app and setting the server address of the connection destination and your own extension number, the connection will be established.

Try restarting and updating the app

Since the problem may occur because the application freezes, let’s restart the application when it is not transferred .

Also, if the version of the app is old, try updating to the latest version.

If Voice Warp doesn’t transfer calls

Your landline line carrier offers an option to forward your calls to another number.

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Forwarding conditions such as “unconditional forwarding” that forwards all incoming calls, “forwarding when no answer” forwards when the forwarding source does not answer for a certain period of time, and “busy forwarding” forwards when the forwarding source is busy Select to automatically forward calls to a specified phone number.

Here, using “Voice Warp” of NTT East/West as an example, we will explain what to check if your call is not forwarded.

The contents of the forwarding services of each company are almost the same, so please refer to the contents introduced here even if you are not forwarded by other companies’ services. (Please refer to the manual of each company for the operation method)

have you subscribed to the service

A fixed-line forwarding service requires an application and a monthly fee.

It may take several days from the time you apply until you can start using the service .

Is transfer started?

To forward incoming calls, you need to register the forwarding number and make settings to start forwarding.

Analog line transfer initiation method

Dial ‘142’ from your landline and press ‘1’ when prompted.

How to start forwarding on an ISDN line

Dial the number below from your landline.

unconditional transfer 14211
no answer transfer 14212
Busy transfer 14213
No answer forwarding + Busy forwarding 14214

Hikari line transfer start method

Dial the number below from your landline.

unconditional transfer 142→1→1
no answer transfer 142→1→2
Busy transfer 142→1→3
No answer forwarding + Busy forwarding 142→1→4

For Hikari lines, you can also start/stop forwarding and set forwarding destinations from the web page.

Is the forwarding number correct?

If the phone you specified as the forwarding number does not ring, make sure that the forwarding number setting is correct.

Call Forwarding Service allows you to list multiple phone numbers as forwarding destinations, but only one can be set as forwarding destination .

Also make sure the number you want to forward is selected.

“Canario” creates a message memo when it cannot respond

If the call is not forwarded manually, the person who answered the call can take the message instead, but with automatic forwarding, it is difficult to follow up if there is a problem that the call is not forwarded.

If you are looking for a service that allows you to leave a message even when the call is not forwarded, NEC Networks & System Integration’s “Canario” is recommended.

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Canario is a service in which AI handles primary phone calls and forwards them to the person in charge by name agency.

Even if the mobile phone of the person in charge is not turned on or cannot be forwarded because it is out of range, AI will convert the message into text and send it by email or chat, so you can rest assured .

In Canario, AI handles all of the primary reception, transfer, transfer, and response to absence (message), so there is no need for employees to transfer calls or manually transfer calls, which solves the problem of telephone response costs. .

Article Summary

You don’t want to lose business opportunities because your calls aren’t forwarded.

It would be safe to use a system that can follow up when a call is not forwarded due to some trouble or when a forwarded call is missed.

With Canario, you can receive texts of missed calls.

Even if there is a high volume of phone calls, you will never miss a message from a customer.