What is the response method to repel sales calls? Introduce effective services for countermeasures against nuisance calls


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Do you have effective measures against sales calls and nuisance calls that come in almost every day?

Even if you refuse, the company must treat you politely as a customer, and it often takes time to respond.

In this article, we will introduce tips for responding to sales calls and services that are effective against nuisance calls for companies that are having trouble with sales calls.

You can also solve the worries of wanting to reduce the burden of telephone work for employees and to improve work efficiency, so please use it as a reference.

Repel annoying sales calls! 3 tips for dealing with

Since the sales calls are skillfully worded one after another, there is no time to refuse, and sometimes I just listen to the story.

The important thing in sales call countermeasures is not to be brought in at the other party’s pace.

To avoid being tied up for a long time on a call you intend to decline, learn how to decline early.

Here are three tips for dealing with sales calls:

Say “NO” flatly

In Japanese, there is a tendency to use euphemisms to avoid making the other person feel uncomfortable, instead of using direct expressions for things that are difficult to say.

However, for sales calls, this has the opposite effect.

Even if you intend to decline, vague expressions can give the impression that there is still room for negotiation.

As a countermeasure against sales calls, it is important to clearly indicate “NO” so that there is no misunderstanding.

Provide objective grounds for refusal

Vaguely refusing a sales call is ineffective. The other party repeats more sales talks and tries to eat somehow.

If someone who is not in a position to make decisions refuses, they may take the attitude that “you don’t have the authority to make decisions.”

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In such cases, adding a reason for the refusal will make it more persuasive.

  • System installation sales call: “Not necessary as there are no plans for the time being.”
  • Recruitment sales call: “We are not currently recruiting.”
  • Advertisement sales call: “We are already doing business with you.”

In addition, in the primary telephone support, you may not be asked to talk about the business of the sales call, and you may be asked only to pass it on to the person in charge.

In such cases,

“We are told that there is no transfer for sales calls.”

“I am asking you to refuse.”

It is a good idea to refuse based on company policies or instructions from your boss.

do not give this information

Business phone companies want to know information about our company as a starting point for sales.

  • Name of person in charge
  • Return time of the person in charge
  • Direct telephone number of the department in charge
  • Competitors currently trading

Answering questions like this gives you a foothold and material to talk about for your next sales call.

Don’t think, “That’s enough,” and be careful not to tell easily when asked about the company.

What is an effective method for dealing with sales calls?

If you learn the tricks of handling sales calls, you will be able to decline skillfully,

  • In the first place, the number of sales calls is large, and a considerable amount of time is devoted to handling sales calls.
  • Nuisance calls increase employee stress and degrade mental health

That being said, drastic measures are needed.

As a company, even sales calls cannot be handled carelessly, so you have to keep up with the other party until they are satisfied and give up. As long as all sales calls are manned, the problem will not be solved.

In such cases, it is effective to use unmanned telephones or to outsource them.

Install an IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a system that provides guidance by automatic voice, which is used in call centers, etc.

A guidance such as “Confirm the contract contents with 1, change the procedure with 2…” is played, and the other party responds by pressing the number, and the call is sorted by purpose.

By introducing this system, first of all, there is no need for people to handle the primary response to sales calls.

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What’s more, you have to listen to a long guidance and choose your options before you can be connected to an operator, which is very inefficient for sales callers and often gives up and hangs up.

Use a telephone answering service

If you use services such as telephone answering and secretarial services, you can outsource all telephone handling work, including sales calls, to an external company.

If you ask them not to forward sales calls or nuisance calls, the operator of the agency service will block them, and if you receive a report from the agency service and determine that it is a sales call, you can choose not to respond. can.

Operators of telephone answering services are professional telephone answerers. I know how to deal with sales calls, so I’m relieved.

Outsourcing also has the advantage of being an external human resource, such as “I can mechanically refuse” and “I don’t have a grasp of the internal situation, so I don’t have to worry about accidentally telling a tele-appointment company about the situation.”

Use AI to deal with sales calls! What is “Canario”?

It is difficult to deal with sales calls that come one after another on your own.

In addition, as a countermeasure against sales calls,

  • Effective manual response without emotions
  • Information leaks can be prevented by not having people in the company directly respond

There are also aspects that can be efficiently blocked if you do not respond in-house.

Therefore, I would like to recommend “Canario”, a call forwarding service that uses AI to provide primary support for calls.

The function of Canario is

  • AI answers the phone. Find out the name of the person in charge with an automated voice and automatically transfer the call to your mobile phone
  • When you can’t answer the phone, convert the message into text and send it by email or chat
  • Available 24 hours. Set business hours to automatically turn forwarding on and off

And it is exactly the content of “Taking the best of IVR and telephone answering service”.

With Canario, it is possible to handle all phone calls to the company on a mobile phone, so it is also recommended for companies that are worried about teleworking their phone business.

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This eliminates the need for employees to handle primary phone calls or act as an intermediary, and is highly effective in improving work efficiency and productivity.

Article Summary

Although it is important to improve the skills of employees to deal with sales calls, there are also cases where it is actually better to have external personnel unrelated to the company or automated voices respond mechanically.

Automating or outsourcing the primary response to the company’s phone calls is not limited to countermeasures for sales calls, but it also has benefits such as making it possible to use working time effectively for the main business and improving the mental health of employees. I have.

Canario is a call forwarding service that uses AI technology to combine the best of manned and unmanned support.

While taking good measures against sales calls, you can reliably connect calls from important customers to the person in charge.