What is the effective way to decline a sales call? Summary of things to keep in mind when dealing with


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When you answer the phone at a company, you may receive a sales call that is not from a business partner or customer.

Since the other party is a professional who sells goods and services, there are probably many people who are worried about how to refuse.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the proper way to decline a sales call from a company. We will also look at the points you want to pay attention to when refusing to talk to the other person, so please use it.

Points to quickly identify that it is a sales call

In order to quickly decline a sales call, it is important to quickly realize that the content of the incoming call is a sales call.

For example, a sales call has the following characteristics:

  • Incoming calls addressed to job titles and persons in charge
  • the phone is noisy
  • Do not clearly state your company name (e.g., it is an affiliated company of ○○ company, etc.)

If you see any of these traits in an incoming call, you can ask, “Excuse me, is this a sales call?”

If you realize that it is a sales call early, it will be easier for you to refuse.

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Effective refusal and response

From here, we will look at how to decline a sales call received from a company.

Prolonged responses to sales calls can reduce the amount of time spent on core work and increase the burden on other employees, so learn how to respond appropriately.

clearly refuse

If you answer the sales phone vaguely, the other party may continue to talk forever or may contact you again at a later date.

Therefore, be clear about what the other person is saying.

for example,

  • “We are told to decline all sales talks.”
  • “We don’t need this service right now.”
  • “We will call you back if necessary, so please do not contact us again.”
  • “I’m sorry, but could you please remove us from your phone list?”

You can use phrases like

Refuse politely so as not to be rude to the other party

From the point of view of receiving a sales call, it is only annoying, but since this is a company call, it is important to follow business etiquette and respond politely when refusing .

I will refuse to do business now, but the possibility of interacting as a company in the future is not zero.

Therefore, it is necessary to respond appropriately as the person in charge of answering the phone so as not to be rude to the other party.

For example, if you use cushion words such as “I’m sorry,” “I’m sorry,” and “I’m sorry,” it’s a good idea to make a polite phone call.

Points to note when rejecting a sales call

Next, I will introduce three points that you should pay attention to when rejecting a sales call.

It is NG to make the other person uncomfortable

Even if it is a sales call, it is not good for business to make the other party feel uncomfortable.

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Since the sales partner is also contacting me at work, I also need to act like an adult as a representative of the company.

Be careful not to use harsh language as it is not appropriate for someone to respond to an incoming call.

avoid vague answers

If my response is ambiguous, there is a high possibility that the other party will judge that there is a sales opportunity and will continue to talk more and more.

It’s nonsense for both of you to keep talking even though you decided to refuse from the beginning.

Some people may not be good at saying things clearly, but let’s do it properly as a person in charge for each other.

don’t give up control of the conversation

Once you’ve handed over the initiative, you can never turn it down.

In some cases, it may be possible to put pressure on business hours, so caution is required. Once you give the initiative to the other party, it will be difficult to take it back, so it is recommended to start the conversation from here.

Introducing recommended countermeasures

So far, I have explained how to decline a sales call, but some people may say that they are not good at refusing to talk to the other party .

In such cases, we recommend using Canario, which shuts out sales calls.

Shut out sales calls! What is Canario?

Canario is a call forwarding service provided by NEC Networks & System Integration, in which AI automatically forwards incoming calls.

When transferring, it recognizes the name and connects the call to the person in charge. This saves employees from wasting time on unnecessary sales calls.

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Of course, the function as a call forwarding service is also substantial, and you can use it for simultaneous calls and return calls for missed calls.

If you are worried about how to decline a sales call, or if you want to reduce the burden on employees who answer the phone, please consider using NEC Networks & System Integration’s Canario on this occasion.