What is the automatic call forwarding method that can be used on iPhone/smartphone? Introducing corresponding services


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Automatic call forwarding is convenient when you have to leave the office for some business, or when you are on a business trip or at a meeting and cannot answer the phone.

If you use automatic call forwarding to transfer calls to your iPhone or smartphone, you can answer incoming calls wherever you are.

In this article, we will explain what services are available that support automatic call forwarding.

We also introduce an epoch-making forwarding service that overcomes the weaknesses of automatic call forwarding, so please use it as a reference.

What is call forwarding

There are two types of call forwarding methods: “manual call forwarding” that is operated by a person, and “automatic call forwarding” that forwards calls automatically without any operation.

Let’s take a look at the uses, advantages, and disadvantages of each method.

manual call transfer

Manual call forwarding is a method of forwarding a call after someone receives the call, and this is the case with business phone extension forwarding.

On office phone calls, an employee answers the call, asks for the business and the name of the person in charge, and then forwards the call to the person in charge.

The advantage of manual call forwarding is that it is possible to determine the forwarding destination after listening to the content, so it is possible to transfer the call to the appropriate person in charge .

On the other hand, since it is necessary to have a manned response to incoming calls, it can be said that it is a disadvantage that intermediary work occurs and it takes time for employees who are not related to the business of the call .

In addition, since the forwarding operation is performed manually, someone has to answer the call in the office when using a landline phone, which is one of the reasons why telework is not widespread.

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automatic call forwarding

You can also register forwarding destination phone numbers and forwarding conditions in advance to automatically forward incoming calls.

Automatic call forwarding does not require human intervention, so there is no problem even if the office is unmanned.

For this reason, many companies have introduced automatic call forwarding to promote telework.

The disadvantage is that you can only forward calls to registered numbers.

Since it is not possible to flexibly change the forwarding destination depending on the situation, as in the case of manned correspondence, most of the calls received are returned by different personnel .

Automatic call forwarding method from landline to smartphone

Demand for automatic call forwarding of incoming calls to landlines increased significantly during the restrictions on coming to work due to the corona crisis.

Automatic call forwarding methods for business use include:

Business phone call forwarding

You may be able to set automatic forwarding even on business phones used in offices.

The advantage of using the business phone function is that you don’t need to apply in advance, and you can use your existing equipment to automatically transfer calls.

However, since forwarding destinations can be registered and forwarding can be started and stopped from the phone, it is necessary to operate the phone locally to make the settings.

Automatic call forwarding on business phones uses two lines, one for incoming calls and one for forwarding calls to external lines, so if the lines are full, forwarding will not be possible.

landline carrier call forwarding service

Fixed-line carriers offer automatic call forwarding services as an option for line contracts.

Although it is necessary to apply to a contracted carrier, it can be used for a basic usage fee of several hundred yen, and there is no need to purchase equipment, so it can be said that it is a service that is relatively easy to introduce.

After completing the initial settings, you can also set up forwarding by remote control from an external phone number.

However, there is a risk that the charge will be high if the call is always forwarded because the call charge for the outside line is charged while the call is being forwarded .

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is a system that builds a telephone exchange on the Internet.

You can use an iPhone or smartphone instead of a business phone and use Internet communication to reproduce the extension mechanism .

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With a cloud PBX, you can forward incoming calls to your company’s landline phone to your smartphone, and you can also manually forward it to another employee’s smartphone, making it possible to achieve office-like call relaying.

How to transfer calls automatically from your smartphone to another phone

There are also services that forward calls from one phone to another.

The advantage of a mobile phone is that you can contact us at any time, but there are times when you can’t use your smartphone on an overseas business trip, or when you’re on vacation and don’t carry your company mobile phone with you.

In such a case, if you forward it to another employee, you will not have to worry about missing contact from the business partner.

mobile carrier automatic call forwarding

Mobile carriers also offer automatic call forwarding services.

Docomo’s “Call forwarding”, Softbank “Call forwarding”, and au “Call forwarding” do not incur monthly charges.

Application is required only for DOCOMO, but SoftBank and au services can be used immediately without application.

Even if you use the mobile phone carrier’s automatic call forwarding, you will be responsible for the call charges during the transfer, so be careful not to overuse it, especially if you have a personal contract .

Even though it is an automatic transfer, you can choose the person in charge! What is “Canario”?

The disadvantage of automatic call forwarding is that the forwarding destination cannot be changed flexibly.

Since all calls are forwarded to the forwarding destination that was initially decided, the person receiving the call may have more work to do than is in charge, and may be overwhelmed with answering calls and leaving messages when they are out of office.

Therefore, I would like to recommend the automatic call forwarding service Canario provided by NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation.

Mechanism of answering and transferring calls

Canario is a service that responds to calls using AI technology, and can recognize the name of the person in charge from the other party’s utterance and transfer the call to the smartphone of the person in charge.

For this reason, even though it is an automatic call transfer, it is possible to transfer directly to the person in charge.

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Even when you can’t answer the phone, the AI ​​converts the message into text and sends it by email or chat, so you don’t have to worry about responding to your absence.

By using Canario, it is possible to unmanned the telephone response of companies and reduce the cost of telephone operations .

Article Summary

  • Manual call forwarding makes it possible to determine the forwarding destination depending on the business, but the cost of handling the intermediation work is high.
  • Automatic call forwarding eliminates the need for manned support, but the forwarding destination is fixed

With Canario, calls can be forwarded to a designated person in charge even when unattended, so it is possible to overcome the disadvantages of automatic call forwarding.

In addition, you can automate the response when you are out of office, so you can greatly reduce the burden of answering the phone and improve your work efficiency.