What is a webinar? Explain why it is used for seminars and online salon distribution

What is a webinar

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Videos are playing more and more roles on platforms such as SNS.

Videos are said to contain approximately 5,000 times more information than photos and text-only content, making them an excellent means of communication that can convey a large amount of information to users in a short period of time.

Web seminars and online salons are widely used in the business scene among such video contents.

It is a webinar tool that we highly recommend using for web seminars and online salons.

In this article, I will explain what a webinar is and how to use it.

What is a webinar?

So what exactly does a webinar mean?

The etymology of webinar is a coined word made by multiplying web and seminar.

Webinar, webinar.

It is also known as a webinar, online seminar, or internet seminar.

What are the types of webinar delivery methods?

There are two types of webinars: live distribution and recorded distribution, each with their own characteristics and advantages.

Live Streaming and Recorded Streaming

Summarize the features and benefits of each.

live streaming Recorded distribution
delivery timing on a pre-determined date and time Any delivery date is possible
situation News, on-site broadcasts, discussions with panelists, live sales, etc. Learning content such as manual explanations and education
merit Live feeling and two-way communication with users are possible Free viewing, such as fast-forwarding and pausing
Demerit Cannot fast forward or pause. Need to respond to unexpected accidents Needs time to edit. Communication with users is limited to comments, emails, etc.
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In this way, it is a good idea to use live distribution and recorded distribution depending on the purpose and situation.

Furthermore, recently, there are methods such as hybrid distribution that combines these two distribution methods and simulated live distribution.

This is a method in which the lecture part of the seminar is pre-recorded and delivered, and then the Q&A and discussion parts are delivered live.

In addition, pseudo-live distribution is that the video itself is recorded and distributed, but the communication part such as chat is performed live.

The difference between these two is whether recording and live are done in two stages or at the same time.

Compare traditional in-person seminars and webinars

Now that you know what a webinar is, in this article we will compare traditional seminars and webinars, and talk about how webinars are superior and what their benefits are.

Compare venue types and webinars

Venue type webinar
Holding method Bring people together in a conference room or lecture hall Conducted over the Internet using webinar tools, etc.
cost Venue expenses, personnel expenses, expenses such as invitations Webinar usage fee only
Preparation Chairs and tables, recording equipment, operational resources, etc. No special preparation is required as it can be delivered easily from home or in the car. Recording can also be done on the tool
Attracting customers Attracting customers while considering the number of people in the venue. Must be done multiple times due to geographic restrictions There is no geographical limit on the number of people, so there is a high degree of freedom in attracting customers. Attracting customers in one go

In this way, webinars have many advantages compared to traditional venue types.

In addition, applications for smartphones and tablets are also available for Zoom webinars, etc., so that you can hold and participate in web seminars and online salons regardless of location or environment.

Advantages for the broadcast (host) side and the participant side

So what are the benefits for the webinar host (host) and the participants? Possible options include:

What are the benefits on the delivery (host) side?

  • More information can be delivered to more people than before
  • You can attract and deliver customers without spending money
  • Easy-to-understand communication with screen sharing and document sharing functions
  • Easy to respond to user needs, such as being able to answer questions on the spot
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After all, in conducting web seminars and online salons using webinar tools, etc., it is important to be able to handle an overwhelmingly large amount of information compared to communicating only photos and texts on SNS.

In addition, you can easily distribute as long as you have one body and a smartphone or tablet, so there is little need for preparation time and initial investment.

Webinar tools such as Zoom also have a screen sharing function.

The screen sharing function allows you to share and show the desktop screen or smartphone screen of the image or image you want to show to the participants.

This makes it possible to explain in an easy-to-understand manner by sharing slides such as screens and data during explanations.

Document sharing can also be done easily by using cloud storage such as Box. This eliminates the need to print or distribute materials in advance.

Another advantage of webinars is that you can ask questions and have discussions in real time.

Benefits for participants

What, then, are the benefits for participants?

  • You can participate without being bound by time or place.
  • Feel free to join and leave
  • You can easily participate because you can immediately understand what kind of person the seminar content, host, panelist, and lecturer are.

Of course, the participants can participate without worrying about the time or venue, which is an advantage.

Until now, for example, a person living in Tokyo would have had to spend time and travel expenses to attend a seminar held in Osaka.

However, if it is a webinar, it is easy to participate no matter where you live in Japan.

In addition, in conventional venue-type seminars, it was difficult to participate and leave easily, such as being concerned about people’s eyes and annoying other participants, but with webinars, it is possible to join and leave in the middle. can be done. (Of course, consideration and manners for the host are necessary)

Furthermore, until now, it was difficult to determine the atmosphere of the venue and what kind of people the organizers, panelists, and lecturers were, until they participated in the seminar for the first time.

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However, for online salons and web seminars using webinars, etc., if past recorded data is delivered, it can be checked immediately.

As a result, you can participate with the feeling that “there is a seminar that interests you, so let’s take a look”, so it’s easy to invite your friends to participate.

What are the usage scenes and examples

Finally, after learning about the benefits of webinars, let’s introduce some recommended usage scenes and examples.

  • There are such things as webinar usage scenes and examples.
  • Introduce products and services to new customers
  • As an online salon tool
  • For seminars to explain how to use products and services for existing users
  • Use as an in-house educational tool
  • As a briefing session for recruitment
  • As an external consultation tool

In this way, webinars are used for marketing in various scenes, not just seminars.

Keep an eye on the webinars that will be used more and more in the future.