What is a call forwarding service that can call multiple numbers? Introducing benefits and functions of use


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The company receives a large number of calls every day, but it takes a lot of time and effort to deal with all of them with just the office workers in the company.

In such cases, it is convenient to use a call forwarding service. By introducing a call forwarding service to your company, you can improve work efficiency and reduce the burden on your employees.

Call forwarding services have many features, some of which can forward calls to multiple numbers.

After discussing call forwarding services in this article, let’s check the benefits of calling multiple numbers.

What is a call forwarding service?

A call forwarding service is a service that allows you to forward incoming calls from a fixed-line phone set up at a company, etc., to another number. Calls can be forwarded to an employee’s mobile phone or another landline.

Using this service makes it easier to avoid missing calls. The point is that by answering many calls, you can improve the trust of customers and related parties, and you can definitely seize new business opportunities .

Call forwarding service is a service provided by carriers, and it is possible to set multiple forwarding destinations instead of one .

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Since you can basically freely choose the timing of forwarding, you can use it to entrust the response during the company’s business hours or to entrust the call outside the business hours.

Advantages of calling multiple numbers at once

Having the ability to forward calls to multiple numbers eliminates the need for a fixed contact.

If you’re routing a call to a single number, you won’t be able to get it if the employee you’re transferring to is on another phone. However, by forwarding calls to multiple numbers, other employees can follow up while someone is busy.

Therefore, it is recommended for companies that are considering actively introducing telework. Even if your employees don’t show up at the office, your team of employees out of the office can handle incoming calls.

In many cases, the charge is the same as for forwarding calls to a single number, but it is advisable to check in advance as the handling may differ depending on the call forwarding service.

Introduce main functions

Common features of call forwarding services include:

  • Extension transfer function
  • External line forwarding function
  • Unconditional transfer function
  • No answer forwarding function
  • Post-answer forwarding function

I will briefly explain each function.

Extension transfer function

This is a function that puts incoming calls on landlines on hold and transfers them to another number by extension.

External line forwarding function

This function puts incoming calls on landlines on hold and forwards them to another number.

Unconditional transfer function

This is a function that allows you to send incoming calls directly to a pre-registered number without ringing the landline phone.

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No answer forwarding function

Call the landline once. This function forwards incoming calls to a pre-registered number when no one answers.

Post-answer forwarding function

A feature that allows you to receive an incoming call on your landline and transfer the call to another number by manually manipulating the phone.

Canario, which AI identifies names and automatically forwards incoming calls to multiple phone numbers, is convenient

There are several types of call forwarding services, but if you want multiple employees to handle calls, we recommend using Canario provided by NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation .

Canario is a call forwarding service equipped with AI, which has the feature of distinguishing the name spoken by the person on the other end of the call and automatically relaying the incoming call.

Of course , it is also possible to make a simultaneous call to multiple numbers in addition to calling a specific employee .

This will reduce the burden on employees as they will no longer be left to answer the phone alone. In addition, we can respond smoothly to inquiries where the person in charge is unknown.


Never miss a business opportunity with a call forwarding service that forwards incoming calls to another number.

It is not uncommon for cases in which it leads to improvements in the work efficiency of employees, and in which companies can expect an increase in productivity. If you’re having trouble answering the phone, using a call forwarding service may be one solution.

You can also set up multiple forwarding numbers to work as a team.

Since it can be handled by multiple employees, it will be possible to prevent missing calls even if someone is on another call. It is also easy to use when promoting telework.

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If you are looking for a service that allows you to forward calls to multiple numbers, we recommend using Canario, where AI automatically takes over calls. If you would like to know more about the features and price plans, please feel free to contact us.