What if someone asks for the name of the person in charge on a sales call? Explanation of appropriate countermeasures


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Have you ever wondered how to answer the question, “Could you tell me the name of the person in charge?”, which is often asked on sales calls.

It is said that you should not tell, but the other party will not easily withdraw.

Is there a way to deal with this situation without being rude to the other party?

In this article, for those who answer the phone at work, I will explain how to answer when asked for the name of the person in charge on a sales call.

Reasons why you shouldn’t give the name of the person in charge when asked on a sales call

Tele appointments are mostly cases in which contractors with whom we do not have business come to see the information on the list.

“Is there a person in charge of ○○?”

For this reason, sales calls will try to pull out this information in various ways.

  • “Could you tell me the name of the person in charge?”
  • “Which department will you be in charge of?”
  • “Do you have a direct phone number?”

If you answer such a question, the next time you call by name, it will put a burden on the person in charge.

If you are asked for the name of the person in charge on a sales call, do not give out the information without the person’s permission.

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How to respond when someone asks for your name

How should you respond when someone asks for your name over the phone?

We will introduce how to respond in accordance with business etiquette.

abruptly decline

It is an iron rule not to procrastinate when answering sales calls.

If you refuse vaguely, the other person will be reluctant, so it’s best to refuse as soon as they ask your name.

  • “We are unable to tell you the name of the person in charge.”
  • “If you tell me that you are in charge of 〇〇, I will take care of you.”

Make it clear that you cannot teach.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t say why.

Tell them to call you back when needed

One method of refusing a sales call is to ask about the business and then say, “I will contact you if necessary.”

Although it is not an answer to the question of the name, it is implicitly telling that “I do not need to contact you”, and it is also a declaration of intention that “I do not intend to tell you the name”.

NG answer when asked the name

If you are asked the name of the person in charge, I will introduce an NG answer example that you should not do.

tell me a fake name

Even if you’ve been told not to, but the other person won’t back down, don’t make up a false name.

The next time you receive a phone call with that name, you will find out that there is no employee with that name, and you will lose credibility as a company.

leave or be absent

Using the temporary absence as an excuse will prolong the response, such as asking when you will be back or calling again on another day.

If you don’t intend to act as an intermediary, make a clear refusal from the beginning by stating, “We ask that you refrain from making sales calls.”

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I don’t want to answer sales calls! Recommended service

The person on the other end of the sales call is a professional talker, so he tries to reach his goal no matter what.

If you feel stressed by being overwhelmed or having a hard time hanging up the phone, introduce a service so that you don’t have to answer sales calls directly.

IVR (Interactive Telephone Answering)

IVR is a system that distributes calls by selecting numbers according to voice guidance.

It is a system that automates the part that can be handled unattended and streamlines the connection to the operator, but it also has the effect of blocking persistent sales calls and nuisance calls.

When you call the call center and listen to guidance such as “1 for new applications, 2 for contract renewals, 3 for other inquiries…”, don’t you feel that it’s a long time?

It takes a lot of time to listen to all the guidance and connect to the person in charge.

telephone answering service

A telephone answering service is a service in which a company’s telephone calls are forwarded to the agency’s office and the service is handled on behalf of the company.

You don’t have to answer sales calls directly because the company doesn’t have to answer the phone.

Since the agent will report the details of the calls received, you only need to return the necessary calls, and you will not have to deal with sales calls or nuisance calls at all.

Transfer service “Canario” that can block sales calls

Automated voice is effective for blocking sales and nuisance calls.

However, it’s the same with clients that it’s hard to hear the choices for a long time with an automated voice.

If you set a long IVR guidance for the company or department’s main phone, it will be inconvenient for the client.

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“Canario”, a phone support service provided by NEC Networks & System Integration, uses AI to answer calls.

Shut out sales calls and nuisance calls .

The name of the person in charge is recognized by the voice of the other party, and the call is forwarded to the cell phone of the person in charge.

It blocks unwanted calls while strengthening collaboration between companies and clients.

Article Summary

I introduced how to deal with what to do when someone asks for your name on a sales call.

  • When asked for the name of the person in charge on a sales call to the company, clearly refuse to give it
  • No lying or staying home
  • You can block sales calls by auto answering or outsourcing

It’s a rule of thumb not to answer when someone asks for your name on a sales call, but if you’re not good at refusing, try outsourcing or automating phone calls to eliminate direct calls.