What can you do with Microsoft (formerly Office) 365? Introducing functions and plans together


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By subscribing to Microsoft 365, you will be able to use various services including Office apps.

This article summarizes what your Microsoft 365 contract can do service-wise and functionally.

We also have a list of licenses for Microsoft 365, so if you are a company that wants to know what you can do with Microsoft 365 or is worried about choosing a plan, please refer to it.

[Services] What you can do with Microsoft 365 and its benefits

First, let’s take a closer look at what your Microsoft 365 contract can do for you on the service side.

What you can do (1) Use the latest version of Microsoft products

The services included in Microsoft 365 are automatically updated to the latest version.

There is no need to repurchase the software every time a new function or version appears, and the feature is that you can always use the latest functions and services.

In addition, security-related functions are constantly updated, so it is possible to prevent risks from external attacks and create a safe usage environment.

What you can do (2) Use as groupware

One of the things Microsoft 365 can do is use it as groupware.

In the case of conventional Office products, it was necessary to separately introduce tools for file sharing and web conferencing, but with Microsoft 365, you can start using these functions with these functions included in the plan. .

What you can do (3) Advanced security measures

If you subscribe to a higher plan of Microsoft 365, you can use advanced security functions such as EMS.

In addition to being able to automatically detect spam and malware, prevent data leaks, and manage access rights, it is an effective service for companies that handle important information.

What you can do (4) Install on multiple devices

With Microsoft 365, it is possible to install Office applications, etc. on 5 PCs, 5 tablets, and 5 smartphones per license.

In addition, the full editing function of the mobile app is included in the license, so it is useful when you often use mobile devices.

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What you can do (5) Reduce initial costs and equalize costs

One of the features of Microsoft 365 is that it is provided as a monthly or annual subscription service, so it is difficult for the monthly cost to fluctuate significantly.

There is no initial cost, and you can continue to use it with only a license fee according to the number of employees, so there is an advantage that it is easy to calculate expenses.

[Functions] What you can do with Microsoft 365

Now let’s take a closer look at what the Microsoft 365 contract can do functionally.

What you can do (1) Use Office apps

By subscribing to Microsoft 365, you will be able to use Office apps that have a high usage rate in the business scene.

In addition to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can also use Access and Publisher. (*Windows PC only)

In addition, by using Office apps as a service of Microsoft 365, functions such as viewing, editing, and sharing files become more efficient.

What you can do (2) Use Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool with functions such as chat, video conferencing, and file sharing.

By creating a channel for each team, it is a mechanism that allows smooth information sharing and efficient handover.

What you can do with Microsoft Teams The main functions are as follows.

  • Online meeting / video call
  • Chat from multiple devices
  • Manage and collaborate on chats, meetings, files and apps
  • Team site creation for sharing information, content and files

What you can do (3) Use SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a service that helps facilitate file sharing and information sharing.

By managing data in the cloud, file checking and collaborative editing functions are streamlined, and compliance can be strengthened by managing version history and restoring files.

What you can do with SharePoint Online and the main functions are as follows.

  • OneDrive cloud storage for file storage and sharing
  • Save work files directly to OneDrive or SharePoint
  • Granting access rights necessary for file sharing and link generation
  • Secure document sharing and emailing
  • Sync with Windows or Mac, Mobile

What you can do ④ Use Exchange Online

Exchange Online is a cloud service for email and schedule management.

Since schedules can be easily confirmed and adjusted from outside the company, it is expected to be effective in improving schedule adjustment efficiency, shortening preparation time, and facilitating information sharing within the team.

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What you can do with Exchange Online and the main functions are as follows.

  • Email hosting and 50GB mailbox
  • Using your own custom domain (e.g. employeename@companyname.com)
  • Corporate email functions on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and the web
  • Schedule management, sharing available meeting times, scheduling, receiving alarms
  • shared calendar
  • Email settings for new users, restoration of deleted accounts, etc.


In addition to the functions introduced above, Microsoft 365 also includes the following apps and services.

Forms It is an application that can easily create an input form. It is possible to create an intuitive form, and it is also possible to create a temporary response form in cooperation with Teams.
Planner A service for managing team tasks. Tasks assigned to a user are automatically displayed in the user’s Todo list, enabling efficient task management.
Stream It is a streaming service. Separate from cloud storage such as SharePoint, 500GB of dedicated video storage is provided. You can dynamically change the delivery quality according to the user’s network environment.
Power Platforms It is an application that summarizes related tools such as Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Apps. While not inherently a Microsoft 365 service, a free version of Power Platform is available with a Microsoft 365 license.
Yammer It is a communication tool used as an SNS for companies. You can report on the progress of tasks and projects, create communities among members with the same interests, and help activate internal communication.

Comprehensive comparison of features and functions by plan

Since Microsoft 365 can be used differently depending on the contracted plan, it is necessary to select the appropriate plan after identifying the necessary functions, services, security measures, etc.

Below is a list of Microsoft 365 plans for small businesses and large enterprises.

plan name Microsoft 365
Apps for Business
Microsoft 365
Business Basic
Microsoft 365
Business Standard
Microsoft 365
Business Premium
Microsoft 365
Apps for Enterprise
Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365
Target audience General employee General employee General employee General employee General employee General employee General employee front line worker
User limit 300 people 300 people 300 people 300 people Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Office apps
Exchange Online
SharePoint Online
Microsoft Teams
OneDrive for Business
add on
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  • With Microsoft 365 contract, you can use services such as cooperation with groupware, advanced security measures, and introduction of Office to multiple devices.
  • Since the latest functions can always be used, problems caused by version differences and complicated management can be prevented.
  • Multiple licenses are available for Microsoft 365, and you can choose according to the size of your company and the status of your Office deployment.

The introduction of Microsoft 365 can be expected to diversify work styles, improve operational efficiency, and revitalize the entire company.

NEC Networks & System Integration can provide a variety of support that is not limited to the introduction of Microsoft 365, so if you are a company that is worried about digitalization measures, please feel free to contact us.