Voice command in the Zoom room


You can start a scheduled meeting in the Zoom room by saying “Hey Zoom, start a meeting”. Voice commands take effect within 10 minutes before and after the scheduled meeting time, and when there is no meeting currently in session. Only scheduled meetings are started and instant meetings are not started.

This article contains the following content.

  • Enable voice command using Zoom room
  • Start a meeting using voice commands
  • Microphone access permission

Enable voice command using Zoom room

  1. Sign in to your Zoom account as a Zoom room administrator and go to the ZoomRooms tab.
  2. Click the level in the hierarchy that you want to enable for voice commands. For example, to activate all rooms in a specific building, click on the building’s name or click Edit on a specific Zoom room to activate it for individual Zoom rooms.
  3. Meeting set of moves to], [ next meeting warning enable optional].
  4. Enable the Voice Command option.
  5. Click Save Changes .

Start a meeting using voice commands

For regular meetings, the meeting appears on the controller tablet and on the TV. Ten minutes prior to the first meeting with voice commands enabled, the iPad will ask for permission to use voice commands.

Once Zoom has access to the microphone, say ” Hey Zoom, start a meeting ” and startthe scheduled meeting.

  • on the I pad

  • on the TV

Allow microphone access

If you have previously denied Zoom access to the iPad microphone, you will need to manually grant access before using voice commands.

  1. Open iOS settings.
  2. Click on privacy
  3. Click on the microphone.
  4. Switch on the Zoom room.



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