Using a dial-by-name directory In Zoom App

Dial-by-name directories allow your customers to look up all phone users of the Zoom account based on their first or last names. After the user has performed a search, he or she can route the call to the user who is available. British and American English are the only languages supported by the dial-by-name directory. Some users may not be searchable by default due to the dial-by-name directory set up by Zoom Phone admins.

The following steps are to help you if you were directed to the dial-by-name directory when dialing in to a Zoom Phone number.

How to use a dial-by-name directory

Callers can use the dial-by-name directory without pressing more than one key for each letter thanks to predictive text technology. Numbers are translated into names and a search is conducted. If a person wants to search for the name “Grant”, they should press 4 (GHI), 7 (PQRS), 2 (ABC), 6 (MNO), and 8 (TUV).

The IVR will look for a match whenever you provide a name for it to search for, and read the user’s name and extension number when it finds it. It will also provide a voice prompt explaining the options below when it finds a match:

  • 1: Go to the current result in the search engine (phone user).
  • 2: Read the next result in the search engine (phone user).
  • 3: Then, repeat the current search result’s name and extension.
  • 4: Perform a new search.