Tips on How to Keep Your Kids Focused During Zoom School

Attending a Zoom school or being a part of an online class can be draining and challenging for kids. Your kids find it hard to absorb information in long sessions. They find difficulty in focusing and being attentive to the screens for long hours. As parents, forcing your child to look at the screen continuously and listen carefully is tough. To help kids cope, many times, parents have to sit with them till the time class finishes, which causes trouble for parents.

Since it’s a new world of education for your child, you must make them understand the meaning of online school. You can help the child maintain focus during Zoom School by adopting effective strategies to help them concentrate, sit attentively and have a good learning experience. 

Create a “do not disturb” study zone for your child

A distraction-free learning area must ensure 100 percent attentiveness during a virtual class. Check if your child is comfortable and can silently sit and listen to the teacher without distraction. To make your child sit through the long session, you must look for a quiet corner in the child’s room. It will be good if the area is bright and ventilated so your kid gets fresh air to breathe.  

One important thing you can do to keep a child attentive during online classes is to provide them with a clean and organized environment to study. Set up a study table that is comfortable for your child. Make sure that kids sit in the right position throughout the class and have no distracting objects kept near them.

Plan a schedule

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Setting up a schedule for your child enhances the child’s overall academic performance. Allow the kids to set a schedule for themselves; they will feel confident and are more likely to follow it. Being part of important decisions will make your child responsible, active, and serious about studies without your active role in education. The studying process via Zoom can become interesting when your child is regular and motivated. 

Create a realistic timetable and ensure that there is time for everything that your child loves to do. The timetable must have a wake-up time, breakfast time, class time, and lunchtime, and add lesson plans for the evening before dinner. Attending online classes is not sufficient for understanding complex subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology. To write a well-researched biology paper or a lab without required equipment such in school, would be difficult. In order to get a good grades in such a subjects, you might need to search for an extra help. Fortunately, there are a lot of services online which provide chemistry homework help, biology lab writing report and etc. It will help in getting good grades in school and college as well while you get atheoretical knowledge.

Efficient devices to enhance classroom experience

A Zoom class is not possible without using a proper computer and gadgets. You must ensure that the devices like the microphone, camera and mouse are in good working condition. To avoid any disturbance or chaos during the class, have a good internet connection. High-speed internet ensures a better classroom experience for your child. 

To avoid technical issues, ensure regular software and driver updates. Buy kids-friendly devices and let your kids handle them independently. Allot a safe place to keep earphones, microphones and laptops and encourage your child to handle devices with care.

Take short breaks

One of the best tips to increase children’s focusing ability is to allow short breaks at regular intervals. With this, they can refresh themselves and return to their desk with a fresh mind. During the break, they can come out of their room and take a round, have snacks, or have a little family time.

However, during the break, children should not be allowed to go to the playground or watch TV, etc. Usually, if the break is 10 minutes, then you must let your child relax and mentally prepare for the next subject or class.

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Appreciating your child’s efforts

Celebrate small wins and encourage virtual learning in kids. To encourage them to perform better, you must praise and acknowledge your child’s efforts. This will inspire your child to perform better in their virtual class. By doing so, your child will study online, participate in their zoom class, and interact better. 

By setting a reward system at home, you prepare your child that if they focus on the lesson plan, they will be appreciated or offered a planned gift. Think of innovative and simple reward ideas; it could be simple praise, a story reading activity, candy or extra screen time, etc.

Physical fitness at home is a must

Maintaining your child’s health and keeping them mentally fit during online school days is essential. You can plan a physical fitness session at home for kids, so they do not get sedentary and feel active throughout the day. Taking kids for a walk is one of the best ways parents can help their child’s heart rate and get moving.

Keeping their eyes away from the screen in their idle time plays an important role in correctly developing the vision of small kids. Kids can focus well in the online classroom setup with a healthy vision. You can also perform eye exercises for kids to improve their vision and prevent fatigue. 


During the pandemic, education has suffered, and parents are the only source of connection between a virtual class between teachers and students. It has transformed the traditional ways of parenting. With virtual learning becoming the new normal, parents must find effective ways to make online learning a success.