[Telework for landline phones] Is there a service that allows you to receive calls to multiple forwarding destinations?


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VoiceWarp® is a trademark of the automatic call forwarding service for NTT East/NTT West landlines and Hikari Denwa.

The problem of “I can’t telework because I have to answer the phone” can be solved by a call forwarding service.

However, when telework was used to respond to telephone calls, new problems such as “I couldn’t get to work because I was busy with phone calls” and “Customer satisfaction declined because I couldn’t connect to the person in charge or pick up the phone.” I also hear voices.

This is due to the fact that telework does not allow multiple members to cooperate and answer the phone like in the office.

In this article, we will explain how to have multiple forwarding destinations receive calls when transferring a landline phone to a mobile phone and teleworking.

What happens if you can’t make multiple calls on the phone?

Business phones used in the office can answer calls from any seat and pick up calls to other phones.

Thanks to this function, even if you are away from your desk, someone nearby will answer the phone, or if you are busy and can’t let go of your hand, someone who can handle it will respond. You can.

However, with remote work, you can only receive calls that are designated as forwarding destinations. Other people don’t even know you got a call.

Let’s see what happens when telework phone calls can’t call multiple forwarding destinations.

Increased work load on specific staff

You probably receive a considerable number of calls each day on your company’s main phone line and departmental direct lines.

Even if it’s not your responsibility, it takes 1-2 minutes per message to handle a message when you’re out of the office.

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In the company, multiple people answer the phone, so the burden is distributed, but if you have to transfer all the calls to your cell phone and answer them by yourself, you will not be able to do other work because you are busy answering the phone. There was no such thing.

Can’t follow up when I can’t respond

If you’re the only one who can answer a forwarded call, someone else can pick it up if you happen to be standing in the bathroom when the phone rings or you’re doing something else and can’t answer. can not.

If you can’t answer incoming calls more often, you may lose the trust of your business partners, saying, “No one answers the phone at that company even during business hours.”

A busy call is missed

With business phones, you can receive multiple calls at the same time, so if you are answering calls at the office, you will not miss a call unless there is an emergency.

However, if you have only one forwarding destination, you will not be able to receive new calls while that phone is busy.

If another call comes in while the previous call is taking a long time, or if there is a lot of calls during the busy season, you may not be able to answer all the calls and you may miss a business opportunity.

How to call all at once with the carrier’s call forwarding service

An increasing number of companies are introducing call forwarding services to support fixed-line telework.

Among them, the telephone forwarding service provided by the carrier of the fixed telephone line is the first service to be considered because it can be used with a simple application and the basic fee is reasonable.

Although the services provided by each company have different names, the services are quite similar.

  • NTT East/West “Voice Warp”
  • Softbank “Multi-Function Forwarding Service”
  • KDDI Hikari Direct “Call Forwarding Service”

By the way, when introducing these services as a countermeasure for fixed-line phones in the office, I wonder if it is possible to forward calls to multiple destinations.

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In conclusion, these three services alone do not support multiple forwarding destinations.

Let’s take a look at how the carrier’s call forwarding service works.

Multiple forwarding destinations can be registered, but only one forwarding destination

In the call forwarding service provided by the carrier, a list of forwarding destination numbers is registered in advance, and one of them can be set as the forwarding destination.

Although you can register multiple numbers as forwarding destination candidates and switch the forwarding destination depending on the situation, you cannot call multiple numbers at the same time or forward to another forwarding destination if you cannot answer.

For this reason, if you use your carrier’s call forwarding service to forward calls from your company’s phone to your cell phone, you basically have to handle all incoming calls on your own.

Multiple calls are possible by combining the services of other companies

I’ve found that my carrier’s call forwarding service doesn’t allow multiple calls, but it’s not without solutions.

Although it is not possible with the call forwarding service alone, it may be possible to customize the service by combining it with services provided by other companies, such as multiple calls and automatic schedule switching.

However, since this is a service provided by another company, a fee will be charged separately from the call forwarding service.

It is a good idea to clarify the purpose and necessary functions, obtain an estimate, and consider the introduction.

“Canario” can make simultaneous calls to multiple forwarding destinations

“Canario” provided by NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation is a service that can meet the needs of “multiple people wanting to receive calls while telework is transferring calls”.

“Canario” is a service that AI answers the phone and forwards the call and creates a message.

When the person in charge is named, the name is voice-recognized and transferred to the person in charge.

Call the agent directly, no need for someone else to answer and manually intervene.

If the name of the person in charge is not specified , all members of the department can be called all at once.

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Article Summary

Call forwarding services allow you to answer landlines on your mobile, but may not support multiple forwarding calls.

Even if it becomes possible to answer the phone with telework, work efficiency will be significantly reduced if one person has to handle everything.

With “Canario”, which is capable of name agency and simultaneous calling of multiple forwarding destinations, it is possible to semi-automate telephone correspondence and respond only to calls that are really necessary.

You can build an ideal telework environment and improve the efficiency of telephone business at the same time.