Summary of how to use the iPad version of the Zoom app and how to set various functions

Summary of how to use the iPad version of the Zoom app and how to set various functions
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From July 15, 2022, Zoom will have a 40-minute limit even for meetings with two participants if you have a free subscription. (Previously, it was only for meetings of 3 or more people.)
Companies and organizations using Zoom for business should consider switching to a paid license at this opportunity. 

The image of using it from a computer may be strong, but in fact, it can also be used from tablets such as iPads and smartphones.

If you have Zoom on your iPad or smartphone, it is very convenient because you can participate in the meeting from anywhere without choosing a place.

Here, we will explain the flow from installing the Zoom app to holding a meeting and how to use it, focusing on the iPad.

We have also summarized the recommended functions and effective usage of the iPad version of Zoom, so if you are thinking of using Zoom on your iPad, please refer to it.

How to use the basic method of iPad version Zoom

How to use the basic method of iPad version Zoom

As for how to use the iPad version of Zoom, we will explain the flow from installation to holding a meeting.

The procedure differs depending on whether the meeting is held as a host or as a participant, so it is a good idea to check both.

App installation

If you want to use Zoom on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, you must install the Zoom app.

It cannot be used from a web browser like a PC.

Follow the steps below to install the Zoom app on your iPad.

  1. Search for Zoom on the App Store (Google Play for Android)
  2. Tap “Zoom Cloud Meetings”
  3. Tap “Get”

Create an account/Sign in

Once you have installed the Zoom app, you can try it out by creating a free account.

The procedure for registering a Zoom account and signing in on an iPad is as follows.

  1. Launch the app and tap the “Sign Up” button
  2. Set your birthday, email address, name and tap “Sign up”
  3. Open the email you received and tap the “Activate Account” button
  4. Set a password and tap the “Continue” button
  5. Invite others or tap the Skip Step button
  6. Tap the “Go to My Account” button

This completes the account registration for Zoom.

Close the app once, restart it, and check that you can sign in with the registered information.

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If you have already registered an account on your computer, just sign in after installing the app.

You can also sign in using your Google account or Facebook account instead of your email address.

If you have multiple accounts, be careful not to sign in to the wrong account.

Hosting and Inviting Meetings

Hosting and Inviting Meetings
Next, let’s check how to use it when actually conducting a meeting.

There are two ways to host a meeting, one is to hold it on the spot, and the other is to schedule it at a fixed date and time.

If you want to start the meeting immediately

The following is how to use the iPad version of Zoom to hold a meeting and invite other members.

  1. Launch the iPad version of the Zoom app
  2. Tap “New Meeting”
  3. Tap “Start Meeting” (Turn it on and tap if using My Personal Meeting ID)
  4. Tap “Participants” from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen
  5. Tap “Invite”
  6. Notify the invitation URL by email or chat within Zoom

Calls can be made by the invited members joining the meeting.

If you have not signed in to the iPad version of the Zoom app, you will need to sign in after launching the app.

To schedule for a specific date and time

Here’s how to use the iPad version of Zoom to schedule a meeting.

  1. Launch the iPad version of the Zoom app
  2. Tap “Schedule”
  3. Set meeting dates, scheduled times, passwords, etc.
  4. Tap “Save”
  5. Set members to invite and timing of notifications
  6. Tap “Add”

You can also perform operations such as adding members to invite even after completing the schedule.

Join a meeting

To join a meeting, simply tap the invitation URL sent by the host.

If you just want to participate, you can participate as a guest from the iPad version of Zoom without registering an account.

If you want to use it for work, etc., we recommend installing the app in advance.

Functions that can be used on the iPad version of Zoom and how to set them up

Functions that can be used on the iPad version of Zoom and how to set them up
The iPad version of Zoom is equipped with various functions such as chat and file sharing, and it can be used not only for regular video conferencing but also for seminars and training.

Next, let’s take a look at the convenient functions that can be used during meetings on the iPad version of Zoom.

Features available in the Zoom app

The standard functions available in the free plan of Zoom for iPad are as follows.

Among the most distinctive features are the whiteboard function and the virtual background function.

With the whiteboard function, you can write letters and illustrations directly on the screen shared on the iPad.

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You can use the whiteboard function more effectively on the iPad, which has a larger screen than a smartphone.

Also, the virtual background function is a function that allows you to set your favorite image as your background.

The background setting allows you to hide the appearance of the room, so you can join the meeting without knowing where you are.

Recently, there are many companies and works that distribute images for virtual backgrounds, so if you are interested, please check it out.

At the time of writing this article, the iPad that can use the virtual background is “iPad Pro, 5th generation/6th generation iPad 9.7”, so if you can’t use it, check if your device is equivalent to this. please try.

Useful functions and setting methods

Let’s also learn how to use functions that are not used very often, but are convenient to know in case of emergency.

Reset your sign-in password

If you have few opportunities to use Zoom, you may not be able to remember your password.

If you forget your password, reset it from the app screen.

The method for resetting the password on the iPad version of the Zoom app is as follows.

  1. Launch the iPad version of the Zoom app
  2. Tap “Forgot your password?”
  3. Enter your email address and tap “Send”
  4. Check your email and tap the URL to change your password
  5. A web browser will start, so set a new password
  6. Tap “Save”

Now that the password has been reset, let’s start the app again and sign in with the new password.

Change the number of people displayed on the screen

With the iPad version of the Zoom app, you can switch between two display modes.

When in “active speaker” mode, only the screen of the person who is speaking is displayed.

Also, if you switch to “Gallery Speaker” mode, the screens of all participants will be displayed on the iPad.

To use mode switching, just tap “Switch to gallery mode” or “Switch to current speaker” at the top left of the iPad screen.

You can switch between them as many times as you like during the meeting, so try to operate according to the situation.

Paid version recommended for business use

Paid version recommended for business use
With the iPad version of the Zoom app, you can use various functions even for free, so there is no problem with the free version for personal use.

However, the free version also has some drawbacks:

  • There is a 40 minute time limit for group meetings of 3 or more people.
  • Meeting recordings and recorded data can only be saved on a PC

In scenes such as in-house meetings, seminars, and training, a large number of people will connect to Zoom at the same time.

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In the case of the free version, if the number of participants is 3 or more, including the host, the call time is limited to 40 minutes, so you often feel that there is not enough time.

If you use the paid version of Pro or higher, the time for group calls is unlimited, so you can use it with confidence even when you have a meeting with a large number of people.

Also, with the paid version of Zoom, it is possible to save recorded data on the cloud.

Not only can you start cloud recording on your iPad, but you can also have participants and those who couldn’t attend on the day watch the recorded video directly from the Zoom cloud.

If you want to use the recording function instead of minutes, we recommend using the paid version of Zoom.

Summary of effective use of web conferencing tools

  • If you want to use Zoom on your iPad, you need to install the mobile app
  • You can use various Zoom functions such as screen sharing, whiteboards, and virtual backgrounds on your iPad.
  • When introducing Zoom to your company, it is recommended to use a paid plan that has a wider range of uses.

Since iPads and smartphones can be carried around, it may be possible to use them more efficiently than the PC version of Zoom.

If you only know how to use the computer version, please try the iPad version of the Zoom app.