started with Zoom Rooms Hardware as a Service

Getting started with Zoom Rooms Hardware as a Service

A variety of subscription options for meeting room hardware is available with Zoom Hardware as a Service (HaaS). Customers can therefore deploy a global communication experience with conference equipment in their facilities. In addition, Zoom customers will be able to scale up video conference rooms simply by upgrading hardware options and software upgrades at a fixed monthly price that is affordable and easy to use.

Prerequisites for using Zoom Rooms Hardware as a Service

  • The ZDM’s
  • Subscription to HaaS

Supported devices

To view the getting started guide for a particular device model, click the link below

Polycom There are 4 types of X30s: X30 + TC8 controller, X30 + TC8 controller, X50 + TC8 controller
Neat Is available in three forms: Neat Bar + Pad, Neat Pad, and Neat Board
DTEN sizes 55″ and 75″

How to purchase and activate HaaS devices

ZDM will automatically register the HaaS device as soon as the HaaS item has been purchased. In order to connect your device to the Zoom Rooms you have created, you must give it a Zoom Room activation code when the device arrives. You can also use a deployment code to set up more than one device at a time. Depending on the make of your devices, it may also be necessary for you to pair your controller device with your computer device.

General guides for Zoom Rooms

You can learn more about Zoom Rooms by visiting the following resources:

  • What you need to know about Zoom Rooms
  • and Zoom Device Management when you first start out
  • using Zoom Rooms and Zoom Device Management

Troubleshooting for Zoom Rooms HaaS devices

In the event that you are experiencing problems with your HaaS device, you can use the following resources:

  • The Polycom group
  • Focuses on neat
  • Features for DTENs

Note: If you are experiencing any issues with a HaaS device, please contact our customer service department.

How to return or replace HaaS devices

The procedure for returning or exchanging a rented device should be followed if you are experiencing any problems with it or if you want to end your rental.