Setting up shared line groups in Zoom App

Administrators can share a phone number and extension with a group of users or common areas. Voicemail and direct phone numbers for the shared line group are available to all members. You can set routing rules for shared line groups and apply custom business hours, closed hours, and holidays. Check out our comparison of call routing methods if you’re not sure if shared line groups fit your needs.

This article uses the following terms:

  • Your Zoom Phone admin adds members to the shared line group. Shared line groups can only have one member per group. Shared line groups aren’t required to be members of the same site if multiple sites are enabled.
  • Among the members of a shared line group, shared lines share direct phone numbers.


If you set up a share line group or change the settings of a provisioned desk phone, it will reboot several times.

Zoom desktop client or mobile app or desk phone can be used to use shared line groups after they are set up. Shared line groups can also be monitored and their settings can be changed. A conference barge feature can be enabled when setting up call monitoring, allowing members to join shared line group calls.

This article covers:

  • Limitations of shared line groups
    • Calling and voicemail
    • Members
  • How to set up a shared line group
  • How to add members

Prerequisites for setting up shared line groups

  • There are three types of accounts available: Pro, Business, and Education
  • Ownership or administration privileges of an account
  • Licence to use Zoom Phone
  • To be a member of a shared line group, the user’s or the communal area’s phone must be on a Zoom Phone Metered, Unlimited, or Pro plan

Limitations of shared line groups

Please take a moment to consider the limitations of shared line groups before you use them:

Calling and voicemail

  • There can be up to ten members in a shared line group.
  • There can be 0 to 10 phone numbers in a shared line group. These numbers can be used by all members of the group to make and receive phone calls.
  • It is by default possible to handle up to 4 calls at the same time on a shared line group.
  • As far as routing to voicemail is concerned, only the shared group’s voicemail inbox will be available for routing to voicemail. In order to route voice mail to another extension’s inbox, you must route it to the extension’s voicemail inbox.
  • For incoming calls to a shared line group, all members of the group will ring at the same time.


  • A phone user or a common area phone can be added as a member.
  • There is no calling plan for a shared line group. A calling plan must be assigned to each member.
  • Voicemail is accessible by default to each member of the shared line group.
  • To access the shared line group’s voicemail, common area phones must have the voicemail PIN.
  • Shared line group membership requires Zoom Phone Metered, Unlimited, or Pro plan access.
  • Shared line groups cannot include phones with common area phone licenses.

View the comparison of call routing methods if you aren’t sure whether shared line groups are right for you.


Shared line groups or call delegation setups can be assigned to each member separately.

How to set up a shared line group

  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by logging in.
  2. You can access Shared Lines from the navigation menu by clicking Phone System Management.
  3. Shared Line Groups can be found under the Groups tab.
  4. Add a new item.
  5. Here is the information you need to enter:
    • Site (only visible if you have multiple sites):
    • To create a shared line group, select a site.
    • Members from other sites can be added.
    • Display Name:
    • Shared line groups can be identified by their names.
    • Description (Optional):
    • Shared line groups should have a description to help identify them.
    • Extension Number:
    • A shared line group can be assigned an extension number by entering it here.
  6. You can add members by following the steps in the next section.

How to add members

  1. Log into the Zoom web portal by entering your username and password.
  2. Click on Phone System Management then on Shared Lines from the navigation menu at the top of the page.
  3. Select the Shared Line Groups tab on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click on the name of the shared line group you wish to join.
  5. Members can be viewed or edited in the Members section. Click Add to add more members. Shared line groups do not need to belong to the same site if you enable multiple sites.

You can change the settings of a shared line group after it has been set up.