Setting up contact center integration In Zoom App

Note: Zoom needs to enable this feature in order for it to work. The availability of the feature can be enabled after 3 business days from the moment you contact support, if you want to enable it sooner. To enable the SIP trunk to work properly, you will need to contact the third-party contact center solution and Zoom.

Moreover, Zoom Phone is capable of being integrated with contact center solutions, so that even when using a contact center to handle all calls, users are able to take advantage of the phone features that Zoom Phone provides. The benefits of integrating with a contact center include:

  • With Zoom Phone, Contact Centers can connect with the phone system through a private SIP trunk that is multi-tenant. Zoom Phone to Zoom Contact Center calls are always on-net therefore no PSTN charges apply.
  • A simple provisioning method makes onboarding easy for admins. SIP trunk provisioning does not have to be complicated for administrators.
  • In addition to Genesys and Five9, Zoom Phone has partnered with Talkdesk, Nice inContact, and Talkdesk Talk.


  • Admin privileges or account owner privileges
  • On a Zoom license


Zoom Phone’s contact center partners are not all equipped with encryption (TLS), so some call centers do not support Zoom Phone. You will see a disclaimer in the web portal if you add a contact center and the contact center does not support encrypted calls.

Contact center TLS/SRTP
Genesys Cloud TLS/SRV supported
Five9 – US
Twilio (only one-way from Zoom Phone to Twilio Flex)

Adding a contact center

  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by signing in.
  2. Select Phone System Management from the navigation panel and then pick Company Info from the dropdown menu.
  3. On the Account Settings page, click Save.
  4. Click Contact Center in the Settings tab.
  5. Click Manage under Contact Center.
  6. If you are integrating Zoom Phone with a contact center, click Add and enter the following information:

Genesys Cloud

  • Contact Center: Choose your region from Genesys Cloud.
  • Number: Input the Genesys client ID and secret into Get Number by Entering Credential, then click Confirm. The contact center will be assigned a phone number.
  • Display Name: The contact center will be referred to by its display name.


  • Contact Center: Choose Five9 – US.
  • Number: Please enter your Five9 phone number.
  • Display Name: Identify the contact center by entering its display name.


  • Contact Center: Choose NICEinContact – US.
  • Number: Your InContact account phone number.
  • Display Name: Please provide a display name for your contact center so that you can identify it quickly.


Note: If you are using the Zoom web portal for setting up your Talkdesk account, please contact Talkdesk before doing so.

  • Contact Center: Click on Talkdesk – US.
  • Number: If you already have a Talkdesk account, enter its phone number here.
  • Display Name: Give your customer service center a name so that it can be identified.
  • Account Name: Make sure you enter the account name that TalkDesk has assigned to you. Typically you will find this information in your vanity URL for TalkDesk. In the example given above, the account name would be zoom, if the vanity URL was


  • Contact Center: Choose Twilio – US.
  • Number: Enter the credentials to obtain the number. During the confirmation process, you will need to enter the Twilio credentials (Account SID, API Key, and API Secret). Then, you will need to enter the Twilio phone number.
  • Display Name: To identify your contact center, you will need to enter a display name.

Obtaining contact center integration credentials

Note: Genesys PureCloud and Twilio credentials are the only two credentials you need to obtain. In order to add another Zoom contact center solution to the Zoom web portal, you will need to add a phone number for that contact center.

Genesys Cloud

  • Genesys Cloud can be accessed by logging in.
  • Select Integrations.
  • Under the OAuth heading, click on Log In.
  • Select Add Client from the drop-down list.
  • In order to add a new client, you need to follow the instructions from Genesys.
  • First, click the client name that you just created.
  • Select Client Credentials from the Grant Type drop-down list.

  • Once you have copied the Client ID and Client Secret, paste them in a safe place.


  • You will be redirected to Twilio’s web portal once you have logged in.
  • Find the SID of your account in the account section of the dashboard.

It is necessary to have this ID so that Twilio can be integrated with Zoom Phone successfully.

  • Simply go to Settings, then API Keys in the navigation bar.
  • Create an API key by clicking on the plus sign, or enter an existing API key.
  • Enter the display name of your API key and select the Standard option.

  • The SID and the SECRET should be copied and pasted into a secure place. Twilio can only be incorporated with Zoom Phone when the SID and the SECRET are known.

Routing to a contact center

You are able to configure the auto receptionist so that it will route calls to the call center you have configured for Zoom Phone.

  1. It is possible to set an auto receptionist for business hours, holidays, or closures.
  2. Here are the routing options available:
    • Route to: Click on the contact center you wish to route to.
    • Contact Center: If you have previously added a contact center to Zoom Phone, then you can select that one from the list.
  3. Just click on OK.
    Note: If you specify either the named contact center or the auto receptionist as your destination, ZOOM Phone will automatically route your call to the specified receptionist based on the time of the day during business hours. Prior to routing the call to the contact center, callers will hear a greeting prompt on the caller id.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Zoom have contact center?

Zoom Contact Center has a video conference option that is optimized for video conferencing, the Zoom Contact Center has been integrated with a video conference feature that has been specially designed for video conferencing. It is a unified communication system that combines contact center capabilities with the capabilities of a contact center.

What is Zoom call center?

As opposed to using legacy phone systems, which are expensive and inefficient, these telephone systems are based on the internet and can be accessed by employees from any location in the world, which allows them to work together regardless of where they are physically located. As a result, customer service agents are able to access customer data as quickly as possible, which helps them to resolve customer problems as fast as possible.

Does Zoom phone integrate with Salesforce?

In Salesforce, you are able to place a call seamlessly by using the Zoom phone app within Salesforce that allows you to place a call from the phone widget. If you are using Salesforce Classic or Lightning, you can use this integration.

How do you set up a contact center?

Start your own call center and learn how to do it

  1. The goal(s) of the project should be determined

  2. Establish a budget for the project.

  3. Make sure you know what type of call center you have.

  4. Make sure you have the right team in place.

  5. Make sure your employees are trained properly.

  6. Software and tools that will help you achieve your goals.

  7. Make sure you invest in the culture of your country.

What is integration authentication in Zoom?

As a result of authentication profiles, meeting hosts are able to control meeting participation by restricting access to meeting participants who have signed in and even further to meeting participants whose email addresses match certain domains in order to further restrict the access to meeting participants.

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