Screen Sharing (iOS) in Zoom Meeting App

You can share the entire screen on iOS devices with iOS 11 or later. This allows you to share the app and other content.

Before screen sharing, it is recommended to turn on Good Night Mode and share the screen.

To share a screen on an iOS device

  • iOS 11 or later
  • Zoom mobile app
  • for iOS version

1.18611.1228 and


Screen sharing method

  • If this is the first time sharing the entire screen, configure the Control Center to display the screen recording.
    If this setting has already been made, skip to Step 2.
  • -For iPad, iPhone 8 or later, press the Home button.
    For iPhone X, swipe up on the home bar.

  • Open the iOS settings app.

・Tap [ Control Center ].


・Tap [ Customize Control ].


・Tap [ + ] next to [ Screen Recording ] to add a screen recording to the Control Center.   Commentary video is here

Tap [ Share ] on the meeting control .

Tap the content name you want to share the screen.
This time , tap [ Screen ].

  • Note: Everything that appears on the screen is shared, including notifications. Enabling
       ” Good Night ” mode will prevent unexpected notifications.
  • Access the Control Center .
    For iPad or iPhone 8 or later, swipe from bottom to top.
    For iPhone X, swipe down from the top right corner.
  • Press and hold the screen capture button until the screen capture option is displayed.
  • Tap [ Zoom ].
  • Starting the broadcast and then tap].
  • Tap [Shared screen] .
  • After counting, the entire device screen is shared to the meeting.
  • Tap the red bar at the top of the screen to end sharing.
  • Stop tap].
  • Tap the red bar again to open Zoom.

You can now annotate if you share your entire screen using an iOS device.

Learn more about Airplay and Wired Sharing.

For more information, IOS screen sharing , please refer to.


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