Screen sharing from any device (screen sharing application) in Zoom Meeting allows users to easily screen share shared content from any device to Zoom Client, Zoom Rooms, or H.323 / SIP meetings.

When screen sharing with from a web browser, video, and audio are automatically muted and you are asked to select the application or desktop to share.

Scenes, where screen sharing applications are useful, are especially useful in meeting room settings where only meeting room attendees need to do screen sharing.

How to share

  1. Start a meeting in the Zoom or Zoom room.
  2. For PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, access in your browser.
  3. Follow the screen and enter your meeting ID or personal link name and passcode (if requested).
  1. Select the desktop or application for screen sharing on a PC or Mac and the Zoom app for iOS and Android.
  2. Click [ Shared Screen ].
    In iOS, tap Start Broadcast.
  3. Share applications and desktops to Zoom meetings.
  4. Audio and video transmission will be turned off automatically.