Schedule a Meeting in Zoom Room (Outlook)

You can schedule meetings using Zoom Room in Outlook. Booking a room adds a link to the Zoom Room controller to start a meeting. Also, other users will see the room as busy and can not reserve the room at the same time.

When it is time for the scheduled meeting, tap Start on the controller to start the meeting. Hosts do not have to log in or start as hosts from additional devices if they are on the same Zoom account.


Schedule with Windows or Mac Outlook Plug-in

If you are scheduling for the first time , download the Zoom Outlook plugin .

  1. Schedule a meeting
  2.  Reserve resources (meeting rooms) directly in Outlook and add resources.
  3. You can choose to show or hide the meeting agenda. To view the meeting agenda, deselect Private (security lock icon) in the upper right pane of the Outlook calendar .

Make the meeting private

  1. To hide the meeting agenda,  select Private (security lock icon) in the upper right pane of the Outlook calendar  .

  1. The iPad controller in Zoom Rooms replaces the meeting agenda with the user’s Zoom meeting.

Note : If you have scheduled meetings without Zoom Meeting, they will be displayed in the meeting list without the Start button. If you add the URL to the body of the invitation, it will appear in the list with a Start button. ( It does not correspond to personal vanity URL )

Schedule with Zoom Client

  • When you click Schedule , Outlook opens and the Zoom invitation appears in the meeting invitation.
    Make sure that the meeting link (example: is included.

  • Enter the room email address and add the room to the To: field. You can use the scheduling assistant to search for rooms, or click Rooms to add more rooms.
    Note: Select No when asked if you want to change the Location field to select a room.
  • Click Send to send the invitation to the recipients, reserve a room, and save it on your calendar.

Schedule on the Zoom web portal

  •   Go to My Meetings and click Schedule a New Meeting .
  • Select your preferred settings and click Save .
  • Click Outlook Calendar next to the destination .

  • The .ics file that can be opened in Outlook is downloaded. This .ics file contains the details of the meeting, which is automatically entered in the invitation.

  • Enter the room email address and add the room to the To: field. In order to search the room scheduling assistant or use, [ Rooms You can also add the room by clicking on the].
    Note: Select No when asked if you want to change the Location field to select a room.

  • Click Send to send the invitation to the recipients, reserve a room, and save it on your calendar.

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Frequently Asked Question


What is the process for scheduling a Zoom Rooms meeting with Google?
  1. In order to start the process of creating a new event, open Google Calendar and begin the process.
  2. You can find more options by clicking the More Options button.
  3. You will need to enter the settings for your meeting.
  4. When you click on the Zoom button, it will turn into a Zoom meeting.
  5. Click the Rooms button on the right hand side of the page.
  6. If you are interested in scheduling a room, search for it and click on it.
  7. You will now be able to see it on the list of guests.
Client for desktop computers
  1. Open the Zoom Desktop Client and sign in with your Zoom account.
  2. Set up a meeting with your team.
  3. Select the Meetings tab from the menu on the left.
  4. If you wish to invite others to a meeting, then you must select the meeting you wish to invite them to, and then click the Copy Invitation button in the invitation window. …
  5. Adding a meeting to the calendar is as simple as clicking the Edit button. …
  6. By scrolling down the editing screen, you will find a Calendar section where you can select the calendar you would like to add under the Calendar section.
  7. Save the file by clicking on the Save button.
  1. The Zoom web portal can be accessed by logging in to your account.
  2. By clicking on Meetings and then clicking on Schedule a Meeting, you will be able to schedule a meeting.
  3. Select the options that you would like to use for the meeting. Some of these options may not be available in your account or group if they have been disabled and locked to the off position at the account or group level and therefore not available within your account or group. Please enter a title or topic for your meeting here if you would like to give it a title. Please save the file to complete the process.
Here are some instructions for setting up a Zoom meeting on your computer as well as sending an invite to it
  1. The orange option titled “New Meeting” is also available on the desktop app’s homepage, on the left side of the screen. The meeting has been started. …
  2. At the bottom of the screen of the live call, you’ll see an option that says “Manage Participants” right below the speaker’s name.
  3. You can invite others by clicking on the “Invite Others” button.
  4. There will be a pop-up window that will appear when you click on this. …
  5. It is also possible to send an email invitation in addition to sending a letter.

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