Sales calls and tele-appointments are wasteful! Why is it still not going away?


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Even today, when marketing and sales using the Internet have become mainstream, sales calls and tele-appointments will not disappear.

Why is it that sales calls, which are often thought to be wasteful and inefficient, still survive today?

In this article, we will explain why tele appointments and telephone solicitations, which are said to be wasteful, will not disappear.

We also introduce a service that is effective against annoying sales calls, so please use it as a reference.

Why are sales calls considered useless?

The reason sales calls tend to be considered “outdated” and “wasteful” is largely due to the comparison with online marketing.

Let’s take a closer look at why sales calls are said to be a waste.


Today, with the spread of the Internet, it is now possible to transmit information at any time using a computer or smartphone.

With e-mail, you can send a large number of e-mails at once, but the method of making phone calls one by one and verbally recommending products and services is considered as outdated as walk-in sales of door-to-door sales. No wonder.


Old-fashioned sales calls are based on the method of making calls in order from the top of the list.

Even if you vaguely make sales calls to new customers who don’t know if they have a need, the probability of getting a contract will be low.

In addition, in the case of telephone calls, there is a luck factor in that “there are many absences” and “you don’t know if the other person will answer the phone until you try to make it”, so if the phone doesn’t connect , it will be a waste of time.

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In today’s world where marketing methods have developed, it may be unavoidable to say that there is a lot of waste.

not worth the cost

In order to make a sales call, it is necessary to prepare a place, a telephone, a talk script, etc. for making a tele appointment.

In addition, talk skills are necessary to make sales to customers by talking over the phone. It takes time and money to prepare and train staff.

In sales using the Internet, it is possible to approach a large number of customers without incurring costs, but in telephone sales there is an aspect inevitably involving human wave tactics, and the impression is that the results are not commensurate with the costs incurred. is strongly

Eliminate the waste of tele appointments with the appearance of a new method

The reason why sales calls are considered useless is because they have an old-fashioned image of tele appointments.

However, sales calls are actually quite a solid method, and it is possible to achieve reliable results.

In addition, the method of sales calls has evolved and is becoming more efficient.

Sales calls that are considered useless still survive today for the following reasons.

Used as part of inbound marketing

In fact, it is a long time ago that the method of sales calls was “number game”.

Currently, sales calls are used as “follow-up for inbound marketing”.

Sales calls to people who have expressed an interest in your company’s products, such as customers who have made inquiries or requested materials from your website, or participants in seminars and events, have a high closing rate, so it can never be said to be useless. .

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It became possible to make a large number of simultaneous calls.

Currently, a simultaneous call system using an automatic call system has appeared, and simultaneous calls to a large number of telephone numbers have been realized.

With manual calls, the maximum number of calls a person can make in a day is limited to about 200, but with the automatic call system, it is possible to make tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of calls.

It responds with an automated voice, and can switch to a manned response if necessary for prospective customers, so it is possible to minimize the labor of the operator and reduce labor costs to make calls efficiently. increase.

What are the countermeasures against sales calls that never go away?

As long as sales calls are efficient and lead to results, sales will not shift completely online, and sales calls will not disappear for the foreseeable future.

However, this may not be very pleasing to those who continue to receive sales calls.

If you are currently annoyed by the time and cost it takes to respond to sales calls, it means that this situation will continue in the future unless you do something about it.

Unattended/automated phone calls are effective for company sales calls

As long as a company has people answering sales calls, it is impossible to eliminate the time and costs associated with responding to calls.

If so, why don’t you think about stopping the manned response to the phone?

“Canario” provided by NEC Networks & System Integration is a call forwarding service of the new era in which AI calls phone numbers.

AI answers the company’s phone, listens to the other party’s speech, and automatically transfers the call to the person in charge .

Even in telework, it is possible to automatically transfer the call from the representative phone to the person in charge, so there is no need to keep customers waiting when contacting business partners.

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When you can’t answer the phone, you can receive a text message, so you can return it smoothly.

Since it supports AI, it is also effective for blocking sales calls.

NEC Networks & System Integration’s call forwarding service “Canario” improves relationships with customers and shuts out unnecessary calls.

Article Summary

Even today, when the Internet has spread and online marketing has become mainstream, the reason why sales calls continue to occur is that tele appointment methods have evolved and become more efficient due to advances in technology.

However, for those who answer the phone at work, the constant sales calls can be a source of trouble.

If you use “Canario”, you will be able to use AI to automate both sales call response and call intermediation work, making it possible to effectively use the time spent answering calls.

Please feel free to contact NEC Networks & System Integration for more information about Canario.