Sales calls and nuisance calls you want to block. What measures can the company take?


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For employees who answer phone calls at a company, dealing with sales calls when they are busy is a source of stress.

If you deal with them properly, it will take time and effort, and it will also cause a decrease in work efficiency.

As a company, we can’t respond rudely, so we have to decline as well as possible. Many of you may be thinking, “If only I could block incoming calls…”.

In this article, we will explain how to properly respond to sales calls to the company and measures such as rejecting incoming calls that can be handled by the company.

We also introduce recommended services as countermeasures against sales calls, so if you are having trouble making sales calls to your company, please refer to them.

What is the correct way to respond to a sales call to a company?

The other party of the sales call is a sales talk professional. Even if you want to refuse or hang up the phone, once you answer the phone, it won’t be easy for you to let go.

However, no matter how frustrated you are, yelling at the company phone and shutting things down will only damage your company’s image.

Let’s think about how to respond smartly to repel sales calls to the company.

Ask for the other party’s name, business, and the name of the person in charge

In normal telephone intermediation, you first ask for the company name, name, and business of the other party, and then relay the call to the named person in charge.

This process is the same for sales calls.

When you pick up the phone, even if you don’t know if it’s a client or a sales call, you can tell that it’s a sales call by asking for information from the other party.

For example, the following cases are often sales calls.

  • Do not give your company name or your name first
  • do not state clearly
  • I don’t know the name of the person in charge

no easy transfer

In many cases, it is a sales call that asks for a referral by job title or department name, such as “Is the president here?”

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Instead of taking the call straight away, listen to the details and decline the call on the spot.

Even if the person you are calling knows the contact person’s name, that doesn’t mean they know the contact person.

There is a possibility that it is a contractor who obtained information somewhere, so it is certain to report to the person in charge and ask for instructions if you do not usually receive a call from the other party.

Decline early and firmly

On sales calls, the longer the conversation, the more difficult it is to decline.

If you’re talking to someone and decide it’s sales, it’s a good idea to flatly decline early on, before they get down to business.

If you are a first responder, you can tell them that you are following the above instructions, such as “I have been told not to accept sales calls,” so you don’t have to think about why you are refusing.

respond politely

Sales calls at busy times can be annoying, but the purpose of sales calls is not to bother your company.

The other person is also calling for a sales job, so since you are answering the phone on behalf of the company, be polite and courteous.

There is a possibility that future transactions will occur with the company that made the sales call. Even if you don’t have a connection this time, try to be sincere and appropriate for business.

Is call rejection enabled? Measures that the company can take

Even if you can correctly decline a sales call, you will not get back the time it took to respond.

If possible, I would like to think of a way to avoid receiving sales calls.

In this chapter, we will introduce measures that can be taken by companies to deal with sales calls.

share information internally

A sales agent may have multiple contact information within the company, and a rejection in one department may lead to another.

If you share information such as the source of the sales call, the name of the company, and the content of the call within the company, it will be easier to respond when you receive a call because you will immediately know that it is a sales call.

In addition, if the company prepares a manual for handling sales calls, it will help improve the skills of employees and reduce the time required to respond.

Set incoming call rejection

If you set the caller of the sales call on the business phone used at the company to reject incoming calls, the phone will not ring even if you receive another call.

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However, it takes a lot of effort to set the call rejection on the phone every time a sales call comes in.

Even if you go to great lengths to block incoming calls, it won’t be effective if the carrier uses multiple phone numbers.

Also, there is an upper limit to the number of items that can be registered in the call rejection list of business phones.

The number varies depending on the model, but it ranges from tens to hundreds. Depending on the type of business phone you are using, the list may fill up quickly.

There is also a drawback that new sales calls cannot be blocked out because it is not possible to block incoming calls from companies whose numbers are not registered in the first place .

Use cloud PBX

If you want to use the call rejection function, a cloud PBX is recommended rather than a business phone.

Cloud PBX is a service that builds a telephone exchange on the cloud, and makes calls using Internet communication instead of telephone lines.

The difference from general fixed lines is that various options can be set on the Internet.

Since it is necessary to register a number when setting call rejection, it is not possible to block new sales calls, but some services have more call rejection registrations than business phones.

Call rejection numbers can be registered from the browser, and there are services that can reject calls based on conditions such as first match or partial match of numbers, so you can set up call rejection more easily and efficiently than with business phones.

Use a spam call filtering service

If you want to block new sales calls as well, you can use a filter service that utilizes a nuisance call database.

The call blocking list registered by the company can only block calls from phone numbers that have been received once. emit.

You can decide whether or not to answer the call after checking the display, so you will not automatically reject calls from unintended numbers.

outsource phone calls

There are services such as telephone answering services and secretarial services that undertake primary telephone support for companies.

By using these services, it is possible to reduce the response time not only for sales calls but also for low-priority calls.

Of course, you can also block by sharing the information of the calls you do not want to be relayed.

Calls received by the operator can be returned, so you will be freed from the trouble of disrupting the pace of work due to sales calls or annoying calls.

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Effective for rejecting sales calls! “Canario”

It is unexpectedly difficult to block all sales calls and nuisance calls that come to your company.

Therefore, how about leaving the telephone response to AI and eliminating the primary response by employees?

“Canario” provided by NEC Networks & System Integration is a call forwarding service in which AI answers company calls.

In the case of sales calls, salespeople have to approach as many customers as possible in a limited amount of time, so they often give up if the call is an automated voice.

“If it becomes an automatic answerer, will the phone call from the business partner be relayed?”

“Will Customer Satisfaction Decrease?”

If you have such concerns, please do not worry.

“Canario” uses AI voice recognition to listen to the name and transfer the call to the mobile phone of the person in charge.

Customer satisfaction is also improved because smooth referrals to the person in charge are realized .

If you can’t answer the phone, AI will convert the message into text, so you can rest assured even when you are away.

Article Summary

No matter how much time you have, it’s not enough to deal with sales calls and nuisance calls to companies that come in one after another, but it’s not easy to block them all.

Therefore, if you stop the primary phone call response by employees and leave the phone number to AI, you can block contractors and prank calls, and you will be able to respond without missing important calls.

Please feel free to contact NEC Networks & System Integration for details on the functions of “Canario” and how to introduce it.