Recommended for web conferences! The charm of the online meeting tool [Zoom]

Recommended for web conferences! The charm of the online meeting tool [Zoom]
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From July 15, 2022, Zoom will have a 40-minute limit even for meetings with two participants if you have a free subscription. (Previously, it was only for meetings with 3 or more people.)
Companies and organizations using Zoom for business should consider switching to a paid license at this opportunity. 

In the business scene, there are opportunities to hold meetings and meetings with various parties, such as internal and external parties and distant business partners.

You can talk over emails or over the phone, but face-to-face conversations will help you understand the other person’s facial expressions and facilitate smooth communication.

However, it cannot be said that it is efficient in terms of time and cost to go to the business partner for each meeting.

So I would like to recommend the introduction of online meeting tools.

This article introduces the features and functions of the online meeting tool, as well as the recommended online meeting tool “Zoom”.

If you are interested in how web conferencing works, or are considering introducing it, please refer to it.

What is an online meeting tool?

An online meeting tool is a tool for conducting meetings and meetings online using a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

It has the image of a business version of a videophone, and is characterized by the fact that you can talk while looking at the other person’s face through the screen.

Another reason for its popularity is the convenience of being able to participate in meetings from your own desk without the need to gather in a conference room.

First, let’s take a closer look at the “web conference” and “video conference” systems, which are typical online meeting tools.

We also explain the points when introducing online meeting tools, so please refer to it.

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Differences between web conferencing and video conferencing

There are two main types of online meeting tools: web conferencing and video conferencing.

Both are systems that can hold meetings online, but there are differences in connection methods and whether or not they can be moved.

Web conferencing

Web conferencing is an online meeting tool that can be used anywhere as long as you have an environment that connects to the Internet.

There is no need to prepare dedicated equipment, and meetings can be held from your own PC or smartphone.

Therefore, it can be used not only for internal web conferences, but also for meetings and presentations with remote business partners.

However, since the quality of audio and video can be easily influenced by the Internet connection status, it is necessary to pay attention to the capacity of the device and the communication speed of the line.

video conference

Teleconferencing is an online meeting tool that communicates through dedicated equipment.

Communication is more stable than web conferencing, and it is characterized by being able to proceed with the meeting without the sound being cut off or the image quality being degraded.

On the other hand, please be aware that video conferencing requires the cost of introducing dedicated equipment, as well as maintenance costs.

In addition, video conferencing equipment is basically installed in the conference room.

Although it is suitable for meetings with a large number of people, web conferencing is recommended if you do not want to limit your location.

Point of system introduction

When introducing an online meeting tool, compare the following points and choose.

Many online meeting tools require account registration and app downloads.

If you choose a service with a UI that even people who are not familiar with computers can easily use, the introduction will be smooth.

Also, many online meeting tools have two types, a free version and a paid version, each with a different maximum number of users.

The free version is sufficient for small meetings and personal use, but if you want to hold a meeting with a large number of people, consider a paid plan.

In addition, we must consider the possibility of unauthorized access to the content and data of exchanges using online meeting tools.

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When installing, we recommend that you choose a service that offers extensive support for security measures and problems.

Features of online meeting tools

The online meeting tool has the following functions.

  • video recording
  • screen sharing
  • Remote operation
  • text chat

video recording

This is a function that allows you to record the contents of a meeting held using an online meeting tool.

You can review the content of the meeting later, so you don’t have to worry about missing important conversations.

screen sharing

This feature allows you to share the host user’s screen with the client.

It is convenient for presenting presentation materials to distant business partners and instructing subordinates on how to operate.

Some online meeting tools have a whiteboard feature where you can handwrite each other.

Remote operation

It is a function that allows you to remotely control the other person’s computer by allowing it on the client side.

There is an advantage that you can help when the other party is having trouble with the operation.

text chat

It is a function that allows you to communicate not only by voice, but also by inputting characters.

If the microphone cannot be used or the communication is unstable, it is also possible to exchange text chat.

Features of the recommended service “Zoom”

Finally, we will introduce the features of the recommended online meeting tool “Zoom”.

Zoom is a web conferencing type system that can be used from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Membership registration is required only for the host, but the client side can be used only by downloading the software.

Difference between free version and paid version

Zoom offers the following four plans for business use.

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • business
  • enterprise

If you sign a license agreement from the Zoom official website, the fees and number of participants are as follows.

price Maximum number of participants
Basic free 100 people
Professional ¥2,000/month/host 100 people
business ¥2,700/month/host 300 people
enterprise ¥2,700/month/host 500 people

The free version has a maximum call time of 40 minutes, even for meetings with two participants.

If it is a paid version of professional or higher, it can be used without worrying about time, so it is recommended.

In addition, NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation, a Zoom reseller, offers “Zoom Meeting” and “Zoom Rooms” using the Zoom format.

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None of them require special equipment, and you can use the Zoom system using a general-purpose machine.

A one-month trial is also possible, so please contact us if you are considering introducing it.


  • An online meeting tool is a system that allows online meetings through PCs and smartphones.
  • In addition to being able to record and share screens, there are advantages such as facilitating meetings with distant business partners.
  • Easy-to-use “Zoom” that does not require client membership registration is recommended

By introducing online meeting tools, meetings between headquarters and branch offices and meetings with remote workers will be smoother.

Zoom is a tool that is easy to use even for those who do not have high IT literacy, so if you are thinking of introducing it, please consider it.

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