Processing for Zoom Existing Users when linking with SSO


Currently, it has been confirmed that our users have already created their own at our email address.

What kind of processing is already created for users after starting SSO linkage?

Also, from now on, is it possible to take action to make it impossible to create users individually with our email address?


By using “Managed Domain”, all registered domains can be managed.

In addition, existing users can also login using SSO with the forced redirect.

What Is Managed Domain? (External site Zoom.US)

Once your managed domain has been verified, all new and existing users who have a free account with the specified address will be added to your account.


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Frequently Asked Questions


There are some instructions here for clearing the browser cache and cookies for Chrome and Firefox respectively if you receive this error and wish to proceed. Since this error is related to your browser cookies, we suggest clearing your browser cache and cookies before logging in again. Also, you might want to try logging in using Chrome’s Incognito Window if you are having trouble logging in.
Desktop client for Zoom
  1. Click on the Sign In with SSO button.
  2. Enter the domain name of your company. You will need to contact your Zoom administrator in order to obtain your company’s domain name. Please note: If you do not know your company’s domain, please tap I do not know the company’s domain, and then enter your email address.
  3. Please click on the Continue button to continue. Your single sign-on provider will redirect you to a page where you can log in using your single sign-on credentials.



We have updated our release notes for Web with information about new SSO certificates.
  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by logging in.
  2. Click Advanced then Single Sign-On from the navigation menu.
  3. In the top-right corner, click Edit.
  4. Check or uncheck Automatically manage the certificate under Service Provider (SP) Entity ID.



Can multiple users use the same zoom account?

Five Zoom licenses allow you to have five licensed users. Zoom allows you to add up to 9999 Basic (free) users in addition to your Licensed users.
What is the process for logging into Zoom without SSO? Your account can be accessed by clicking Having a managed domain is fine if you want to use it.
You can access your personal meeting room through your personal link. There must be at least five characters and a maximum of 40 characters in your customized personal link. The first letter of your link must be a capital letter, and it can only contain letters, numbers, and periods (.). You must have a unique link.
Check that the message is coming from a Zoom-related domain, such as or Avoid avoid avoid click on links that are sent to you by strangers.
Make an appointment.On the Meetings tab, click the Meetings button.Invite others to a meeting by selecting it and clicking Copy Invitation. You can paste the meeting invitation into an email or wherever else you want to send it.
Meeting security can be compromised by public posting of Zoom meeting links. Keeping Zoom meetings secure by preventing unwanted attendees is important when hosting, promoting, and scheduling them.

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