Not just Word/Excel! How to use Microsoft 365 and recommended tools

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Many people may recognize Microsoft’s subscription service “Microsoft 365” as a type of license for Office apps.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with choosing Microsoft 365 for Office apps, but did you know that it can be used for much more?

In fact, Microsoft 365 includes various business tools other than Word and Excel.

By signing in with your account, you will be able to use these tools in conjunction with each other.

In this article, for those who are thinking about using Microsoft 365, we will thoroughly introduce how to use Microsoft 365, from basic usage to how to use cloud tools for business.

We also introduce recommended licenses according to usage, so please refer to it when choosing a plan.

How to use Microsoft 365 basics

A new way to use Office, created by becoming a subscription.

It is to access various apps and services from the account linked to the license and link them with each other .

When using Microsoft 365 for the first time or when starting to use Microsoft 365 on a new device, first you need to sign in with your account.

In this chapter, we will explain how to sign in and obtain the app.

How to sign in/out

Microsoft 365 services are available when you sign in with your Microsoft account or work/school account.

Let’s check how to sign in to Office on the web (Web version of Office portal) and desktop apps installed on your computer.

Sign in to Office on the web

Office on the web is a portal site for the web version of Office apps.

Sign in to access various web apps and account management pages.

  1. Go to ( ).
  2. Enter the email address of your Microsoft account (or work account).
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Choose whether to stay signed in.
  5. You can use the Office web application from the “App Launcher” on the upper left. If you signed in with an administrator account for a corporate license, you will also see “Admin Center”.
  6. Click on your user icon in the top right and select “Microsoft Account” (or “View Account” for work accounts) to go to the account management page.
  7. To sign out, click the user icon in the upper right and click “Sign Out”.
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Sign in to desktop app

Even if you use the desktop app of Office, you need to sign in to the app.

  1. Launch an Office app (such as Word).
  2. Click File > Account.
  3. Click “Sign in”.
  4. Enter your email address and password.
  5. After signing in, your account information will be displayed.
  6. To sign out, click “Sign Out” below the icon.

How to install Office apps

If you’re a licensed user of Microsoft 365 and want to install Office apps on your computer, download and install the installer from Office on the web .

Windows procedure

  1. Sign in to ( ).
  2. Click Install Office.
  3. Select your language and version and click Install.
  4. Run the downloaded installer.
  5. Click Yes when User Account Control appears.
  6. Installation will begin.
  7. Click Close when the completion message is displayed.

Instructions for Mac

  1. Sign in to ( ).
  2. Click Install Office.
  3. Double-click the downloaded pkg file.
  4. Click Continue on the installation screen.
  5. Accept the software license agreement.
  6. Select a software installation method and click Continue.
  7. Enter your Mac login password to start the installation.
  8. Click Close when the completion message is displayed.

Increase productivity by using the cloud! Recommended tools

Speaking of Microsoft 365, you may have a strong impression of a service that allows you to use Word and Excel for a flat fee, but there are other apps that strongly back up your business .

Furthermore, it is no exaggeration to say that the biggest advantage of Microsoft 365 is that you can link tools with your Microsoft account (or work account) .

Here are four great tools for organizing and sharing information.

These tools are cloud-based and suitable for telework and remote work.

It strongly supports the realization of various work styles and the improvement of work efficiency.

Teams (team collaboration)

Teams is a team collaboration tool provided by Microsoft.

I am good at sharing files and group chats on a team basis, such as belonging organizations and project members.

In addition to chat and voice calls, large-scale events comparable to Zoom can be held.

In addition, it is packed with functions that make telework work more efficient, such as linking with Office apps such as Word, Excel, and Outlook, and creating automated flows using Power Automate.

OneNote (digital notebook)

OneNote is a digital note taking app that allows you to access information from anywhere.

It is characterized by a high degree of flexibility in usage, as it can collectively manage various types of information such as character input, handwriting, diagrams, tables, videos, file attachments, and web clips .

Since you can share your notes with other members, you can use it for a wide range of business purposes, such as meeting minutes, proposals, task management, and manual creation.

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OneDrive for Business (large capacity cloud)

Your Microsoft 365 license includes Microsoft’s cloud storage, OneDrive for Business .

Files saved on OneDrive can be accessed from other devices if you sign in with the same account , so you can check files created on your computer on your iPad while moving them, or use your desktop at the office or your laptop while on a business trip. It is convenient when you use different devices like this.

You can also share and collaborate on files with other members by creating a shared link.

It is an indispensable tool for improving work efficiency in telework.

SharePoint Online (organizational portal site/file sharing)

SharePoint Online is a tool that facilitates information sharing within an organization.

It is suitable for sharing files in groups such as departments and projects, and for creating portal sites.

The difference from OneDrive for Business is that OneDrive can usually only be accessed by the account user himself, and when sharing, access rights for each folder and file are required, so basically it is assumed to be used by individuals or by a small number of people . It means that

SharePoint Online allows you to grant access rights on an organizational basis, so you can efficiently share information with the entire company or with all groups.

Choose Microsoft 365 License by Usage

There may be some people who want to use Microsoft 365, but cannot imagine how to actually use it even if they see the plan name.

In this chapter, we will introduce recommended Microsoft 365 licenses according to usage.

Also, try using the free trial of Microsoft 365 to know the actual usage image.

I want to create a safe telework environment

If you are planning to use it for telework, the team collaboration tool “Teams” and the cloud storage “OneDrive for Business” are essential.

These tools are included in most plans, but we also want to focus on security measures.

If you use a work device in an environment outside the office, “Microsoft 365 E5” with advanced security features such as information protection and app monitoring is the best choice.

I want to use it in stores and factories

If you work in a store or factory, there are many cases where multiple people use a shared computer instead of a dedicated computer.

In this case, we recommend the “Microsoft 365 F1”, “Microsoft 365 F3”, and “Office 365 F3” licenses for field personnel .

The web version of the Office apps is very reasonably priced, and you can easily switch between accounts even on a shared computer.

I want to reduce the cost of Office apps

The cheapest per person plan for corporations is “Microsoft 365 F1”, “Microsoft 365 F3”, and “Office 365 F3” for field personnel, but these plans have a dedicated computer and desktop application Not applicable for users with

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The licenses for those who want to use desktop apps at a low price are “Microsoft 365 Apps for business (300 people or less)” and “Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (no limit on the number of people)” .

Teams and email service “Exchange Online” are not included, but Office desktop applications and OneDrive cloud storage are available.

I want to use it in an educational institution

Microsoft offers a license for educational institutions, “Microsoft 365 Education,” and offers inexpensive plans for students, faculty and staff.

Due to the special price for academics, academic eligibility is confirmed when purchasing a license.

Please note that general consumers cannot purchase it.

Article Summary

  • Access apps and services through your account in Microsoft 365
  • In addition to Word and Excel, there are plenty of cloud tools that are ideal for telework and group work.
  • When choosing a license, it is recommended to think about how you will use it.
  • If you get lost in choosing a plan for Microsoft 365, use the free trial

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive business solution with a wide variety of usage possibilities that goes beyond mere “Office app licenses.”

NEC Networks & System Integration also assists in choosing a plan for Microsoft 365.

Please let us know how your company uses it and what problems you would like to solve.