[Microsoft 365] Features of the Business Standard plan

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Microsoft 365 Business Standard is a type of Microsoft subscription service provided for general corporations such as small and medium-sized enterprises.

This article summarizes the pricing and available services for the Business Standard plan.

We also introduce other Microsoft 365 licenses and contract methods, so please refer to it if you are thinking of introducing Microsoft 365.

What is Microsoft 365 Business Standard?

First, let’s take a closer look at the price of the Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan and the list of features and services included in the license.

Business standard plan price

The contract fee for the Business Standard plan is as follows.

Annual contract / annual payment Annual contract/monthly payment Monthly contract / monthly payment
microsoft 18,720 yen 18,720 yen
(1,560 yen/month)
1,880 yen
NEC Networks & System Integration 18,720 yen 1,872 yen

*Prices are information as of May 2023

In this way, the price of the Business Standard plan will be the same whether you sign up on Microsoft’s official website or through an agency such as NEC Networks & System Integration.

However, if you are an agency, you can use additional services that Microsoft does not have, so basically we recommend contracting with an agency.

Details on why we recommend a license agreement with an agency are explained in the latter half of the article, so be sure to check that out as well.

Functions and services included in the Business Standard Plan

The key services included in Microsoft 365 Business Standard are:

Office application

The Business Standard plan includes web and desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote for Windows and Mac.

It also supports a “real-time collaborative editing function” that allows multiple users to work on the same document at the same time.

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Exchange Online (email)

  • Email hosting and 50GB mailbox
  • Using your own custom domain (e.g. employeename@companyname.com)
  • Corporate email functions on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and the web
  • Schedule management, sharing available meeting times, scheduling, receiving alarms
  • shared calendar
  • Email settings for new users, restoration of deleted accounts, etc.

By introducing Exchange Online, it is possible to improve work efficiency and shorten preparation time for scheduling.

In addition, it is possible to check and adjust schedules from outside the company, which helps facilitate information sharing.

SharePoint Online (cloud portal for teams)

  • OneDrive cloud storage (1TB) for file storage and sharing
  • Save work files directly to OneDrive or SharePoint
  • Granting access rights necessary for file sharing and link generation
  • Secure document sharing and emailing
  • Synchronization with Windows or Mac, mobile, etc.

By introducing SharePoint Online, it is possible to streamline data sharing and facilitate collaborative work both inside and outside the company.

In addition, since it supports version history management and file restoration, it also leads to enhanced compliance.

Microsoft Teams (voice call, web conference, team collaboration tool)

  • Online meetings and video calls with up to 300 users
  • Chat from multiple devices
  • Manage and collaborate on chats, meetings, files and apps
  • Team site creation for sharing information, content and files
  • Join a meeting by phone using a dial-in number (*add-on)
  • Holding webinars, etc.

With the introduction of Microsoft Teams, it is possible to share chat files and hold web conferences in the channels of each team, leading to the formation of smooth communication.

It will also greatly reduce the burden of handing over to employees who participated in the project halfway through.

Other function details

In addition to the cloud services above, the Business Standard plan also includes the following features and support:

Security and compliance Use of Exchange Online Protection / Over 1,000 security and privacy settings / Access control / Automatic password reset / Defender for Business (*add-on)
support Telephone or web support/99.9% uptime guarantee and refund system/License for corporations
Business operation and management Scheduling and daily work planning/Microsoft Lists/Microsoft Forms/Microsoft Visio for the web/Microsoft Bookings
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Recommended for companies considering introducing telework

With the Business Standard plan, you can use not only the web version but also the desktop version of Office apps, so you can have a complete environment necessary for your business with just a Business Standard license.

It can be said that it is a recommended plan if you need to improve the IT environment or if you want to prepare an environment that can support telework.

How to sign up for Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Next, let’s take a closer look at why we recommend using an agency when licensing Business Standard.

It is recommended to use an agency to purchase a license.

As introduced at the beginning, the charge for the Business Standard plan is the same regardless of whether you contract with Microsoft or a distributor (NEC Networks & System Integration).

However, in the case of NEC NES, in addition to the contents of the Business Standard, it is possible to propose combinations with the following solutions and services provided by NEC NES and provide installation support.

  • Canario (Telephone brokerage service using AI)
  • DocuSign (electronic contract service)
  • Eeasy (business schedule adjustment tool)
  • Neat. (Remote conference dedicated device)
  • Slido (seminar/event activation tool), etc.

NEC Networks & System Integration can support a wider range of business efficiency and DX conversion, so please contact us if you are thinking of introducing IT / ICT tools including Microsoft 365 Business Standard (business standard).

List of licenses supported by NEC Networks & System Integration

NEC Networks & System Integration handles a wide range of Microsoft 365 licenses for corporations, including the Business Standard introduced this time.

plan name Microsoft 365
Apps for Business
Microsoft 365
Business Basic
Microsoft 365
Business Standard
Microsoft 365
Business Premium
Microsoft 365
Apps for Enterprise
Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365
Target audience General employee General employee General employee General employee General employee General employee General employee front line worker
User limit 300 people 300 people 300 people 300 people Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Office apps
Exchange Online
SharePoint Online
Microsoft Teams
OneDrive for Business
add on
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Both are available for free trial, so if you want to choose a Microsoft 365 plan after using the actual functions and services, please consider using the trial.


  • Microsoft 365 is a SaaS-type service that allows comprehensive use of services provided by Microsoft
  • The Business Standard plan is a standard license for general corporations, and is recommended when it is necessary to improve the IT environment for the introduction of telework, etc.
  • NEC Networks & System Integration can also support various solutions and services that can be linked with Microsoft 365 Business Standard.

Please contact NEC Networks & System Integration for more detailed information such as Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan details and fees for other licenses.