[Microsoft 365] Can desktop apps be used with the Business Basic plan?

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Not all Microsoft 365 licenses include Office desktop apps.

In this article, we will explain the features of the Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan and whether or not it supports desktop apps.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic does not support desktop apps

The bottom line is that the Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan doesn’t include the Office desktop apps.

Let’s take a closer look at what kind of companies have contracts for the Business Basic plan, and what applications and services can be used.

Business Basic plan features

Business Basic is a Microsoft 365 license for SMEs that can use web-based Office applications and cloud services such as Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. (Formerly: Office 365 Business Essentials)

Office desktop apps aren’t included in the plan, so it’s useful if you already own a boxed version of Office and want to keep using it until support ends.

Below is a list of the main apps and services that can be used by purchasing a license for Microsoft 365.

Office application
(*Web version only)
Access web and mobile apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
Outlook This software is useful for managing emails, schedules, tasks, etc.
Exchange Online This is a management service for emails, schedules, meeting rooms, equipment, etc. Helps streamline information sharing.
Sharepoint Online A cloud portal for teams. You can expect to streamline data and facilitate collaborative work both inside and outside the company.
Teams It is a communication tool equipped with functions such as business chat, video call, and file sharing.
OneDrive An online storage service. Access and edit files more efficiently.
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Differences from other plans (Apps/Standard/Premium)

Below is a table that summarizes the list of Microsoft 365 licenses available for the desktop app version of Office and a comparison of the Business Basic plan.

plan name Microsoft 365
Apps for Business
Microsoft 365
Business Basic
Microsoft 365
Business Standard
Microsoft 365
Business Premium
Target audience General employee General employee General employee General employee
User limit 300 people 300 people 300 people 300 people
Office desktop app × (Web version only)
Exchange Online
SharePoint Online
Microsoft Teams
OneDrive for Business
add on

How to use desktop apps with Microsoft 365 Business Basic?

Next, let’s take a closer look at the methods and procedures for using Office desktop apps with a Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan contract.

Use the packaged version of Office together

This is a method of using cloud services such as Exchange Online and SharePoint Online with Microsoft 365 Business Basic, and using packaged products for Office.

For packaged products, you can permanently use the desktop app version of Office with a single payment.

However, even if a new version or function is released, it will not be updated automatically, so when a service such as Office 2024 or Office 2027 appears, you will need to purchase the license again. (excluding security updates)

Switch to a plan that supports desktop apps

If you have already owned a packaged version of Office and have temporarily selected the Business Basic plan, it is recommended that you switch to another plan when the time is right.

As candidates for switching destinations, the Business Standard plan (compatible with the desktop application version of Office) or the Business Premium plan (compatible with the desktop application version of Office + security enhancement) will be mentioned.

Below are the steps to upgrade your Microsoft 365 contract plan.

  1. Visit admin center
  2. Click “Billing”
  3. Click “Your Product”
  4. Select subscription to upgrade
  5. Click “Subscription Details”
  6. Click “Product details and upgrades”
  7. Click “View recommended upgrades for your organization”
  8. Select the plan you need and click “Upgrade”
  9. Set the required number of licenses and payment method and click “Go to purchase procedure”
  10. Confirm the address, billing contact information, items, etc., and click “Finish” if there are no changes.
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After completing the purchase process, you can immediately start using your new subscription. (*The upgrade process may take several minutes.)

To purchase or change licenses, contact NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation.

It is recommended to use a sales agent such as NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation when contracting each license including the Microsoft 365 Business Basic Plan.

From here, we will explain the contract fee for the Business license and the benefits of contracting with a sales agent.

Business license price list

The Microsoft 365 Business license fee list on the Microsoft official website and NEC Networks & System Integration is as follows.

plan name Apps for Business Business Basic Business Standard Business Premium
Official website
(annual contract/annual payment)
12,360 yen 9,000 yen 18,720 yen 33,000 yen
NEC Networks & System Integration
(annual contract/annual payment)
12,360 yen 9,000 yen 18,720 yen Open price
(inquiry required)
NEC Networks & System Integration
(monthly contract/monthly payment)
1,030 yen/month 900 yen/month ¥1,560/month Open price
(inquiry required)

Strengths of NEC Networks & System Integration

Distributors such as NEC Networks & System Integration have the advantage of being able to receive unique services and support that Microsoft does not have.

For example, in the case of NEC Networks & System Integration, together with Microsoft 365, it is possible to propose and support the introduction of the following solutions and services provided to corporations.

  • Canario (Telephone brokerage service using AI)
  • DocuSign (electronic contract service)
  • eeasy (schedule adjustment tool for business)
  • Neat. (Remote conference dedicated device)
  • slido (seminar/event activation tool), etc.

By introducing a service that can be linked with Microsoft 365, it will be useful for the digitization and DX of a wide range of operations.

In addition, we can also handle contracts with invoice payment, so if you are a company that is thinking of purchasing a license for Microsoft 365, please contact NEC Networks & System Integration.

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  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan does not include entitlement to desktop apps of Office
  • In order to use the desktop application version of Office, it is necessary to introduce a package product or change the plan to Standard/Premium, etc.
  • If you purchase a Microsoft 365 license, we recommend using a sales agent such as NEC Networks & System Integration

Packaged products require periodic replacement and inventory, so if you are currently using packaged products, it is recommended to migrate to Microsoft 365 within the support period.

The Business Basic plan is an excellent license to introduce during this transition phase, so if you are thinking of using Microsoft 365, please consider signing up for the Business Basic plan.