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Microsoft 365 Apps for business is one of the enterprise licenses offered in Microsoft 365.

This article provides a list of Microsoft 365 Apps for business features and services available with your license.

It also summarizes the requirements for using Microsoft’s popular service “Teams”, so please refer to it as well.

Microsoft 365 Apps for business features and available services

First, let’s take a look at the overview of one of Microsoft 365’s corporate licenses, “Microsoft 365 Apps for business,” the target services, usage fees, etc.

Office applications included in plan

Microsoft 365 Apps for business is a Microsoft 365 license specifically for using Office apps .

The Office apps included in the license are:

word Document creation software. In addition to character input, it is also equipped with functions such as creating tables and figures, and reviewing.
Excel It is a spreadsheet software. You can create tables and graphs, manage customer lists, and automate tasks using functions and macros.
PowerPoint Presentation software. Slideshow and animation functions are available.
Outlook This software is useful for managing emails, schedules, tasks, etc.
OneNote It’s a digital notebook. It can be used as information organization and idea memo.
Access (Windows PC only) Software for managing databases. Quickly create customizable databases.
Publisher (Windows PC only) Simple DTP software. It is suitable for creating printed materials such as flyers.

With Microsoft 365 Apps for business, you can always use the latest versions of the above Office desktop and web apps.

Other function details

Other functions and services installed in Microsoft 365 Apps for business are as follows.

File storage and sharing

  • OneDrive storage (1TB) for file storage and sharing
  • Edit files and save directly to OneDrive
  • Grant access rights and generate guest links for external file sharing
  • Secure shared documents and email transmissions and set permissions for who can access information
  • Access and sync files from your Windows PC or Mac mobile device
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Security and compliance

  • Take advantage of over 1,000 security and privacy controls
  • Control access to business information using security groups and unique permissions
  • Create a password policy (requiring users to reset their passwords after a specified number of days)

Support and deployment

  • 24/7 phone and online support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee and refund policy
  • License with commercial use rights

Business operation and management tools

  • Gather feedback from customers and employees with Microsoft Forms
  • Full-fledged drawing creation, editing, sharing, and collaboration using Microsoft Visio for the web

Number of installations

The number of installable units per license of Microsoft 365 Apps for business is as follows.

Windows PC or Mac 5 pieces
Tablet 5 pieces
mobile device 5 pieces

Usage price

The license price of Microsoft 365 Apps for business is as follows.

Annual contract / annual payment Annual contract/monthly payment Monthly contract / monthly payment
microsoft 12,360 yen 1,030 yen/month ¥1,240/month
NEC Networks & System Integration 12,360 yen ¥1,236/month

※※Prices are information as of May 2023

NEC Networks & System Integration supports not only annual contracts but also monthly contracts.

If you want to use Office apps for only a few months or want to temporarily increase your license, please contact NEC Networks & System Integration.

Is it possible to use Teams with Microsoft 365 Apps for business?

Teams, which has functions such as web conferencing , is attracting attention as part of efforts to improve the environment for the introduction of telework .

Teams is a communication tool provided by Microsoft, and its main functions are as follows.

  • Online meeting / video call
  • Chat from multiple devices
  • Manage and collaborate on chats, meetings, files and apps
  • Team site creation for sharing information, content and files

Teams has all the basic functions necessary for telework, but Teams cannot be used with a Microsoft 365 Apps for business license .

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This is because Microsoft 365 Apps for business is a license specifically for using Office apps and does not include collaboration tools such as Teams, SharePoint, and Exchange.

Which Microsoft 365 plans include Teams?

If you want to use Teams within Microsoft 365, you need the following license agreement that includes Teams functionality.

license feature
Business Basic I already own a packaged version of Office and want to continue using it until support ends.
Business Standard I want to prepare a set of environments necessary for business / I am considering introducing telework
Business Premium Responding to higher security requirements

The fee for each license is as follows.

plan name Business Basic Business Standard Business Premium
Official website
(annual contract/monthly payment)
9,000 yen (750 yen/month) 18,720 yen (1,560 yen/month) 33,000 yen (2,570 yen/month)
NEC Networks & System Integration
(annual contract/annual payment)
9,000 yen 18,720 yen Open price
(inquiry required)
NEC Networks & System Integration
(monthly contract/monthly payment)
900 yen/month ¥1,872/month Open price
(inquiry required)

*Prices are information as of May 2023

For example, if you switch to Business Standard, you will be able to use functions such as Teams, SharePoint, and Exchange for the monthly fee of Microsoft 365 Apps for business + 460 yen.

There is also a method to contract only for Teams separately

There is also a way to add a single Teams plan (Teams Essentials license) .

The functions available in Teams single plan are as follows.

meetings and calls Online meeting/Screen sharing/Customize background/Together mode/Scheduling/
Noise suppression/View default Outlook calendar/Join meeting without account
chat and collaborate Unlimited chat messages / File attachments (2GB) / File storage (10GB) /
Collaborate on Office mobile apps / Chat between work and personal accounts
Productivity apps and services Importing Word/Excel/PowerPoint (Web)/Outlook Contacts
Security and compliance Data encryption in Microsoft Teams
Management and support 24/7 phone/web support

However, since the Teams single plan is 430 yen per user per month, it can be said that switching to Business Standard etc. is more profitable than operating with Microsoft 365 Apps for business + Teams Essentials.

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Summary | To switch to a Teams compatible plan, go to NEC Networks & System Integration

  • Microsoft 365 Apps for business is a license specialized for using Office apps
  • Since Microsoft 365 Apps for business does not include Teams functions, it is recommended to consider a separate license agreement when using Teams.
  • Although the price is relatively high, you can also use a single plan for Microsoft 365 Apps for business and Teams together.

NEC Networks & System Integration provides sales and implementation support for Business licenses (Basic/Standard/Premium) that include Teams functions.

We can also support the introduction of related solutions and services, so if you are a company considering the introduction of Office apps or Teams, please contact NEC Networks & System Integration.