Microsoft 365 Apps for business contract/purchase method [Individuals can also buy]

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When considering a move from Office licensing to Microsoft 365,

  • i don’t know how to buy
  • I’m lost because I have so many plans
  • Why isn’t the plan I want in the store?

Some of you may have this kind of problem.

In fact, the places where you can purchase Microsoft 365 business licenses are surprisingly limited.

Choosing a purchase method is especially important if you want to compare plans and choose one, or if you want support for installation.

In this article, we will explain how to purchase Microsoft 365 for those who are considering using Microsoft 365 to use Office apps.

“Microsoft 365 Apps for business” for those who want to use Office

There are two types of Microsoft 365 plans for individual licenses and more than 10 types of corporate licenses.

“I just want to use Office for the time being” “I don’t have time to compare plans”

For such people, we recommend that you try using “Microsoft 365 Apps for business” first.

Microsoft 365 Apps for business includes the following desktop apps, so you can reproduce the same work environment as before even if you migrate from a perpetual license of Office.

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It is also a point that cloud storage “OneDrive” is attached.

Since 1 TB can be used per user, it can be used for various work styles such as telework and collaborative work within a team.

Compare how to buy corporate plans

There are several options for purchasing Microsoft 365 corporate plans, but be aware that not all product lineups are available wherever you buy.

“I looked for it in the store, but I can’t find the license for the plan I want to purchase.”

“I don’t know where the license I want is sold”

“Which purchase method is best for you?”

For example, there may be some people who are worried about how to purchase even though they have decided on the product they want to buy.

Understand the characteristics of each sales location and select the purchase method that meets your needs.

Assortment Payment Method support system
Microsoft official site
Sales agent
EC site
Mass retailer

Microsoft official website

All licenses are available for immediate online purchase on Microsoft’s official website.

However, the payment method is basically a credit card, and it is not possible to freely choose the payment method.

In addition, although there is technical support for the product, it is basically necessary to perform installation, migration, setting, etc. in-house.

Sales agent

Microsoft’s official resellers are called partners (resellers).

If you purchase a license through an agency, you will be paying the Microsoft 365 subscription fee to the agency, so you may be able to use corporate payment methods such as invoice payment.

It also features more products for corporate customers than general retail stores, and has a well-established support system.

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EC site/mass retail store

Microsoft 365 licenses are also sold on EC sites such as Amazon and electronics retailers.

The sales format is an online code or POSA card (a card with a product key written on it).

However, since only some plans are sold, there are some that are not handled in the case of corporate licenses.

Although it is not suitable for bulk purchases, there are cases where the price is set considerably lower than the regular price due to sales, etc., so if you want to buy cheaply for yourself, it is a good idea to take a look.

Recommended purchase method for Microsoft 365 Apps for business

If you want to contract Microsoft 365 Apps for business, we will introduce recommended purchase methods for corporations and individuals.

For corporations

If your company is considering introducing a corporate plan such as Microsoft 365 Apps for business, we recommend that you first consult with a sales agent.

When purchasing from Microsoft’s official store, the payment methods are limited, and you may not be able to select the desired payment method.

Also, since the support system is the bare minimum, if you need to build or migrate data according to your company, you have to do it yourself.

Distributors may provide services such as various support and work substitution at each step of product selection, contract, and introduction, so it is possible to introduce in a form that meets the company’s wishes.

Some examples of services available through Microsoft 365 resellers include:

  • Consulting on the best plan and construction for your company
  • Solutions such as data migration and operation support
  • Supports multiple payment methods (invoice payment, bank transfer, etc.)
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If you are looking for a license for Microsoft 365 Apps for business, it is not sold on general EC sites or electronics retailers, so if you are an individual, it is better to purchase from Microsoft’s official website.

Even if you already have a personal Microsoft account or are migrating from a Microsoft 365 personal license, you will need to create a new “work/school account” when using a corporate plan.

If you do not have a company

Please note that although individuals can subscribe to plans for general corporations such as Microsoft 365 Apps for business, individuals cannot subscribe to plans for large companies such as “Microsoft 365 E3” and “Microsoft 365 E5.”

Article Summary

  • Microsoft 365 purchase methods include “official site”, “distributor”, “mass retailer”, “EC site”, etc.
  • Shops where you can purchase corporate licenses are limited
  • If you want to purchase a corporate license for a company, we recommend a sales agent, and if you want to purchase an individual license, we recommend the official website.

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