Meeting/Webinar is scheduled for YYYY / MM / DD in Zoom App

If a participant tries to join a meeting before the host-scheduled the meeting, a message stating “Meeting/webinar is scheduled for YYYY / MM / DD ” may display an error There is.

This message is received if the session is scheduled on another day.

If you receive this message, please check the date and start time as well as the time zone.

If you have questions about the meeting or webinar schedule, please contact the host.


When scheduling a meeting/webinar, the host does not check Enable Join Before Host. In other words, you can not join before the host.

For details on this article, please wait for the host to launch this meeting/webinar.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I schedule a webinar in Zoom app?

You can access webinars by clicking on the Webinars link. In the upper right hand corner of the page, you will find a button that says, “Schedule A Webinar”. There should be a description and a topic for the webinar as well as a brief introduction to the topic. As per the first webinar, the webinar will occur at a specific date and time and will last for a specified length of time, as well as in a specific time zone.

How do I change the Zoom schedule for a meeting?

When you are using the Zoom client, you will be able to edit the scheduled meeting that you have scheduled. Click on the Meetings tab under the Upcoming section, locate the meeting you wish to edit, then click the Edit button. Furthermore, this tool can be used not only to update the scheduled time, but also to start the meeting at any time as long as the meeting is currently available for editing at that time, and as long as the meeting isn’t already in progress.

How do I change my zoom app settings?

The Zoom web portal can be accessed by signing in to the account. You can access the settings for your account by clicking on Account Management in the navigation panel. Upon logging into your account, you will see that you have three tabs available to you that will allow you to adjust your settings: Meeting, Recording, and Audio Conferencing. Click on the setting you wish to change and then navigate to it.

Can I change a meeting to a webinar in zoom?

The Zoom web portal can be accessed by logging in to the account. In the navigation menu, you will find an item called Meetings that you can access. If you are interested in converting your meeting to an online webinar, you can click the name of the meeting. The Start, Edit, Delete, and Save as Template buttons on the left side of the screen offer the ability to start, edit, delete, as well as save as a template. In order to convert this meeting to a webinar, you will need to scroll down to the last button and select it.

Where is settings in Zoom meeting?

Zoom desktop client settings can be accessed by following these steps:

  1. The Zoom desktop client can be accessed by logging in with your Zoom credentials.

  2. By clicking the profile picture, you will be able to open the Settings page, where you will be able to edit the settings. The following options will be available to you once you have opened the settings window:

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