Let’s use the check sheet for improving and recording the quality of telephone correspondence [with template]


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It is no exaggeration to say that the customer’s corporate image is determined by the first-line response to the phone, as it is said that “answering the phone is the face of the company.”

Telephone etiquette is taught in new employee training, but in order to continuously improve the quality of response, it is essential to periodically check the level of understanding and practical skills of employees and make improvements. is.

In this article, we will explain how to use check sheets that are effective in improving the quality of telephone correspondence.

What kind of format is the check sheet, one of the seven QC tools?

A check sheet (checklist) is a form for listing and checking the contents of work and items to be confirmed.

It is also one of the “QC 7 tools” used for quality control in the manufacturing industry, and is used to check the progress of tasks and omissions in work.

There are two types of check sheets, one for recording and one for inspection, which can be used according to the purpose.

Example of check sheet for recording

The recording check sheet is for recording the quantity and number of times for each item.

For example, to record how many times you did a task in a day, draw a line or write a positive character for each task as shown in the table below.

3/1 (Wed) 3/2 (Thursday) 3/3 (Friday)
Telephone correspondence //// /// ////
Responding to sales calls / // //
Complaint phone support /

List type inspection check sheet

In the list-type inspection check sheet, list the items you want to check and check whether they have been achieved in a yes/no format.

In the check sheet shown in the example below, list the items you want to be aware of while answering the phone, and check the completed items.

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item check
answered the phone within 3 calls Les
I was able to say hello and introduce myself properly Les
I was able to speak in a tone of voice that made me feel good
I was able to match my speaking speed with the other person Les
reiterated important points Les

Recommended reasons for quality control of telephone correspondence work

The check sheet for inspection can be applied to the progress and quality control of all kinds of work.

In the case of telephone correspondence, you can create a list of procedures for handling intermediary work and things to be aware of when handling, use it for training new employees, and regularly check the quality of correspondence.

The reasons for recommending a check sheet for quality control of telephone support operations are as follows.

Work achievements and unachieved items are visualized

Answering the phone can be intuitive, but by using the check sheet, you can carefully review each item.

If you use the check sheet to check, you can visualize things like “I was able to respond in a cheerful voice, but I spoke a little too quickly” and “I hung up without asking when it was time to call back”, so that the next response can be visualized. you can make use of it .

can be used as a manual

The check sheet, which lists the actions required for work, can also be used as an alternative to manuals.

When you’re on the phone and you’re not sure what to do, it’s difficult to flip through the manual, but having a checklist handy will help you quickly check the important points.

Extensive selection of Excel and PDF templates

One of the merits of the check sheet is that it does not take time to create.

Since the check sheet is in a tabular format, you can easily create your own using Excel.

If you search, you will find many free Excel and PDF templates, so you can download the template with your favorite layout and process it yourself.

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Can also be used with the ToDo app

You can also create check sheets with task management tools and apps.

In the case of the app, it is easy to copy the list, add/delete items, etc., and it can be used on smartphones and tablets, so it will be easier to introduce than the Excel check sheet .

If you use the yes/no format, you can answer simply by tapping the check box in the app, so checking work is not a hassle.

Here are the main task management tools that support checkboxes.

Let’s create a “telephone response check sheet” for education and training for quality control

Now, let’s create a check sheet for actually conducting quality control of telephone correspondence.

For example, in the case of first-line telephone support or call center operators, we check whether the required levels have been achieved for each of the following categories.

  • When answering (time to answer the phone, name)
  • impression (tone of voice, speed)
  • Conversation skills (wording, communication)
  • Comprehension of content (memo/read-back confirmation)
  • Coordination with others (intermediation, reporting, response when absent)

writing example

Here is an example of creating a telephone support check sheet.

In addition to general etiquette and telephone etiquette, if there are company-original rules or fixed ways of speaking, we will add them to the list as confirmation items.

You can put a check box in the answer column and use a yes/no format, or you can use a graded evaluation method (1 to 5, A to E).

item evaluation
Did you answer the phone within 3 calls?
Do you include “Thank you for calling” and “Thank you for waiting” in the first sentence?
Do you give your company name and name?
Are you speaking in a clear and easy-to-hear tone?
Is your speaking speed appropriate?
Are you using honorifics correctly?
Are you able to give back at the right time?
Are you interrupting the customer?
Do you use cushion words (“Excuse me”, “I’m sorry”, etc.)?
Do you have the business knowledge necessary to answer the phone?
Are you not using company jargon or technical jargon?
do you take notes
Are you checking and repeating
Is the hold longer than 30 seconds?
How many times have you been on hold?
When forwarding, is the matter accurately communicated to the person in charge?
If you do not know the person in charge, can you look it up yourself and transfer it?
If the person in charge is absent, is the message heard and conveyed accurately?
Responsible until the end
Did you hang up the phone before the caller did?
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Article Summary

Regular checks and feedback on the comprehension and proficiency of responders are effective in improving the quality of telephone response.

Let’s use the check sheet that can be answered in a yes/no format or a graded evaluation, share information on good points and points to be improved, and utilize it for future correspondence.