Is there a limit on the number of Microsoft 365 licenses? How to use on multiple devices

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One of the benefits of Microsoft 365 is multi-device support.

Now that Office apps can be used on multiple different terminals, it is now possible to freely use different devices depending on the application.

However, in Microsoft 365, the number of devices that can be used is set for each account, so you cannot use more than the upper limit.

In this article, we will introduce the number of devices that can be used for each Microsoft 365 plan, points to note when using multiple devices, and tips for making good use of them.

Review the number limit of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 usage limits are different for home plans and business plans.

  • Home plans: Microsoft 365 Personal, Microsoft 365 Family
  • Enterprise plans: Microsoft 365 Business Standard/Premium, Microsoft 365 Apps for business, Microsoft 365 E3/E5, Office 365 E3, Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

*Excluding web app only plans (Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Office 365 E1)

Installable number Number of devices that can be used simultaneously (sign-in)
Personal/ Family No limit 5th floor
For corporations
15 units (up to 5 units each for PCs, tablets, and smartphones) 5th floor

Notes on number limit

The home plan allows unlimited installations, but limits the number of simultaneous sign-ins .

The limit on the number of installations for the corporate plan is a little complicated, and it is fixed to 5 PCs, tablets, and smartphones .

You can use up to 5 PCs (both Windows and Mac), and up to 5 tablets/smartphones (both Android and iOS).

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What is the difference between tablets and smartphones ? The question arises.

The two are almost identical in terms of OS and features.

There are two common ways to distinguish between tablets and smartphones: If you are having trouble making a decision, apply these two points and make a decision.

  • Presence or absence of phone function (smartphones have a phone, tablets do not)
  • Screen size (tablets over 7 inches, smartphones under 7 inches)

Tips for using Microsoft 365 on multiple devices

Here are some tips for using Microsoft 365 so that you don’t exceed the maximum number of devices.

Sign out of unused devices

You can use Microsoft 365 at the same time (sign in) up to 5 devices.

In fact, one user can operate at most three devices at the same time, so if you sign out of the devices you do not use and sign in when you use them , you can always secure the remaining number of devices. I can.

The procedure for signing out is as follows.

  1. Launch an Office app (Word, Excel, etc.).
  2. Click File.
  3. Click Account.
  4. Click “Sign out” under your account information to sign out of the app.

Distribute device types

The maximum number of Microsoft 365 corporate plans installed is 15, but the breakdown is specified as up to 5 each for personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.

In other words, the more devices you distribute, the more devices you can install .

For example, if you want to install it on 6 laptops for input work.

You can only install it on up to 5 computers, but you can install it on 5 computers + 1 tablet .

The tablet has a large screen, and if you connect an external keyboard, input work will be comfortable.


Let’s take a look at some common questions about using multiple devices with Microsoft 365.

What is the difference between install and sign in?

“Installation” means setting up software on your computer.

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In the case of Microsoft 365, it cannot be used just by installing Office apps, and license authentication is required at startup.

Entering account information for license authentication is “signing in”.

Can I install it on someone else’s PC?

The number of devices that can be used with Microsoft 365 is limited to devices owned and used by the same user.

Please note that even if one person does not use 5 devices, it is against the law to activate the license for use by another person .

How to check the current number of users?

If you use multiple devices, you may lose track of which device you installed it on.

You can view your usage and remaining balance on, so we recommend checking it before adding a new device.

For personal license

  1. Go to (
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  3. Click your user icon in the top right corner and click Microsoft Account.
  4. Click “Devices” to see the devices you are signed in to.

For corporate licenses

  1. Go to (
  2. Sign in with your work account.
  3. Click the user icon in the upper right and click View Account.
  4. Click “Office apps”.
  5. Click “Apps and Devices” to see your devices.

Web version of Office has no limit on the number of units (some functions are limited)

Microsoft 365 installation and sign-in limits apply to desktop apps and mobile apps.

Office has a web version that runs on a browser, but since it does not require installation, there is no limit on the number of users.

If you share a shared computer with multiple people, or if you do not have a dedicated computer and use a different computer every day, it is better to use the web version that can be used immediately just by signing in .

However, the web version of the application can only handle files on OneDrive, and cannot open files saved on the desktop, etc.

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Some functions, such as macros, are not reproduced in the web version, so keep in mind that their uses are somewhat limited.

Article Summary

I explained the number of users of Microsoft 365.

  • The maximum number of units varies depending on the plan
  • There is an upper limit for the number of installations and the number of simultaneous use (sign-in).
  • The number of installable corporate licenses is determined by device type
  • Sign out of devices you don’t use
  • The web version of Office has no upper limit on the number of users, but there are some restrictions on functions.

The use of multiple devices is spreading in business, and it is becoming possible to work anywhere.