Introducing the application method, functions and fees for Call Forwarding Canario

Introducing the application method, functions and fees for Call Forwarding Canario
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The number of companies implementing telework is increasing.

By the way, according to the announcement by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, in May 2021, 64.8% of companies in Tokyo (with 30 or more employees) will implement telework. Compared to the previous survey in April (56.6%), it increased by 8.2 points and became the highest figure ever.

Therefore, the problem is “telework telephone brokerage” and “telephone transfer”.

Telework at home is recommended, and there is no one to answer incoming calls to company or office landline phones (representative numbers). “Canario” is a call forwarding service that prevents you from having trouble with a business partner.

This time, we will introduce how to apply for and how to use “Canario”, a service that allows you to call intermediation and call forwarding even at home or on the go, from the functions and fees of “Canario”.

If you are a company or a company that wants to use a call forwarding service!

Overview of Call Transfer Canario

“Canario” is NEC Networks & System Integration’s call forwarding system.

When the caller (business partner, customer, etc.) to the main number tells the name of the person in charge according to the voice guidance, AI recognizes the name and automatically transfers to the person in charge’s smartphone or mobile / smartphone desired transfer number. This is the function.

Even if there is no person in the company or office and there is no phone number, you can automatically handle and transfer calls by using Canario.

In addition, Canario’s functions are not limited to agency and transfer.

If the called party cannot answer the call on the spot, it is possible to follow up with the recorded data and transcription data by linking with email and business chat tools.

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Isn’t it just forwarding from your company’s landline to your mobile phone?! Canario’s 4 major functions

Isn't it just forwarding from your company's landline to your mobile phone

Canario has four convenient functions that make call handling and forwarding smooth and reliable.

  1. name agency
  2. Message text conversion
  3. call all at once
  4. Business hours setting

I will introduce each of them.

name agency

This “Name Brokerage” system eliminates the need for a human broker by having AI take over the phone number.

AI recognizes the name of the person in charge and automatically transfers it to the person in charge.

Even if the phone number is not in the office, you will be able to answer external calls to your company’s landline.

Message text conversion

If the person in charge is unable to answer the phone, the function to automatically receive the message is called ‘message text conversion’.

If the person in charge cannot answer the call, AI will convert the message from the caller into text and notify you.

call all at once

A system that can respond to inquiries for which the person in charge is unknown is “Simultaneous call”.

I think that there are also calls that do not have a person in charge, such as general inquiries, and calls that do not know the person in charge.

In such a case, by using Canario’s simultaneous call function, it is possible to call multiple numbers of all members of the organization all at once.

You can reduce the number of calls that are connected to the answering machine and eliminate missed calls.

Business hours setting

By using the “business hours setting” system, AI will take over the phone number outside business hours.

As a result, there is no need to take phone calls outside of working hours, and employees can maintain their work-life balance.

These are the four functions of Canario other than call forwarding.

Now, let’s check the merits of using this Canario.

Advantages of using Canario

Using Canario has advantages for all three parties: the company, employees, business partners, and customers.

  • Employees (person in charge/recipient) can receive incoming calls addressed to them on their private mobile phones/smartphones even if they are not in the company.
  • Since the intermediation can be done quickly, it does not put stress on the person making the call (caller such as business partner or customer).
  • Eliminates the need to send employees to work by phone number, reducing the burden of commuting for employees
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In addition, by using Canario, messages can be received securely, preventing troubles caused by “I missed an important call” or “I didn’t transfer or message successfully.” You can.

Canario can take calls from mobile phones at home or on the go.

With this, you can carry out telework without worrying about telephone brokerage or telephone correspondence.

What is the usage fee you are interested in?

What is the usage fee you are interested in

We will introduce the charges for NEC Networks & System Integration’s call forwarding service, Canario.

The basic charge for the telephone brokerage/forwarding service “Canario” is 10,000 yen per month (11,000 yen including tax) (per contract).

In addition to this monthly usage fee, the monthly cost will be the number of users x the plan fee.

You can choose a plan from Basic Plan, Standard Plan, or Premium Plan according to the system you want to use other than call forwarding.

Basic plan Standard plan Premium plan
Plan usage fee 748 yen per month (tax included) (/person) 1,078 yen per month (tax included) (/person) 1,628 yen per month (tax included) (/person)
name agency
call all at once
Name agency
+ Message text conversion
Simultaneous call
+ message conversion to text
Extension connection *Please connect with NEC PBX × ×
Free calls * Free calls can be shared between users None *Optional call packs can be purchased as needed Up to 10 minutes per person Up to 30 minutes per person

Available now! Introducing how to apply

Available now! Introducing how to apply

There is no need to install a dedicated app or purchase a dedicated device to use the call forwarding service, Canario.

Simply select “trial request” from the inquiry form “inquiry type” on the campaign page below, enter the required information, and submit the application to complete the application.

After that, you will receive a phone call from the NEC Networks & System Integration Operator to confirm your application.

After confirmation, the “application documents” will be sent by mail to the registered address, so please return the original filled out and stamped PDF. Mailing is also possible.

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Once your account is issued, your login information will be sent to the email address you provided.

Log in to Canario from the URL in the e-mail and register for group/user/guidance.

A guidance email is automatically sent to each user, so users who have completed their login and initial registration can start using the service.

First of all, please contact us from the inquiry form on the special page below!

Transfer calls smoothly and reliably with Canario!

Transfer calls smoothly and reliably with Canario!

This time, we introduced NEC Networks & System Integration’s telephone brokerage and forwarding service, “Canario”.

In addition, an online briefing session where NEC Networks & System Integration will explain the operation is also available as an option.

  • I want to optimize call forwarding for telework
  • Coming to work to handle or transfer calls
  • I don’t want to miss calls during hours that I can’t handle, such as after business hours.