If you are on the phone outside business hours, why not set business hours with a forwarding service?


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Phone calls to companies and stores are often received outside business hours, and many people may be worried about how to respond.

There may be cases where you have no choice but to respond to calls from important customers and business partners outside of business hours.

In this article, we’ll give you some ideas on how to handle calls after hours.

Should I answer calls outside business hours?

To be honest, the person answering the phone may not want to answer calls outside business hours.

In the first place, do you have to answer the phone outside business hours?

If the phone is ringing while you are staying in the office working overtime or cleaning up afterward, you may be concerned, and if it keeps ringing, you may feel compelled to leave.

However, you are not obliged to answer the phone outside of business hours, as you are only required to answer the phone during business hours.

However, if the phone is ringing and no one answers, it may give a negative impression to the customer that “I made a long-awaited call, but I can’t answer,” so I completely ignore calls after hours. would be difficult to do.

Also, it may happen that you can’t contact even if you are calling with a really urgent matter.

It is necessary for the company to set rules and respond appropriately to after-hours calls.

Reason for overtime

Why aren’t after-hours calls going away? First of all, knowing the cause will be a hint to consider the response.

The other party does not know the business hours of the company

If you receive a call outside business hours, it may be because the caller doesn’t know your business hours and doesn’t know it’s out of hours .

Business hours of most companies are generally from 9:00 to 18:00, but depending on the type of business or industry, there are companies that start early in the morning and end early, or go to work in the afternoon and work mainly from evening to night. There is also a job that will be.

Also, Saturdays and Sundays are not necessarily holidays.

If you receive a phone call outside of business hours, it would be a good idea to first try to make the business hours known, such as clearly stating the business hours on the website or announcing the business hours on the answering machine.

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I have an urgent matter

Some of the out-of-hours contacts are urgent, and there are cases where we really want to contact you, and cases where we have to respond urgently .

Emergency calls cannot be ignored as they can lead to problems and damage if not dealt with immediately.

If you have a lot of emergency calls outside of business hours, consider setting up an emergency/emergency point of contact in addition to the daytime contact.

Overtime has become the norm

If it becomes a matter of course to respond outside business hours, the other party will think, “It’s okay to call after hours.”

This will not reduce the number of after-hours calls, and conversely, failure to answer calls outside of business hours can lead to complaints.

Rather than just continuing to respond to the office because there are people in the office, it is necessary to improve the work system, such as stopping overtime support or assigning appropriate personnel if overtime support is required .

Disadvantages of working outside business hours

Disadvantages of out-of-hours phone support include:

lose concentration

For employees who are always doing their own work and answering the phone during business hours, overtime is often a valuable time when they can concentrate on their work without being interrupted by phone calls.

However, if your concentration is interrupted by answering the phone outside of business hours, you will not have time to calm down and concentrate on your work.

stop working overtime

Even though I’m working overtime to finish the work that didn’t finish during the day, if I’m answering the phone the same way as during business hours, I’ll have to stop myself and take time to answer the phone every time. , There are disadvantages such as not finishing work even if you work overtime and leading to long working hours.

labor management problems

With the spread of company mobile phones, it has become a daily occurrence for customers to call us even after business hours.

It is up to the individual to decide whether or not to answer the phone, but there are many cases where the psychology of answering the phone is working and answering the phone.

In order to avoid troubles in labor management, it is necessary to establish rules for distinguishing between work hours and non-work hours.

Many cases cannot be handled on the same day

Outside of business hours, it is not uncommon for business to not proceed in the same way as during business hours, such as when the person in charge has left the office or the system is undergoing maintenance.

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After all, if it will be handled the next day, it can be said that it is more efficient to receive it during business hours.

Advantages of overtime

Let’s also look at cases where it would be beneficial to answer calls after hours.

increase customer satisfaction

The other person is calling because he or she has something to do.

Also, if it is easy to connect to the phone during the hours when other companies in the same industry are closed, it will also give you a competitive advantage.

Account is open during business hours

Business hours vary by company.

Even if your company is out of business hours, there may be cases where it is necessary to match the business hours of the other party in order to contact smoothly in cases where the business partner is open.

Especially in the case of customers or large projects, it is easier to communicate by phone during hours when it is easier to get hold of the other party.

How to handle phone calls outside business hours

There are cases where you don’t want to answer phone calls outside business hours, but you can’t stop answering for reasons such as “would this be a disadvantage for the customer” or “would it damage the company’s image” .

However, if it takes time and effort to respond to phone calls outside business hours and productivity drops, it is putting the cart before the horse.

Use the following features and services to handle phone calls outside business hours.

Play after-hours announcements

It is a way to switch to automatic voice outside business hours.

We will inform you of the business hours and make an announcement to call back in time.

  • “Today’s business has ended. Business hours are from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please try again during business hours.”

If there are consecutive holidays such as Obon and the year-end and New Year holidays, you may want to prepare a special message.

Set up voicemail

If you want to listen to the other party’s business in addition to playing voice, use the answering machine service.

We will check the recorded message on the next business day and contact you.

Use a telephone answering service

If you don’t want to miss calls outside business hours, but your company has limitations, you can outsource the telephone answering service to a specialized company .

With a telephone answering service, the staff of the agent answers the phone and responds, so it is possible to give the other party a sense of security that “a person is answering.”

Introduce a call forwarding service

A call forwarding service is a service that forwards incoming calls to a mobile phone.

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You can answer the phone even if you are not in the office, so it is effective not only for use outside business hours, but also for small companies and remote work .

You can set business hours with the call forwarding service Canario!

NEC Networks & System Integration’s call transfer service Canario is an epoch-making service in which AI takes over phone numbers.

If you set business hours, it will automatically switch to AI support during overtime, reducing the burden of overtime support for office staff .

It recognizes the name of the person in charge by voice and automatically forwards the call, and if the person in charge is not available, the message is converted into text and sent by e-mail, so there is no missed call even after hours.

It also solves the problem of “I don’t know who the caller is” and “I can’t call back because I can’t hear the voice” which was common with answering machine recording .

Article Summary

Here are some ideas for how to handle phone calls outside business hours.

While responding to calls received outside of business hours is a heavy burden on employees, there is also an aspect that cannot be ignored when considering the relationship with customers.

Please consider using the AI ​​call forwarding service Canario for handling calls outside business hours.