I would like to join a meeting from Zoom Rooms

This article explains how to operate when the following meeting schedule is not displayed on the ZoomRooms controller.

Please prepare a meeting ID.

  1. Tap Join on the left side of the controller in zoom room.
  2. Enter the 10-digit or 11-digit meeting IDparticipation to tap] and you can join the meeting

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Frequently Asked Question


Using the Zoom Room mobile app, it is possible to join a meeting in a Zoom Room through a mobile device
  1. Using Zoom mobile app, sign in to your account.
  2. To access the Meetings tab, tap it.
  3. Select the meeting from the list.
  4. By tapping Join from Room, you will be able to join the meeting. Zoom Rooms near you will be found by the mobile app. Zoom Room will display a Sharing key if no Sharing key has been detected in the Zoom Room display.
There are two types of Zoom Meetings licenses for individuals. The Zoom Meetings licenses are better suited for individual users while Zoom Room licenses are more suitable for conference rooms where a large number of people may be participating in the meeting at the same time or viewing it at the same time from a shared location.
What you need to know about joining a Zoom room
  1. Open Zoom Desktop and click on the ‘Open Zoom Desktop’ button.
  2. There are a couple of ways in which you can join a meeting: Click “Join A Meeting”, if you don’t wish to sign in before joining a meeting. …
  3. Enter the number of the meeting as well as your display name in the Meeting ID field at the bottom of the form. …
  4. When you click on “Join”, you will be given a choice as to whether you want to join a meeting visually or with audio, and then you will be instructed to click on “Next”.
The Direct Guest Join for Microsoft Teams feature enables Zoom Rooms users to join Microsoft Teams meetings without needing to install any additional infrastructure and without having to purchase any additional licenses or licenses for making use of the Zoom Rooms system.
It is a room designed for meetings and conference calls to make them as productive, collaborative and efficient as possible. With Zoom’s services, you will have access to a wide variety of tools such as: Audio and video conferencing, remote participation, and recording tools (for recording of conference calls).

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