[I want to know before using] Explanation of how to set up and cancel the call forwarding service


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VoiceWarp® is a trademark of the automatic call forwarding service for NTT East/NTT West landlines and Hikari Denwa.

Fixed-line phones have been an obstacle to promoting telework, but with the advent of forwarding services, we are starting to break away from work styles tied to telephones.

In addition, transfer services can be used to transfer work from one mobile phone to another mobile phone to perform work for staff who are on vacation, or to reduce the burden on staff by introducing AI to receive calls. is spreading.

In this article, we will explain the points to consider when choosing a service, as well as points to note when transferring or canceling.

Fixed line forwarding service

In order to forward calls received to a landline number, there is a method of subscribing to the forwarding service of the line carrier with which the company has a contract .

With this service, it is possible to forward company calls to staff’s mobile phones to receive calls at home, or forward to other branches to handle them.

Here are the services provided by the major telecommunications carriers.

  • Voice Warp (NTT)
  • Call forwarding service (au Hikari)
  • Multifunctional forwarding service (Softbank)

mobile phone forwarding service

Each mobile carrier offers a service that forwards incoming calls to another phone number .

You can use it when you want to handle phone calls for that person while they are on vacation, or when you have a contract with multiple numbers but it is troublesome to have two phones.

The service names provided by each carrier are as follows.

  • Call Forwarding Service (Docomo)
  • Call forwarding service (au)
  • Call Forwarding (Softbank)

How to set start/stop

With the call forwarding service, once you have registered the number of the forwarding destination and set forwarding methods and options in the initial settings, you can remotely start and cancel daily forwarding operations using mobile phones, web pages, etc. I’m here.

Depending on the plan and type of line, the contents and functions that can be set may differ . Let’s check.

As a general operation example, we will introduce how to start and cancel forwarding with “Voice Warp” and “Call Forwarding Service” .

How to start/cancel transfer of Hikari Denwa Voice Warp

When using NTT East’s fixed-line phone forwarding service “Voice Warp” with Hikari Denwa, there are three ways to start and stop forwarding: “landline phone”, “mobile phone”, and “Internet”.

Advance preparation

  • Register forwarding phone number
  • (When using remote control) Remote control PIN setting, remote control start setting
  • (When setting from the Internet) Hikari Denwa site authentication information setting
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Initiate transfer from landline

Operate from a phone capable of sending push signals.

  1. Call “142”.
  2. Enter “contracted phone number + #”.
  3. Push ‘1’ to start the transfer.
  4. Follow the guidance to select a transfer method and push.

Remove forwarding from your landline

  1. Call “142”.
  2. Enter “contracted phone number + #”.
  3. Push ‘0’ to cancel forwarding

Starting/disabling from a mobile phone (remote control)

  1. Call the remote control access number from your mobile phone.
  2. Enter “contracted phone number + #”.
  3. Enter “PIN code + #”.
  4. Enter “Start: 1” and “Release: 0” according to the guidance.

*In order to start/cancel forwarding from a mobile phone while away from home, it is necessary to register a PIN code for remote control and to set remote control start.

Start/Stop from Internet

  1. Log in to the Hikari Denwa setting site.
  2. Click “Select Service”.
  3. Click “Voice Warp”.
  4. Click Start/Stop Service.
  5. To start transfer: Select one transfer method. To cancel forwarding: Select “Stop forwarding”.
  6. Click “Set” and you’re done.

*If you want to start or cancel forwarding from the Internet, you need to register for authentication on the Hikari Denwa setting site in advance.

How to start/cancel forwarding of “Call Forwarding Service”

This is how to operate the “Call Forwarding Service” provided by NTT DoCoMo, which forwards incoming calls on a mobile phone number to another number .

Can be operated from DoCoMo mobile phones and landline phones.

Advance preparation

  • Register forwarding phone number
  • Network PIN setting

Activating/deactivating from a docomo mobile phone

  1. Dial “1421” to start forwarding and “1420” to cancel forwarding.
  2. (If initiating transfer) Select an option for voicemail.
  3. Hang up.

Starting and canceling by remote control from a landline phone

  1. Dial “090-310-1421” to start forwarding and “090-310-1420” to cancel forwarding.
  2. Enter the phone number of the forwarding mobile phone.
  3. Enter your Network PIN.
  4. The transfer start/cancel procedure is complete.

* To operate from a landline phone, remote control start setting is required in advance.

It is NG to keep setting! what happens if you don’t remove

It is a phone support service that covers phone calls when you are away from home, meetings, telework, etc., but it is important to “set up call forwarding when you need it and cancel it properly when you are done.”

If you forget to release it by mistake and leave it as it is, various harmful effects may occur.

Let’s see what happens during the transfer.

other people can’t answer the phone

A carrier’s call forwarding service is a service that forwards incoming calls to a specific phone number to a specified phone number.

You can register multiple forwarding numbers, but you can only specify one of the registered numbers when forwarding.

If you set “Unconditional transfer (automatic transfer)” to transfer without ringing the phone of the transfer destination, the original phone will not ring while the transfer is set. You will not be able to go out to

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Focus on one person

The office phone receives a significant number of calls per day.

Normally, the company staff will follow up with each other while taking phone calls, but if you transfer this to a mobile phone and handle everything by yourself, it will be quite a burden, and you may be exhausted just by answering the phone.

Take care not to concentrate the burden on only one person, such as changing shifts between morning and afternoon and canceling transfer during lunch break

miss a call that comes in while you’re talking

Corporate fixed-line phones are generally contracted for multiple channels (simultaneous calls) so that they can handle multiple calls to the same number at the same time.

In the office, if the phone rings while someone else is on the phone, someone else picks it up and answers it. can occur.

It may not switch to answering machine or automatic guidance

If you set your phone to switch to answering machine or automatic guidance after hours, the phone will stop ringing after switching.

However, please note that the setting may not be applied during call transfer.

Normally, there should be no incoming calls after the fixed time, but if you do not cancel the forwarding, the automatic guidance will not switch, and you may have to respond to the phone ringing all the time even after hours .

How to prevent forgetting to unlock

We will introduce the cancellation prevention measures to prevent mistakes such as “I forgot to cancel and the transfer was left unintentionally!” .

Register alarms and reminders

This is a way to register alarms and reminders and have them notify you when the time comes so that you don’t forget to cancel the settings yourself .

Using the calendar and task management tools you use all the time means no extra charges and less risk of missing things.

Using Scheduled Forwarding of Call Forwarding Service

If your call forwarding service has a function that allows you to start or cancel forwarding at a specified date and time, you can make a schedule reservation from the web page.

Find out if the service you are considering subscribing has a date and time reservation function.

Automate with RPA

RPA (robotic process automation) is a technology that uses software robots to memorize and automatically execute computer operations.

By using RPA to create an operation process for starting and canceling call forwarding on the website of the call forwarding service and executing it at a specified date and time, you can automate the start and end of call forwarding.

Use a service that allows you to distribute the person in charge and transfer to multiple people at the same time

In the first place, if you can distribute the call to the appropriate person in charge at the time of receiving the call and receive calls to multiple members, the call will be concentrated on one person and the other members will not be able to answer the call. nothing like that happens.

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With such a call forwarding service, there is no need to worry about forgetting to cancel.

Easy to set up! Call forwarding service “Canario” that can make simultaneous calls

You want to introduce a call forwarding service, but if you leave the forwarding settings as they are, there is a risk of placing too much burden on one person or missing a call.

However, it is troublesome to change the forwarding destination frequently, and to frequently forward or cancel the forwarding.

In the call transfer service “Canario” provided by NEC Networks & System Integration, AI is in charge of primary phone calls.

If there is a contact person’s name, it will be forwarded directly to the person in charge, so you can properly respond to the call you need to take .

Calls without a designated person in charge can be called all at once for each organization , so there is no need to worry about the burden of answering calls being concentrated on a specific person.


  • An increasing number of companies have introduced call forwarding services as a countermeasure against absenteeism and telework.
  • Transferring from a landline phone to a mobile phone concentrates the load of answering calls on one person, so it is necessary to replace or frequently cancel the call.
  • Canario, a call forwarding service that supports AI, can be used to distribute calls to the person in charge and make simultaneous calls.

Please feel free to contact NEC Networks & System Integration for details on “Canario,” which reduces the burden on office telephone staff and promotes both telework and operational efficiency.