I want to improve the sound quality of the Zoom room

For microphones that do not have integrated software audio processing, you can manage the microphone settings in the Zoom room to optimize the microphone sound quality. Zoom Room software audio processing includes echo cancellation, noise reduction, and automatic gain control.

If your microphone includes built-in audio processing, you can disable this setting to ensure that the Zoom room audio processing does not interfere with the built-in audio processing.



  1. On the iPad controller, tap Settings .
  2. Toggle the lock settings so you can change the settings. Please enter your iPad passcode.
  3. Tap the microphone.
  1. If the room’s Source list contains multiple microphones (including devices with built-in microphones), tap the name of the device you want to adjust.
    • The Software Audio Processing option is automatically disabled for the built-in speakers and microphones identified in Zoom .
      This option is automatically enabled for all other audio devices.
    • Disable the Software Speech Processing option if your microphone contains your own speech processing .
  2. After making changes, switch the lock settings again.

Note : The software audio processing option replaces the echo cancellation and automatic microphone adjustment options of older versions of Zoom Room software.