I want to capture screen transmission, image transmission, file transmission by chat in Zoom App

With Zoom Chat, you can send text, screenshots, images, and files to contacts or groups. These features are available for both encrypted and non-encrypted chats.

Note: The maximum supported file size is 512MB.

Windows | Mac | Linux

Open a chat where you need to send screenshots, images, or files. Chat window with a plus sign ( + or click), at the top of the window [Chat> New Chat] or click on the order of, [Contact]> Contact by moving the cursor over the name of [ Select chat .

There are three options above the box for entering text.

To send a screenshot

  1. Click [ Capture Screen] .
  2. Browse the computer to find and open the image.
  3. It will be sent automatically when selected.

To send a file

  1. Click the Fileicon.
  2. Browse your computer for files and open them.
  3. Select to send automatically. The chat window displays the file name and a green check box indicating that the transmission was successful.

iOS | Android

To send a screenshot

  1. Take a screenshot of the device. On most terminals, press the Home button and the Power button simultaneously. On iPhone X, simultaneously press the power button and the volume up button.
  2. Select a chat with Zoom and tap the plus sign [+] .
  1. If you have just taken a screenshot, it will be displayed above the pictogram icon and X. You can tap to send and skip the remaining steps.
  2. If the screenshot does not appear automatically, tap Photo Album .
  3. Tap Photo on the left of the window .
  4. Select [ Screenshot]
  5. Tap the picture you want to send.
  6. [ Send] and then tap.

To send an image

  1. Tap the plus sign [+] .

Tap [Photo Album] .

  1. Tap the picture you want to send.
  2. [ Send] and then tap.

To send a file

To send files from an iOS device, they must be stored on the cloud file sharing service. Zoom is integrated with iCloud Drive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft OneDrive.

  1. Tap the plus sign [+] .

Tap Send File .

Tap the sharing service where the file is stored.

  1. Tap the file to send.
  2. The chat window will display a checkbox indicating successful transmission and a file name.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Zoom Chat, you can send screenshots, images, files, and chat reactions to someone, a group, or a chat channel, in addition to messages.
How to save in-meeting chat manually
  1. Start or join a meeting.
  2. When the meeting is in progress, click Chat.
  3. You can save your chat by clicking Save Chat at the bottom of the chat window. The default location is your Document folder / Zoom / Folder with the meeting’s name, date, and time.


The Cogwheel button in Zoom’s main window opens the settings window. Click the Keyboard shortcuts entry and make sure Screenshot is enabled. While in a meeting, you can take screenshots directly. These screenshots will be saved in Zoom’s folder.
Save the image to your computer by right-clicking it and selecting Save Image As.
The Zoom program by default does not allow participants to copy text from chats, but as host, you can allow participants to save chat, so they can copy from chats as well.
In Zoom meetings, you can share files. However, you will only be able to share certain file extensions.
Toggle the Share screen toggle next to Allow participants to under the section Allow participants to just before you join the meeting. Step 1: Join the Zoom meeting using your host account. Step 2: Tap on the Settings tab.
By clicking on one of the image or video thumbnails, you will be able to select a virtual background. Alternatively, you can upload your own image or video if you wish. If prompted, click Download to download the package without a green screen.

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