I couldn’t answer the forwarding call to my cell phone! To make the call-back number a company number


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With a call forwarding service, you don’t have to have an employee dedicated to answering calls at your company. It will also reduce the man-hours required for answering and returning phone calls.

However, some companies that have not introduced a forwarding service may feel uneasy about how to forward or whether the call-back number will be personal. .

Therefore, in this article, we will explain the transfer service in detail. Let’s also check the introduction method and benefits. You can also check the number when calling back.

How to forward office calls to mobile

There are three main ways to forward office calls to your mobile.

We’ll look at each method here.

Use transfer function

Call forwarding is a feature included in business landlines. Your company may already be using a landline phone with a forwarding function, so let’s take this opportunity to check it out.

However, the transfer function installed in the landline phone can only transfer calls within the range of the PBX (telephone exchange) installed in the company.

Use forwarding service

A forwarding service is an optional service provided by your telephone carrier. Once you subscribe to the service, you can forward calls to your landline to a pre-designated number.

There are different types of call forwarding services, such as forwarding all calls to your office to your mobile number, or ringing your office phone for a short time and forwarding calls to another number if no one is there. .

Some of them seem to have automatic guidance.

Although there is a sense of security because the telephone line operator provides the service, there is basically a transfer fee.

Therefore, be aware that call charges may increase due to the introduction of forwarding services.

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Leverage cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is the above-mentioned telephone exchange (PBX) converted to the cloud.

You can manage your PBX over the internet, no physical PBX required. Therefore, you will be able to use call services on a variety of devices without being restricted by location or time.

Benefits of Forwarding Calls to Your Company’s Landline to Your Mobile

There are many benefits to forwarding incoming calls from your company’s landline phone to your employee’s mobile phone. Here, we will explain the contents in detail.

Simplifies call handling

If a call to the company is forwarded directly to the person in charge, it will save time for intermediary work.

If you don’t use the call forwarding service, another employee will answer the call to the company.

Check with the other party on the content of the call and whether it is necessary to return the call, take notes, and hang up. After that, it is necessary to write it in the telephone book and put it on the desk of the employee in charge.

If it is urgent, the employee who received the call must call the person in charge and tell them to return it.

However, if you use a forwarding service, the staff in charge may not need to do this series of work.

Answer phone calls even when you are out of the office

Of course, if you forward your landline calls to your cell phone, you can answer calls even when you’re not in the office. This is possible even when you are traveling to a business partner, on a business trip, or working from home.

A company with a small number of employees or a company that is busy with work may not be able to prepare an employee who specializes in answering the phone.

If this happens, you may not be able to respond quickly to contacts from your business partners, or you may miss business opportunities from new business partners.

However, the point is that if you use a forwarding service, you can deal with such risks.

less time lag

When considering the use of forwarding services, one function that is often compared is the answering machine function.

Certainly, with the answering machine function, even if no one is available to answer a call addressed to the company, it may be possible to understand the requirements of the other party.

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However, in order for the call to be returned, someone has to check the recorded voicemail and inform the person in charge.

In this case, it will take a considerable time lag from when the other party receives the call to when the call is returned.

What about using a forwarding service? For example, if you set up all incoming calls to your company to be forwarded to your cell phone, you can check incoming calls from the other party no matter where you are.

It’s okay if someone doesn’t check the contents of the answering machine and tell the person in charge.

Even if the forwarding destination can’t handle it, if you have the history, you can call back the caller.

Will the return number be my personal number?

This is a call forwarding service that allows you to warp company calls to your mobile phone number, but when you call back, the number will be your personal one.

When calling back from my cell phone, I can’t use my company’s landline number.

Therefore, if the other party does not register their cell phone number, they may be suspicious of where the call came from.

In addition, when forwarding to the employee’s personal mobile phone, it is undeniable that the employee’s personal information may be leaked and become a big problem.

If you want to prevent your mobile number from being revealed to the other party when you call back, you should consider using a service that hides your number.

Peace of mind with a service that allows you to keep your personal number confidential when calling back!

If you are concerned about your personal number being revealed to the other party when you call back, we recommend using Canario, which keeps your number confidential.

Canario is a call forwarding service provided by NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation. Calls from fixed-line telephones installed at companies, etc. will be forwarded to a pre-registered number.

In addition to keeping the phone number confidential when returning calls, services such as calling all at once when an inquiry comes from an unknown person in charge , or setting business hours and having AI take care of the phone outside of those hours. is available.

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If you are interested in NEC Networks & System Integration’s Canario, please feel free to contact us.


Telephone communication is essential in business, but depending on the situation, you may not be able to answer the incoming call.

In such cases, it is convenient to use a service that allows you to forward calls to another number, such as a mobile phone.

However, the forwarding service will notify the other party of the telephone number used when returning the call. In some cases, it is necessary to be careful because there is a possibility that the employee’s personal mobile number may be leaked.

Considering the convenience of the forwarding function and the secrecy of the number, we recommend using NEC Networks & System Integration’s “Canario”.