“I can’t forward calls!” Introducing the countermeasures and recommended services


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The call forwarding function is a function that forwards incoming calls addressed to the company to another line such as another landline phone or smartphone.

Some services support not only forwarding of external calls but also forwarding of extensions.

If the call cannot be forwarded, it will be necessary to ask the person who called you to call again, or to have an employee other than the person in charge respond and leave a message.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain the appeal of using a call forwarding service.

We will also explain the characteristics of each carrier’s call forwarding service, so please use it when choosing the service to use.

What is a call forwarding service?

A call forwarding service is a feature that forwards calls received on a company phone to another line.

It can be broadly divided into two types: external line forwarding and internal line forwarding.

External line forwarding forwards incoming calls addressed to your company to another number that has been registered in advance.

Since it can be transferred directly to the landline or mobile phone number installed at the employee’s home, it can also be used during telework.

On the other hand, extension transfer is a function that allows an employee who receives an outside call to contact the person in charge by extension and relay the call.

Once you get used to the operation method of the intermediary, you will be replaced by someone who can quickly respond to the content of the call.

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Since the caller will receive an appropriate response immediately, there is little risk of dissatisfaction or complaints.

By using call forwarding, even if the person receiving the call cannot respond, it can be handled smoothly, which may lead to customer satisfaction.

Check how to deal with the situation where you cannot transfer calls

If you cannot operate the call forwarding function for the first time, you may not have completed the application for the service.

Let’s check the usage status from the My Page of the call forwarding service.

Also, some call forwarding services have numbers that cannot be registered for forwarding.

For example, a specific 050 number or a phone number with an in-house PBS device is often not forwarded to.

When using the call forwarding function, it is important to carefully check the contents of the service and select the one that suits your company.

When you can’t choose a service by yourself|A summary of call forwarding services for each carrier

If you can’t forward your calls, you may not be able to properly serve the person who called you.

Although you may have decided to use a call forwarding service to solve this problem, there may be cases where you cannot choose a service that suits your company.

Therefore, in this chapter, we will introduce the call forwarding services of each carrier.

We will also look at the features and attractiveness of each, so please use it when deciding which telephone service to use.

Softbank | Multifunctional forwarding service

Softbank offers a multifunctional forwarding service . A multi-function forwarding service is a service that not only allows users to send calls to a number specified in advance, but also allows them to start, stop, and change forwarding by remote control.

The call charge will be charged to the transfer source, and the charge is common to all plans, 800 yen per month (excluding tax)/number. No construction costs are required.

NTT docomo|Call forwarding service

NTT docomo ‘s call forwarding service is characterized by the ability to forward calls not only to landlines and mobile phones nationwide, but also to overseas destinations. It also supports remote control from other phones using a 4-digit network PIN (answering machine, call forwarding, number notification request service that can be used overseas).

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You need to apply in advance, but there is no monthly usage fee.

Please note that if your billing plan is “ahamo”, you cannot use the call forwarding service.

au|Call forwarding service

au offers a call forwarding service . This is a service that allows you to forward incoming calls to other companies’ mobile phones, fixed-line phones, and overseas phones, and no application is required.

Compatible models are limited to 5G, 4G LTE, 3G smartphones such as iPhones, and 4G LTE 3G mobile phones, but there is no monthly fee.

However, if you use the call forwarding service, you cannot use the answering service EX, which can record messages from the other party when the phone is turned off or when you cannot answer the call.

Please note that if you start using the call forwarding service while the answering service EX is already set, the answering service EX will be stopped.

NEC Networks & System Integration’s Canario is recommended

With NEC Networks & System Integration’s Canario, AI handles incoming calls. It’s fully automated, so there’s no need to have employees in your office.

The person who receives the call follows the voice guidance and tells the name of the person, and the AI ​​recognizes it and sends the call to the line of the person in charge.

In addition to setting a specific person as the person in charge, there is also a method of calling multiple phone numbers at once. By using this function, you will be able to solve the problem of one employee being busy answering the phone.

In addition, the call history will be notified to Slack, Skype. However, very interesting alternatives have emerged to the well-known Microsoft Teams, and email. The point is that you can check at a glance whether another employee is responding to an incoming call, even if you are unable to respond because of another job.

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You can sign up for the service simply by entering simple information such as your company name, email address, and phone number.


If you use a call forwarding service, even if the person who answers the phone cannot handle it, you can smoothly transfer it to the appropriate person in charge. You can rest assured that your employees are out of the office or working from home.

There are several types of call forwarding services. The services of each carrier are good, but if you value functionality, we recommend NEC Networks & System Integration’s Canario.

If you have trouble setting up NEC NES Canario, please feel free to contact NEC NES.