How to use Zoom Meeting? Summary of how to invite and participate in meetings

How to use Zoom Meeting
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From July 15, 2022, Zoom will have a 40-minute limit even for meetings with two participants if you have a free subscription. (Previously, it was only for meetings of 3 or more people.)
Companies and organizations using Zoom for business should consider switching to a paid license at this opportunity. 

Zoom is a popular service used by more than 1 million organizations around the world, and is highly rated for its ease of use and high quality.

Here, we introduce the features and functions of the Zoom meeting, as well as the actual operation method.

If you are thinking about introducing web conferencing or migrating from the service you are currently using to Zoom, please refer to it.

What is a Zoom meeting? Service features

What is a Zoom meeting

Zoom is an online meeting tool used by many companies.

With its unique technology, it achieves overwhelming compression of communication traffic compared to other services, enabling relatively stable communication even with low bandwidth such as mobile lines.

Another reason why Zoom is chosen is the high level of security and the abundance of compatible devices.

First, let’s take a closer look at the features of the Zoom service.

Reputation for high security measures

Security is probably the biggest concern when using online services for meetings.

Especially in places where important content is handled, there are concerns about information leakage and unauthorized access.

Zoom is equipped with the following functions to strengthen security.

  • Encrypted communication (AES256, TLS)
  • Require set up a password at the individual meeting, go to the settings tab and enable it. This setting will give you an option to set your password when entering meeting room
  • Entry settings for specific domain users only
  • Forced exit function
  • Lock the conference room after all prospective participants have entered the room, etc.

If it is for personal use within the scope of a hobby, there is no problem with a free service, but in the business scene, it is recommended to have a proper security measure.

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Zoom is a safe service that can be used for important meetings due to various functions such as encrypted communication.

Reduce installation costs by using existing devices

Another major feature of Zoom is that existing devices can be used as they are.

It is compatible with each OS such as Windows, iOS, and Android, and can be easily used from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

There are many cases where you have to purchase dedicated equipment separately for other services, and it can be said that it is an advantage for companies to reduce the introduction cost.

Also, the UI (interface) of Zoom does not change much between PC and smartphone, so there should be little confusion about the usability.

Useful functions for web conferences and seminars

Useful functions for web conferences and seminars
Zoom Meeting has many useful functions that can be used during web conferences.

From here, we will introduce the basic functions that can be used in a Zoom meeting.

Meeting recording (recording/recording)

It is possible to record and save the video and audio in the Zoom meeting.

It eliminates the need to create meeting minutes, and information transmission to late participants and absentees can be completed simply by sharing the saved data as it is.

It can also be used to review the content, so you won’t have to worry about missing anything.

There are two types of saving methods available for Zoom meetings: local saving and cloud saving.

A business license is required to use cloud storage, but it is recommended because data can be saved even if the connection is interrupted.

Also, by saving in the cloud, you can share the URL, so you can review the recorded file even if you are not on the go or in the office.

screen sharing

It is also possible to share each other’s screens during a Zoom meeting.

Both host and client screens can be shared, and comments and annotations can be added.

This will enable smooth communication of content that is difficult to convey verbally, such as explanations of screen transitions and instructions on how to operate.

You can share not only PowerPoint and PDF screens but also video files with audio, so it is recommended to use it for presentations to distant business partners.

There is also a function to add comments and annotations, and it can also be used as a memo.

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breakout room

The Breakout Rooms feature is useful if you want to divide the members of your meeting into smaller Channels . You can add contacts, create contact groups.

The host can specify a group, or you can specify it randomly on the Zoom side.

It is also possible to change members, so it is recommended for interviews and discussions during group training.

Hosts are free to participate in each group’s conversations.

text chat

In a Zoom meeting, you can use not only voice conversations but also text chats.

Chat is convenient for contents that you want to leave as text, such as event schedules and remarks.

If you record the meeting in chat, you will be able to check the content quickly because you can save the trouble of listening to the meeting data from scratch.

How to use Zoom Meeting

How to use Zoom Meeting
One of the attractions of Zoom meetings is not only functionality, but also simple and easy-to-use operability.

Finally, let’s check how to operate a web conference with a Zoom meeting.

Only hosts need account creation

Many meeting tools require both the host and client to have an account before they can be used.

With Zoom, as long as the host has an account, there is no need for other participants to create accounts.

If you want to hold a meeting with Zoom, the host should create an account and hold the meeting.

You can create an account for free from your PC’s browser or smartphone/tablet app.

Web conference invitation

Follow the steps below to host a meeting.

  • Create new meeting
  • Notify the target person of the invitation URL
  • When the other party clicks the URL, it enters the participation state

If you want to add new members after starting the meeting, click the “Invite” button displayed on the screen during the meeting.

You can choose to invite by email or invite to your Zoom account.

Join a web conference

To join a meeting, simply click the invitation URL sent from the host or enter the meeting ID.

When using a Zoom meeting for the first time, you will need to download and install Zoom.

When you click the URL, it will automatically transition to the download screen, so let’s install it yourself.

From the second time onwards, click the URL to proceed to the meeting screen.

If you have a laptop with a built-in camera, microphone, and speaker, or a smartphone or tablet, you don’t need to prepare any special equipment.

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After starting Zoom, you can start a conversation as it is.

Meeting scheduling

For Zoom meetings, it is also possible to set the meeting schedule in advance and notify the participants.

Let’s register the reservation by entering the meeting content, date and time, required time, etc. from the schedule setting screen.

You can also set a password for the meeting.

There is also a function to notify you of meetings on a regular basis, so it is convenient to check it when holding regular meetings with Zoom.


  • Zoom is a meeting tool with a reputation for high security and a wide variety of compatible models
  • Equipped with functions useful for progressing meetings such as screen sharing and breakout rooms
  • The point is the ease of use that can be started only by issuing an invitation URL

Zoom meetings can be exchanged between PCs and smartphones, and are attracting attention as a tool for communicating anywhere.

This service is useful for smooth information sharing and cost reduction, so please consider introducing it at this opportunity