How to use Office and SharePoint with Microsoft 365 Apps for business

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Microsoft 365 Apps for business is the best plan for those who want to use only Office apps.

While keeping the price low, it covers desktop apps that can be used with a perpetual license of Office, and comes with a large-capacity cloud storage, so it can be said that it is a necessary and sufficient plan for those who use Office for business.

However, if you are interested in information sharing and internal communication tools such as SharePoint, you cannot use it with just a Microsoft 365 Apps for business license.

In this article, we will explain what kind of contract methods are available if you want to use Office and SharePoint Online.

Applications included in Microsoft 365 Apps for business

 The desktop apps included in Microsoft 365 Apps for business are based on “Office Professional 2021”, which is a higher plan for Office perpetual licenses.

Since it is a plan that allows you to use all the familiar Office apps, it is a lineup that will satisfy both those who are using Office for the first time and those who are migrating from a perpetual license of Office.

Let’s take a look at the main features and uses of each Microsoft 365 Apps for business app.


Word is Microsoft’s word processing software.

Not only can you enter characters freely, but there are also a variety of functions such as character search/replace, heading setting, table of contents creation, and grammar proofing.

You can also change fonts and colors, and insert images and illustrations, so you can use it to create various documents such as business documents, papers, New Year’s cards, and business cards.


Excel is a spreadsheet software that is mainly used to enter numerical values, calculate and analyze, and create graphs.

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You can input functions to perform calculations, and use macros to automatically perform multiple operations, making complex calculations and aggregation work more efficient.

In addition, the input is in units of squares called “cells”, and the feature is that grid lines are drawn vertically and horizontally.

It is easy to arrange text and images, and is often used for creating documents in the same way as Word.


Outlook is an email client (software for sending and receiving emails) that is also standard software for Windows PCs.

In addition to email, there are functions such as address book, schedule, task management, etc. If you are using Microsoft 365 in your company, you can easily share schedules and tasks between users.

Please note that Microsoft 365 Apps for business does not include a mail server, so in order to use mail with Outlook, you need to subscribe to a separate mail address and mail server.


PowerPoint is software used to create presentation materials and display slides during presentations.

With a wealth of templates and materials available, anyone can easily create presentation slides and handouts.

You can also add objects such as text and images and animation effects when switching slides to create presentations with high visual effects.


Access is Microsoft’s database creation and management software.

Data can be aggregated and extracted with Excel, but it is not suitable for processing large amounts of data because there are limits to the number of rows and columns and the number of characters that can be entered in a cell.

Access can store up to 2GB of data and can be used simultaneously from multiple terminals, so it can be used to build business systems.


Publisher is DTP software provided by Microsoft.

Like Word, it is software for creating documents, but since it is aimed at creating printed materials, it is characterized by a high degree of freedom in layout editing and easy operation.

It is best to use Word for proposals and reports that mainly use text, and Publisher for leaflets and pamphlets where you want to focus on the layout.

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Microsoft 365 Apps for business comes with cloud storage “OneDrive for business”.

This was not included in the Office perpetual license.

In fact, the OneDrive app is available without a paid license agreement. If you have a personal Microsoft account, you can use up to 5GB for free, so it’s not impossible to use both the perpetual license of Office and the free version of OneDrive.

However, the maximum capacity of 5GB may not be enough for business use.

If you are a licensed user of Microsoft 365 Apps for business, you will be given 1 TB of storage per person, so you can save data without worrying about the capacity limit.

How to use SharePoint Online with Apps for business

OneDrive provided by Microsoft 365 Apps for business is a cloud storage that is mainly intended for personal use and is not suitable for sharing within an organization.

A tool called “SharePoint Online” is suitable for file sharing in organizational units such as the entire company, department, and team.

What you can do with SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a data sharing tool for information sharing and communication within an organization.

The difference with OneDrive is difficult to understand, but the storage area of ​​SharePoint Online is shared not by each user but by the entire organization, and access rights can be set in detail.

Therefore, SharePoint Online can be used for the following purposes.

  • Construction of internal portal sites and bulletin boards
  • Browse shared materials
  • Shared storage accessible only to members of a department or team

Optional charges for SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is not included in the Microsoft 365 Apps for business plan, but it is available with the additional purchase of a SharePoint-only plan.

The SharePoint Online option comes in two plans, with the same storage capacity no matter which one you choose.

The difference between Plan 1 and Plan 2 is the difference in security features.

Monthly fee (per user) *In case of annual contract capacity feature
SharePoint Online Plan 1 630 yen 1TB + number of users x 10GB Basic functions such as content management and workflow
SharePoint Online Plan 2 1,250 yen 1TB + number of users x 10GB Top plans with enhanced security and compliance
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Recommended plans for Microsoft 365 that can also use SharePoint

If you subscribe to SharePoint Online Plan 1, which costs 630 yen per month as an option, it will cost 7,560 yen per user per year.

Therefore, if you want to use both Office apps and SharePoint, we recommend signing up for a Microsoft 365 plan that includes SharePoint Online.

Microsoft 365 Business Standard is the most well-balanced standard plan among Microsoft 365 general corporate plans.

It is more than 1,000 yen cheaper per year than signing up for both Microsoft 365 Apps for business and SharePoint Online Plan 1, and it also comes with an email service “Exchange Online” that allows you to set your own domain, and a team collaboration tool “Teams”, so it is very cost-effective. Call it a plan.

Microsoft 365 Apps for business Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Annual fee (per user) 12,360 yen 18,720 yen
Office (desktop app)
SharePoint Online plan 1
OneDrive 1TB 1TB
Exchange Online (email service) 50GB

Article Summary

  • With Microsoft 365 Apps for business, you can use all the Office apps included in Office Professional 2021
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for business also comes with 1TB of cloud storage per person
  • Even if SharePoint Online is not included in your plan, you can add it as an option
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan is better than adding SharePoint alone

Microsoft 365 has various plans,

“I don’t know which plan is the best deal”

“Which plan allows you to use both this tool and that tool?”

I think that various questions will come out.