[How to use] If you want to have a Zoom meeting at your company, a paid license is recommended over the free version

[How to use] If you want to have a Zoom meeting at your company, a paid license is recommended over the free version
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From July 15, 2022, Zoom will have a 40-minute limit even for meetings with two participants if you have a free subscription. (Previously, it was only for meetings of 3 or more people.)
Companies and organizations using Zoom for business should consider switching to a paid license at this opportunity. 

Some people think that the free version of Zoom is sufficient because it has a lot of functions, but in the United States, where Zoom is widely used, many companies are switching to paid version licenses.

The reason for this is to maximize business efficiency and company branding (image).

In this article, I will explain what you can do with Zoom’s free license and why many American companies are switching to the paid version of Zoom.

Zoom free version features and usage

First, I will explain the functions and usage of the free version of Zoom.

Zoom can be used not only on PCs and Macs, but also as an application for tablets and smartphones.

Although it is very easy to use, it is characterized by high functions such as screen sharing.

You need to create an account before using Zoom, but it’s free and easy to complete in about 5 minutes.

Even though it is a free account, there is no time limit, such as free days, and many functions can be used as is.

We have summarized the functions and features of the free version license.

Free license features

There’s so much you can do with Zoom’s free license.

1:1 web meeting Time limit (40 minutes)
Web meeting for 3 or more people Time limit (40 minutes)
Web meeting schedule host a meeting at a specific time
Screen sharing Share your screen with people in the meeting
Breakout room feature Ability to hold meetings in smaller groups from among the participants
Whiteboard function Ability to use the screen as a whiteboard
virtual background Replace your background with a virtual image
Remote control function Enabling operations on the other party’s screen

In fact, there is almost no difference in functions and usage between Zoom’s free version license and paid version license.

Some people may think that the free version license is enough, but there is a reason why it cannot be said unconditionally.

I will explain why in the next section.

Why Many Companies and Organizations Choose Paid Licenses

Many Zoom users are using the free version license. The reason is that the functions that can be used are not much different between the free version license and the paid version license (Pro or Business).

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However, if a company or organization wants to introduce Zoom, a paid license is recommended, and many companies and organizations actually use a paid license.

What are the reasons for this?

Paid version license is selected

The following are typical reasons why Zoom paid licenses (Pro and Business) are selected.

  • No meeting time limit of 40 minutes
  • Personal ID (PMI) available
  • Has a reporting function
  • Record and save online (cloud)
  • Business accounts can use their own site management functions, etc.

There are many more, but the ones above are the ones that deserve special attention.

Let’s take a look at each feature along with what’s in each license.

Features and usage of Pro license, Business license, and Enterprise license

There are three types of Zoom paid licenses: Pro license, Business license, and Enterprise license.

To put it simply, the recommended license changes depending on the size of the team and company you use.

Pro License sole proprietorship, small team
Business License Small and medium-sized enterprises
Enterprise License for large enterprises

Functions and Usage of Pro License

The Pro license is recommended for small teams in the company, individual business owners such as designers, and those who host web seminars and online salons.

In the free version, there was a usage limit of 40 minutes even if two participants were using the meeting, but with the paid license, it will be removed and you will be able to hold meetings with no time limit (up to 24 hours). .

This is very important. Interrupting business talks and meetings every 40 minutes can be a major obstacle to running a business.

A proper conference or meeting often does not fit in 40 minutes. .

Also, if you use seminars or online salons, you may disappoint important customers and fans, and the larger the number of people, the more difficult it is to reconnect.

However, if you have a Pro license or higher, you can hold virtually unlimited meetings (up to 24 hours for a Pro license) .

  • Invite up to 100 people to your meeting
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • User management function
  • Admin feature control
  • Reporting function
  • Custom Personal Meeting ID
  • Specify scheduler
  • cloud storage

Notable features and uses here are virtually no time limit (up to 24 hours), administrator function controls, the ability to set a custom personal meeting ID, and the ability to use cloud storage.

What are admin feature controls?

The administrator function control is a function that you definitely want when you need to manage a meeting with a large number of people, or when you conduct a web seminar or online salon.

As an account administrator or owner, you can use advanced meeting management features such as enabling or disabling recording of meetings, encryption, chat, notifications, etc., so you can control the meetings themselves.

What is a Custom Personal Meeting ID

A Custom Personal Meeting ID is a 10-digit host-specific meeting number.

With this custom personal meeting ID, you can use it conveniently when holding meetings continuously or holding meetings at a fixed cycle like web seminars and online salons.

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With a custom personal meeting ID, you don’t have to send your meeting ID or URL to attendees every time.

Is it an image of how to use it, so to speak, like a home phone number, where a designated meeting room is always available?

If you share the date and time of meetings, webinars, and online salons, participants will come to your meeting room without hesitation.

What is cloud storage?

This is also a feature to remember as a convenient way to use Zoom’s paid version license.

With the free version license of Zoom, you can record the shared screen of the meeting and the meeting, and record and save all the remarks of the participants, but the save destination is local only (PC, smartphone, tablet). will be

This puts pressure on the capacity of PCs, smartphones, and tablets, and even if you want to publish the contents of meetings and seminars online, you will need to encode (change to the optimal format when publishing online).

However, if you have a paid version of Zoom, you don’t have to do that.

It can be saved directly to the cloud (online) and can be published, so it is easy to share with people who participated in the Zoom meeting .

After a Zoom meeting or seminar, it is also possible to download and watch videos for those who could not participate.

Functions and Usage of Business License

The difference between Zoom’s Business and Pro licenses is that you can increase the number of participants and brand your company.

  • 10 host settings
  • Up to 300 people can join a Zoom meeting
  • Administrative dashboard
  • Vanity URL (original URL setting)
  • Automatic contact addition with domain binding
  • Company branding settings
  • Custom mail function etc.

What is a vanity URL (original URL setting)?

A vanity URL is an original URL setting that can be used by Business licensees.

When inviting to a Zoom meeting, it was necessary to send the URL set by Zoom, but with the Business license, you can set the optimal URL yourself. (Example: company name.zoom.us)

This will give attendees the confidence to click on the shared URL as it is branded with your company name, and will allow users to know they are being invited to a proper and credible meeting or conference. prize.

What is automatic contact addition by domain binding?

By setting a company or university email address domain, you can automatically add users using that email address domain to your Zoom account.

What are company branding settings?

Company branding here means that you can customize the screen that users and participants join meetings from.

To explain what it means, users and participants accessed Zoom’s prepared pages with the Free and Pro licenses, but with the Business license branding settings, the original pages can be displayed. increase.

It is possible to display not only the contents of the page to be displayed, but also the header, footer, and company logo.

This function is also recommended for those who regularly hold online salons and web seminars.

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What is custom mail function?

This is another useful feature for branding.

When hosting Zoom meetings, online salons, and web seminars, we often send emails to invitees.

You can customize that email to send branded emails that look like party invitations.

Features and Usage of Enterprise License

With the Enterprise license, in addition to the functions that have been available with the Pro and Business licenses, highly specialized services are attached.

  • All features of previous plans
  • 50 host settings
  • Up to 500 participants
  • Zoom webinar discount bundle

The Enterprise license will be for large companies, and the usage will be different from other licenses. Also, it varies depending on the size of the company.

If you are a person in charge of a large company or an interested user, it is a good idea to inquire about the details.

Zoom paid license is recommended instead of free if you want to brand your company without stress

How was it? In this article, I explained what you can do with Zoom’s free license, what you can do by switching to a paid license, and how you can use it.

Zoom has a lot of free license functions, and many individual users think that this is enough, but users of organizations and small and medium enterprises often switch to paid licenses.

In particular, Zoom’s paid license has no time limit of 40 minutes, has a host management function, and can prepare original URLs and meeting rooms. These are very useful for branding your company or organization.

If you are thinking about introducing Zoom to your company or organization, we recommend that you consider not only the free version license but also the paid version license.