[How to use] How to host a meeting with Zoom

[How to use] How to host a meeting with Zoom
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From July 15, 2022, Zoom will have a 40-minute limit even for meetings with two participants if you have a free subscription. (Previously, it was only for meetings of 3 or more people.)
Companies and organizations using Zoom for business should consider switching to a paid license at this opportunity. 

Zoom is popular as a web (meeting tool, online meeting tool).

Easy to use and easy to communicate, it has been introduced to many companies and used for online salons and online seminars.

This article explains how to host a meeting as a host and host privileges for those who want to use Zoom.

It is recommended for those who want to master how to use Zoom from now on, so please take a look to the end.

If you want to hold a meeting as a host, you need to create a Zoom account

If you want to host a meeting on Zoom, you first need to create a Zoom account.

Creating an account is not difficult and can be done easily. 10 minutes should be enough time.

There are two ways to create a Zoom account: from a PC such as Windows or Mac, or by downloading the app.

Let’s see how to do it from a PC.

Create a Zoom account from your PC

First of all, if you are an individual, access the Zoom website.

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When you access the Zoom website, there is a “Sign up is free” button on the upper right of the screen, so click here.

Then, there is an item to enter your work email address, so enter your email address here and click the “Sign up” button.


A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address, so please click the registration URL in the confirmation email or the “Activate Account” button.


Then, you will be taken to the “Welcome to Zoom” screen, so enter the necessary information in each item of “Name”, “Last Name”, “ set up a password at the individual meeting, go to the settings tab and enable it. This setting will give you an option to set your Password“, and “Confirm Password” and click the “Continue” button.

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Make more friends. It will transition to the page, but you can skip it with “Skip the procedure”. You can register later.

Once registration is complete, you can download the desktop app, so install it on your PC or Mac and you’re done.

Create an account from your smart device

Zoom also has apps for smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can also create an account by downloading the app, installing it on your smart device, launching it, and doing it from the app screen.

The app can be installed from the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and from Google Play for Android.

Launch the App Store, Google Play, and each app, and search for “Zoom” to find an app named “Zoom Cloud Meetings”.

That is the Zoom app for smartphones and tablets.

After “Zoom Cloud Meetings” has been downloaded and installed, launch the app.

Then there is a place called “Sign up”, so tap there.


Then you can enter “email address”, “name”, “last name”, enter the necessary information, check “I agree to the terms of service”, and tap Sign up in the upper right. .


A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered.

Tap “Active Account” in that email to create an account.

After that, launch the app again and “Sign in“.

Let’s host a meeting! Introducing how to use the app

Once you have created and prepared your Zoom account, let’s host a meeting right away.

The procedure is the same whether you are using a PC or a smart device.

Tap or click New Meeting in the upper left corner of the screen.


At that time, you can set whether to turn on the video before the meeting starts, so it is good to switch on / off as you like.

Video can also be turned on/off during the meeting.

When you start a meeting, you may get a message “How do you want to join the audio conference on PC?” or “Join audio to hear other users’ voices” on smart devices. .

In that case, you should select “Join computer audio”/”Call using Internet”.

Now you can host a Zoom meeting as a host.

Invite meeting participants

After hosting (hosting) a meeting as a host, you need to let participants know about the meeting and invite them to join.

Usage is slightly different between PC and smart device apps.

Let’s start by looking at how to use Zoom on a PC.

Notify participants of a meeting on a PC

If the host opens Zoom on a PC and is holding a meeting, you can see the “Participant” icon and letters at the bottom.

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Click here


Then, if you have registered acquaintances in your contacts, their names will be displayed.

If you want to invite a registered friend, just click on it.

To invite unregistered people to the meeting, click “Copy URL” or “Copy Invitation” displayed at the bottom of the window.


You can copy the invitation URL with “Copy URL”, so you can paste it into an email, or paste it into a communication tool and send it.

“Copy invitation” allows you to copy the text and invitation URL, so it can be said that it is suitable for invitations with polite text.

You can also invite by informing the meeting ID

When the host holds a Zoom meeting, you will see the meeting ID in the open window.


This is an ID assigned to each room of the meeting, and it may be a good use to remember because the host can also invite the participants by telling this to the participants.

How to use a device such as a smartphone to notify participants of a meeting

Next, let’s take a look at how to use a smart device to host a Zoom meeting and then invite participants.

Launch the app and start a new meeting.
There is a tab called “Participants” at the bottom of the app, so tap that.


Then tap the invite button at the bottom of the page.


Then you can choose from the following four methods.

  1. Send email
  2. Send message
  3. Inviting contacts
  4. Copy URL


It doesn’t matter which one you choose. If you use internal tools or communication apps, it is recommended to copy and paste the URL.

You can also reserve (schedule) a meeting

Zoom meeting hosts can also schedule appointments.

When you launch Zoom, there is a button called “Schedule”, so you can select this and specify the date and time.

Of course, you can also tell the people who are planning to attend the scheduled meeting, and you can also share it with linked calendars such as iCall and Google Calendar.

Once you get used to Zoom, this will also be a convenient way to use it.

Zoom Host Privileges and Usage

The host of a Zoom meeting has various privileges over participants.

I will also touch on the privileges these hosts have and how to use them.
If you right-click on the participant’s screen, a window will appear on the host.

Click here for details and usage of host privileges

audio mute Participants can be muted
stop video Participant video can be turned off
chat Send chat to selected participants
change name Can rename participants
change video Keep the video of the selected participant large and fixed while in speaker view
spotlight video Highlight attendees selected by the host with a spotlight effect
make a host Selected participants can be appointed as hosts
co-host You can appoint selected participants as co-hosts
Permission to record give recording permission
Subtitle input assignment You can ask participants to input subtitles
delete Can remove participants from the meeting
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About co-hosting and how to change hosts

You can also use the convenient co-host function by switching to a Zoom paid license. By giving multiple people the same authority as the host, this allows for smooth progress by dividing and hosting a Zoom meeting with a large number of people.

Also, if the host leaves in the middle, the Zoom meeting will normally end, but it is possible to continue as it is by changing the host.

Please refer to the following related articles for these functions.


How was that. This time, I explained what the host can do when using Zoom, host privileges, and how to hold a meeting.

Zoom is a tool/app that can be used comfortably with very simple operations.

As well as web conferencing inside and outside the company. When used for online salons, web seminars, etc., very effective communication will be created between the host and the participants.

If you are interested, please try Zoom.

We also offer plans for companies. If you are thinking of introducing Zoom to your company or organization, please contact us.