How to start Meeting with the Zoom web client

By using the Zoom web client, you can join, watch, and participate in Zoom meetings and Webinars without having to download any plugins, software, or plugins. Zoom’s web client allows users to join meetings through their web browser without needing to download the Zoom application, also known as the web client, as long as they have limited access to installation or download software. Generally, participants who join a Zoom meeting through their web browser do not need to sign into their Zoom accounts, but the host can insist on this if necessary.

In your Zoom settings page, you can decide whether the Join From Browser link appears automatically when the participant attempts to download Zoom, or whether it only appears when the participant attempts to download Zoom.


  • There are a number of limitations associated with web clients, and it is typically optimal to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Chromium Edge in order to achieve ideal performance. Below you will find a list of our web clients and their available features.
  • Internet Explorer (IE) 11 will no longer be supported by Microsoft as of August 17, 2021. On September 30, 2021, Zoom will end support for IE based on this date. Zoom can still be used on Internet Explorer, but Zoom will no longer be providing support for Internet Explorer, fixing issues related to Internet Explorer, or offering any customer service for Internet Explorer.
  • A webinar practice session cannot be joined by a panelist from the web client at the present time.

Prerequisites for using the web client

  • A Chrome Edge version of 80 or greater is recommended
  • For users of Google Chrome version 53.0.2785 or later
  • As well as Safari version 10.0.602.1.50
  • And Firefox version 76 or later
  • As well as Internet Explorer 10 or greater
  • Microsoft has announced that IE 11 will cease to be supported on August 17, 2021. Zoom has set a date in September, 2021, by which it will end its support for Internet Explorer. There will not longer be a support team for IE or any related issues, nor will we offer support related to IE after this date. Users can still use Zoom on IE after this date, but we will no longer offer user support related to IE.
  • IE support has been switched off.


In the mobile versions of web browsers, there is no support for the web client.

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How to start or join meetings and webinars with the web client

Join a meeting or webinar

Zoom meetings and webinars can be accessed from users’ web browsers without downloading Zoom.

  1. From your email or calendar invite, find the link for the meeting invite.
  2. Join the meeting by clicking the link.
  3. Any pop-up window requesting you to install or open Zoom should be ignored.
  4. Click the Join from Browser link at the bottom of the page.
  5. Changing the Join From Browser setting should enable this option.
  6. Once you have signed into your Zoom account, you will be prompted to sign in. If you don’t already have an account with Zoom, you will need to create one.
    If your name and the password for the meeting are not included in the link, you will be prompted to enter them.
  7. Click the Join button.

Start a scheduled meeting or webinar

  1. To access the Zoom website, sign in with your Zoom username and password.
  2. Once you are logged in, select Meetings or Webinars from the navigation menu.
  3. To start the meeting, click the button next to the title.
  4. On the right hand side, click the button Start this Meeting.
  5. When requested to open Zoom, click Cancel if you do not wish to do so.
  6. From your web browser, click on the Join button.
  7. You need to make sure that the Join From Browser option is enabled if you do not see this option.

Start an instant meeting

  1. You will then be able to access the Zoom website by signing in to it.
  2. There is an option to start a meeting with video on, video off, or only a screen share meeting in the top-right corner next to your profile picture. Click HOST A MEETING next to your profile picture.
  3. Zoom will open the desktop client if prompted. Click Cancel if you are prompted not to open Zoom.
  4. Click the Join from your Browser button in the Open Zoom window that appears.
  5. Please be sure to enable Join from Browser if you do not see this option.

Start join audio

If you join the audio with a computer, by phone or by choosing call me (if the option is available for the caller’s account), you can add audio. A plan for audio conferencing is required when calling toll-free.

  1. In the meeting controls, click the Join Audio button.
  2. The method of joining can be selected by clicking on the Call Me, Phone Call, or Computer Audio tabs.
    • Phone Call:
    • Just dial your phone number as directed by the screen, then you’re all set.
    • Computer Audio:
    • From the computer audio menu, choose Join Audio. In the lower left corner of the window, you will find Mute/Unmute, or you may click the * for the selection of another microphone and/or speaker after you have joined computer audio.
    • Call Me:
    • Select the country from the drop down box where you wish to call, then type in the number that you would like to call from the drop down box. In order to store this number for future meetings, please check the box that says Remember this number for future use. To make a call, click the button.

How to use the web client while in a meeting

View video

It will allow you to view a variety of participant videos in Gallery view and Speaker view, as well as up to nine specific participant videos if you are the spotlight. Alternatively, you can choose to stop all video from coming in, which is useful if your internet bandwidth is limited or if you want to avoid mental exhaustion.

Invite others

  1. On the Meeting Controls page, click the Participants link.
  2. On the Participants panel, click the Invite button in the lower left hand corner.
  3. If you are the waiting room , the screen will change to the following screen. Please wait until the host, and if you are logged in, then you will have a selection of options depending on the add-ons available for your account.
    • Contacts:
    • Use your existing contacts that you already know in Zoom to attend.
    • Zoom Rooms:
    • You will be able to invite people that are in your Zoom Rooms.
    • Email:
    • The following steps will allow you to send an email through your default email client, Gmail, Yahoo e-mail, or to copy the entire invitation, or even to send an email using your default email client.
    • Call Out:
    • You can call out to participants who are part of the audio conferencing by phone if you have a plan that includes such a service. During the procedure, you will be asked to enter each contact‘s name, country, phone number, whether you would like them to hear a greeting or have to press 1 to begin, and the time zone they reside in, and click Connect.
    • Room System:
    • It is possible to view the information for a H.323 or SIP room system to join the call or you can call out of the call to their IP address if you have the Cloud Room Connector add-on .

Share your screen

  1. In the toolbar of your meeting, click Share Screen.
  2. In the Share Screen dialog box, you can pick which screen you wish to share. This will play on each of the monitors if you have more than one monitor connected to your computer.
    Choosing a window on the Window tab, selecting the application you want to share, and then clicking the Share button will do the trick.

    • The updates made to a document while it is being shared may not be visible to the other users of the application. Trying to solve this problem is as simple as stopping sharing and restarting the sharing process or sharing the entirety of your screen.
    • Windows 10 users will be able to select from a limited number of sharing options when they have several open applications. Close any unnecessary applications and try again. If the application you are trying to share does not appear, close unnecessary applications.
    • You will be able to choose what Chrome tab you want to share when connected via the Chrome browser.
  3. While screen sharing, you will have access to the following controls:
    • You will be able to see a preview of your shared screen on the notification at the top of your Zoom meeting window. You may pause screen sharing by clicking the Pause Share button.
    • When you are ready to resume screen sharing, simply click the Resume Share button. When you are done sharing your screen, click Stop Share to end it.
    • In the upper right hand corner of your browser, you will see a floating notification bar. To stop the sharing of your screen, click Stop sharing. If you want to hide the floating notification bar, click Hide.
  4. If you want to change who has access to the screen sharing, you can click the upward arrow beside the Share Screen button.

Request remote control

You are able to remotely control the screen of another participant who is screen sharing.

  1. Then click Request Remote Control at the top of the screen share menu while viewing the screen share.
  2. If you wish to confirm, click Request.
  3. If you wish to control the screen of the participant, click inside the screen share.
  4. At the top, you can choose to give up control of the participant’s screen.

Use webinar Q&A

If the host enables these features, then you can ask questions, upvote answers, and comment on them.

  1. You can access the webinar controls by clicking on Q&A.
  2. There will be several buttons available to you such as:
  • You can ask a question by typing it into the text box below.
  • When another participant asks a question, you can choose to vote up the question or add a comment by clicking the thumbs up icon. Those who vote up their question will appear at the top of the list.

Record your recordings in the cloud

To record video, audio, and chat text, click Record to do so as the host of the meeting. The web client does not support local recordings.

Add and launch polls

You can add questions to your meetings using the polling feature in the meetings. We will be able to see the results of the poll during the meeting and you will be able to collect them all.

Manage participants

To manage the participants in a meeting, click the Participants control in the meeting control panel. Web clients may not be able to use some of these features. You can find more information about the features of the web client by taking a look at the detailed list of features.

Use webinar Q&A

To manage the questions that attendees have submitted, click Q&A on the webinar host, co-host, or panelist page.

Use Mask Background

In a meeting, you can mask some of your background and maintain a portion of your face visible while masking your background. How to do it:

  1. Create a meeting or join an existing one.
  2. Select the More button on the meeting controls and then select the Settings tab.
  3. From the Settings tab, select the Background tab.
  4. Once you have selected the background you would like, click on it.
  5. (Optional) If you want the view of your video to be mirrored, click Mirror my video. Some users may find this to be more natural.
  6. Click on the shape in the video preview window to change the shape and the location of the cutout that fits your face. This is optional. As you can see (Circle, Rectangle, Heart), three options will appear, and all you have to do is click one of them to change the shape. If you want to move the shape around in the video preview window, click-and-drag the shape around.
  7. The Settings window will close if you click the X. Click the back button to return to the meeting.

Uploading additional images to use as background can be done as follows:

  1. Create a meeting or join one.
  2. Click More and then select Settings in the meeting controls.
  3. From the meeting controls, select the Background tab.
  4. A file browser will open up when you click the plus key.
  5. From there, you can select your desired image and click Open.
  6. Once the image has been added to the list, you will be able to customize the background. When you click the image, it will become your background.

Use other features

See the detailed list of web client features to learn more about the features that are available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions


The home page can be found by clicking here
  1. The Zoom Desktop Client needs to be installed on your computer.
  2. On the tab Home, click the “Home” button.
  3. The down arrow (optional) can be clicked if you wish. During the launch of your instant meeting, you will see several options at your disposal. For instance, you will be able to start your instant meeting with your video on. …
  4. To create a new meeting, click the New Meeting button. A meeting can be started immediately by clicking the button below.
Running Zoom meetings from your web browser is the easiest way to get started

By logging into your Zoom account, you will be able to access Zoom’s website. You will find the “hosting a meeting” button in the upper right corner of the screen, located near the top of the screen. In order to begin sharing your screen, please choose either “without video,” “with video on,” or “without video.” Next, press the “start from your browser” button.

Using the Zoom web client, you will be able to participate in Zoom meetings or webinars directly from your web browser; you won’t need to download any plug-ins or software in order to participate in Zoom meetings or webinars directly from your web browser. Many users are restricted in what they can install or download due to the fact that they are not permitted to do so. It is possible for these users to join Zoom meetings using their web browser and do not have to download any applications to their computers.
Here are the details about Zoom’s Web Portal:

Enter your email address and password on the Zoom website at and click on the Login button. Signing in will take you to the profile page of your account after you have signed in. I would like to welcome you to your own private virtual room. You can use this at any time as long as the date is scheduled for a future date, so it can be used at your convenience at any time.

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