How to set the virtual background of Zoom? How do I customize or unlock?

How to set the virtual background of Zoom
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From July 15, 2022, Zoom will have a 40-minute limit even for meetings with two participants if you have a free subscription. (Previously, it was only for meetings with 3 or more people.)
Companies and organizations using Zoom for business should consider switching to a paid license at this opportunity. 

Zoom is a tool that allows you to easily hold meetings online using a computer (Windows, Mac) or smartphone (Android, etc.).

Zoom has various functions, but this time we will explain in detail about “virtual background setting”. Let’s check the charm of Zoom’s virtual background setting and the specific setting method. It also explains how to cancel the background setting.

This article is for people who:

  • People who want to know how to set the virtual background of Zoom
  • People who want to set the background of photos and materials taken with their own camera
  • People who are not good at setting the virtual background of Zoom / who assimilate

Zoom can set a virtual background

Zoom can set a virtual background
I’ve been using Zoom more and more for work from home, but have you ever felt like “I haven’t cleaned up my room” or “I don’t want people to see my private space as much as possible” before a meeting?

Zoom’s virtual background settings are useful in such cases.

Zoom’s virtual background setting allows you to display a virtual image as a background during your meeting. This prevents the other party from seeing your room. Even if you can’t clean your room due to work or childcare, you can have a Zoom meeting with peace of mind.

Background settings can be set not only in the paid version, but also in the free version, so we recommend using it wisely.

How to set the background of Zoom

So how do you use Zoom’s virtual background settings?

We will introduce how to set the virtual background in two ways: “before the meeting” and “during the meeting”.

Method 1: When setting the background before the meeting

In order not to be busy at the Zoom meeting, it is safe to set the virtual background in advance. Especially if you’re new to working from home, follow these steps to test your virtual background settings beforehand.

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【Initial setting】

    • Sign in to Zoom using a PC or smartphone app
    • Select “My Account”
    • Select “Settings”
    • Select the In-Meeting (Advanced) tab
    • Change the “Virtual Background” toggle switch to blue

[Selecting an image to set as the background]

  • Select Settings from your profile picture
  • Select “Video”
  • Select the background image and solid color

Method 2: When setting the background during a meeting

If you want to set the virtual background during the meeting, let’s complete the initial settings introduced earlier. With Zoom’s virtual background settings available, select your favorite image. The specific procedure for setting the virtual background from a web browser is as follows.

    1. Select the arrow next to “Stop Video”
    1. Select the image to set as the background from “Select virtual background”


You can also upload original images.

Zoom’s virtual background setting allows you to select not only the images that were originally added, but also the materials you have.

If you don’t like the image of Zoom’s virtual background setting, or if you want to show your personality in the meeting, upload an original image and set the background.

Recently, more and more people use background images in the form of corporate logos and business cards, and by using them well, you can use them for your company and your own branding.

How to set your own photo as background

If you want to use a photo taken with your own camera or a material you already have as a virtual background for Zoom, follow the steps below.

  • Select the arrow next to “Stop Video”
  • Select “Choose a virtual background”
  • Select “+Add Image”
  • Select the image you want to upload and press “Open”
  • Select an image on the background setting screen


By the way, images downloaded from the web can be used as virtual background images in Zoom.

Participating in a meeting by customizing Zoom’s virtual background settings to your liking will also be a pleasure.

What is the recommended image size?

The following sizes are suitable for images used in Zoom’s virtual background settings.

  • 1280×720 pixels
  • 1920×1080 pixels

*When the camera is set to 16:9

There is no limit to the size of the image that can be set as a virtual background. However, if you set it with the above size, the image scale will be just right, so the background setting will be beautiful. Although it is not a required setting, we recommend adjusting the background image before setting the Zoom background.

Settings may not work properly depending on the device used.

Zoom’s background setting is a very convenient function, but depending on the specifications and version of the computer or smartphone you are using, you may not be able to set the background.

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There are cases where the virtual background image and the person are assimilated and fail, so please try the solution I will introduce below.

Solution 1. Check the background settings of Zoom

If you can’t set the background of Zoom, let’s check the default settings first. To check, just log in to your Zoom account and look at the “Virtual Background” toggle in “Settings”.

If the toggle is blue, you can set the background. If it’s white, press the toggle to change it to blue.

Solution 2: Change the device used

Zoom’s virtual background setting function requires a certain level of specifications for the equipment used. Therefore, if your computer does not meet the following specifications, you may be able to successfully set the background by changing the device you are using.

  • Windows10 (64bit) CPU: corei7 or higher
  • Mac (10.13 or later) CPU: Quad core or higher

If you use a computer distributed by your company for a Zoom meeting or if you use a device with low specs, you may not be able to use the background setting, so be careful.

Solution 3: Prepare a green screen

Even if you check and change the default virtual background settings and meet the device conditions, the virtual background may be assimilated with the person. In this case, preparing a green screen (chromakey) will help you set the background.

A green screen (or chroma key) is, as the name suggests, a solid green background. It is often used when creating CG, but it is also effective when the background setting of Zoom cannot be done well.

However, many people do not have a green screen (chromakey). If you frequently hold web meetings using Zoom, you can buy it, but if you do not use it that often, we recommend using a plain green cloth.

It’s cheaper than buying a green screen (chroma key), so if you want to use Zoom’s virtual background settings on a PC or smartphone with low specs, please consider it.

How to cancel the background setting

If you don’t need Zoom’s virtual background setting, let’s cancel the setting. We will introduce how to change the settings in two cases: “If you want to change from the default settings” and “If you want to change the background settings for each meeting”.

To change default settings

If you don’t want to use Zoom’s background settings for a while, change the settings as follows.

    • Sign in to Zoom on a PC, etc.
    • Select “My Account”
    • Select “Settings”
    • Select the In-Meeting (Advanced) tab
    • Change the “Virtual Background” toggle switch to white
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If you want to switch the background for each meeting

If you sometimes use the virtual background setting and sometimes you don’t, change the Zoom settings in the following way.

    • Select the arrow next to “Stop Video”
    • Select “Choose a virtual background”
    • Select “None” for “Virtual Background”


If you set it as above, the virtual background will not be displayed. If you want to use a virtual background, just click the image you added when selecting “Virtual background”.


As the number of companies introducing work from home has increased, the number of people using Zoom for meetings has increased. Some people may be concerned about having meeting participants see their private space, such as their home.

However, with Zoom’s virtual background setting, you don’t have to worry about the room being seen by the participants of the web meeting. Even if you don’t have time to clean up your room, you can safely participate in the meeting, which is a great advantage of Zoom.

However, depending on the specs of the computer or smartphone that uses Zoom, there are cases where the virtual background settings may not work properly, so be careful.

We recommend that you check the background settings before holding a meeting with Zoom, referring to the content introduced this time.